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Digital Diplomacy

The first Twitter President is testing the rules of Social Media Diplomacy, but the world is shrinking and there are a lot of reasons to be optimistic about how countries, Governments, and their citizens will interact online in the future.

The Power of the Finsta

Finsta: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Finsta is a fake Instagram. The first time I made a Finsta was as a joke with my friend. We didn’t follow the conventional method of posting outwardly embarrassing photos, but we did post a collection of photos we didn’t want to purposely show others. We […]

Initial Thoughts

Social media is something that whether we would want to admit it or not has come to run our lives.  Whether you are a child of the “tech generation” brought up by each detail of emerging gadgets, or you are a “baby boomer” trying to understand the technology growth over the years, social media that […]

Hefty Enlisted Moms to Sell Red Drinking Cups

Yes,  you read that title right. Hefty casted “cool moms who party hard” to sell their red Ultimate cups in under 50 seconds. These moms utilize the most cringeworthy slang that teens are notorious of using today including, but not limited to, “on fleek” and “#blessed”. Watch here: This campaign is arguably one of the most successful […]

The Apple Experience: Greater Than The Sum of its Parts

Most experts agree that the iPhone is not the most technically superior smartphone in the market. In fact, several different phones are far superior to the iPhone in categories like screen resolution, battery life, and processing speeds. The Samsung Galaxy line of phones seem to be better across the board in terms of technical capabilities, and […]

From Digital Audit to Digital Strategy: Quick Guide to Assessing a Brand’s Performance (Part III)

On Part II of this series, I discussed how companies can conduct a quick, yet thorough SEO audit of their brand(s) to understand whether their website has the content, structure and standing to attract desired target audience. This post will focus on the third lever to generate strong consumer engagement – brand communities. Specifically, on how […]

How Brands Can Be Mental Health Support Systems

Perhaps the most amazing part of social media is that it serves as a platform for people to not only connect, but support each other. Artists Hoodie Allen, Jacob Whitesides, and my company 1950 Collective have recognized this.  As our society moves away from phone calls and relies on texts/social media messages to reach each other, […]

From Digital Audit to Digital Strategy: Quick Guide to Assessing a Brand’s Performance (Part I)

As I mentioned towards the end of my last post, my questions on how social/digital media is impacting businesses and brands motivated to take this course. Since I’d love to engage in these discussions with you all I’ve decided to dedicate most of my blog posts to these questions and topics. The first topic I’ve […]


If this semester has taught me anything, its that Social Media’s uses go far beyond what we utilize it for. Coming into college, I was sure that I was a master of the cyber world. I was getting about 20 likes per tweet, 100 likes per instagram, and my facebook profile likes had me on […]

The Internal Conflict I Have with Social Media

Wow. I can’t believe how quick this class and semester have passed. It feels like yesterday when I wrote my first blog post, listened to fellow classmates’ first presentations, and made my first (and forever classic) #IS6621 Z tweet. Throughout this semester, I have been amazed at how much I have learned. Without an actual […]

The Boston Marathon and Social Media Keeps Us #BostonStrong

Every year, people flock to Boylston Street to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners. The racecourse is marked with blue and yellow flags indicating how many more miles until the finish line, and fans line the 26.2-mile course eager to cheer on the athletes racing. The Boston Marathon is an event that is very near […]

Social Media and the Elderly

While social media has no doubt permeated the vast majority of teenage and young adult communities, it is only now that the elderly are starting to become involved and leverage its benefits.  So why did it take so long? Some of the main impediments were technology, and cost. In the early stages of social media, […]

Taylor Swift: The Porn Industry’s New Darling

Okay, Taylor Swift is not in the porn industry, but I got your attention. While she is not having sex on film, Taylor Swift, along with other entities such as Harvard, is buying up domain names to ensure she is not a casualty to the new surge of web page names, set to become available later […]

BurnBook: The New Cyberbullying App

Cyberbullying is a buzzword that has constellated around both the Internet and social media. In middle school, it was the nasty, mean email. While there was not anonymity, people achieved a sense of confidence behind the screen of a computer that disappeared when they faced the same target of their bullying in person. Next we […]

Using Network Analysis to Create Metaphorical Bridges Within Cities

Recently, I was browsing videos on the TED website and came across an interesting TEDx talk. It first caught my attention because of its focus on a city I once lived in – Baltimore. I think it’s an excellent case for the power of using data to visualize the way we interact with one another. There are two defining […]