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Hefty Enlisted Moms to Sell Red Drinking Cups

Yes,  you read that title right. Hefty casted “cool moms who party hard” to sell their red Ultimate cups in under 50 seconds. These moms utilize the most cringeworthy slang that teens are notorious of using today including, but not limited to, “on fleek” and “#blessed”. Watch here: This campaign is arguably one of the most successful […]

Film studios use social media to build buzz

The film industry has been one benefactor of the social media revolution that has taken place over the past ten years. Social media has allowed film companies to advertise and build up buzz for their movies in whole new ways. YouTube is the main way that studios deliver trailers and other videos to the public, […]

Are you on Woo Woo yet?

So far in Social Media and Digital Business, I’ve been forced to face a painful fact: I’m not cool. Not even a little bit. I hear the undergrads in our class talking about things called Yo, Periscope, and Meerkat, and I constantly find myself Googling new words after class. Recently, I asked some of my […]

How Companies Can Stop Making Their Emails Dreadful

As Professor Kane said in our first lecture, the email Reply All button was the original social media. Most of the time, we open emails from companies for a coupon code or a particularly clever subject line. However, emails can also be used to surprise and engage fans with a longer message than social media […]

A Shared Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words…and Maybe More

Last week, a photo surfaced showing a McDonald’s employee assisting a physically disabled customer with his meal in a Chicago restaurant. Hailed for his kindness and generosity, the cashier was spotted not only closing his register down, as to not confuse other customers, but proceeding to don a pair of rubber gloves before joining the […]

Budweiser’s Latest Tagline was Kind of a Trainwreck

If you’ve ever seen a Budweiser commercial, you know that the brand is usually pretty funny. Most of their campaigns endearingly feed into the frat like culture that the beer promotes. However, a new slogan printed on their bottles have left some wondering what they were thinking this time. So much so that the company […]

A Slam-Dunk For Coke Zero

Mid-March hits and the madness begins. This is one of the best times of the year for college basketball and avid sports fans. Anything is possible. A number one seed can fall to an underdog, and often an unlikely contender can rise to the top of the ranks. The thrill of victory and agony of […]

Taylor Swift: The Porn Industry’s New Darling

Okay, Taylor Swift is not in the porn industry, but I got your attention. While she is not having sex on film, Taylor Swift, along with other entities such as Harvard, is buying up domain names to ensure she is not a casualty to the new surge of web page names, set to become available later […]

Viral Goes Scientific

Viral videos have become an ordinary part of our online and social experience. They’ve even become commonplace in advertising. But how does viral work? How do we know if something will catch on? Up till now we really didn’t. But advertisers are trying to crunch the numbers to unlock the secrets of viral videos.

March Madness and Marketing Implications

It’s that time of the year again… March Madness! For those of you who are less familiar with the term, it is also known as the annual NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament. The term was coined after the crazy frenzy fans get into as they cheer for their favorite team to win the national […]


As snow keeps on piling up here on the East Coast, Hawaii’s weather forecast includes a slight chance of rain, with mostly sunny skies. Highs of the day hits around 81 degrees, while lows are around 70 degrees. Hawaii is sunny with warm weather year-round, which makes it one of the hottest spots for tourists. […]


While other companies are working to make sure that their own tweets are not offending anyone, Dove is taking the next step. Rather than focusing on their company’s image, Dove is trying to redefine the way their customers see themselves. Partnered with Twitter, the companies have begun to promote their #SpeakBeautiful campaign. The campaign is […]

Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Media – #SpeakBeautiful

Social Media gave ways for people to speak to millions anonymously.  This has given way for much more hate speech than we have ever seen before.  According to an Urban Institute study, 17% of students studied being victims of cyber bullying.  From September 2012 to September 2013 there were 9 reported teen deaths from cyber […]

A SuperBowl of Commercials in Review

As a life-long, die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan currently living in Boston, I felt as though I was required to watch the Super Bowl, but couldn’t really involve myself in the excitement. I watched the game with friends, cringed at the bad plays, and held in some cheers when the Patriots won; I knew my mother […]

Hamsters & Lady Gaga: Why Weird is Winning

Before you read anything I have to say, please stop reading my post and watch the latest commercial for the Kia Soul, if you haven’t seen it already. (Hint: the hamsters are back). Now, that’s what I call swag marketing. Let me start by saying I’m not usually a big fan of ads. I’ve rolled […]