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Let’s face it… There are two extremes to interactions on social media: the good, and the bad. Some interactions foster close connections and allow people to immerse themselves in enriching conversations. Other social media interactions, however, can end up in heated, and frequently unfriendly, debate. When controversy arises on social media, it can often get […]

Remitly: An Introduction Into the World of Mobile International Finance

Remitly Remitly is an online and mobile platform that is coined at “The best way to send money home”.  Their platform aims to fix the expensive and inefficient landscape that currently exists to send money to friends and family abroad. Remitly empowers people to strengthen relationships across borders by being the world’s most customer-focused payments […]

Viral Goes Scientific

Viral videos have become an ordinary part of our online and social experience. They’ve even become commonplace in advertising. But how does viral work? How do we know if something will catch on? Up till now we really didn’t. But advertisers are trying to crunch the numbers to unlock the secrets of viral videos.

Why Do Businesses Hold Social Media Contests?

Let’s face it… Most businesses and companies have jumped on the social media bandwagon at this point. If you have social media accounts for your customers and advocates, they have instantaneous access to your content and a constant reminder every time your brand appears on your newsfeed. Not only do the contestants have a constant […]

Net Neutrality: A Big Day

Today in a 3-2 vote the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) approved “net neutrality”. This means that no one has control over a free and open internet. Before service providers like Comcast, handled different internet activities in different ways and at different costs. Now internet service providers will be regulated on how they handle the data […]

How Social Media Brings People Together ( – and +)

Social Media. Wow, what a loaded term. From email to AIM, MySpace to Facebook, Twitter to Instagram, and everything in between, this crazy world of multimedia has changed the way we interact with one another. It seems like yesterday when some of my middle school friends would sneak their phones into class to IM each other […]

Thinking Beyond Web 2.0

My initial expectations for this class are to go outside the box of the typical mainstream media discussions of social media. I hope to move beyond social media’s effectiveness as a marketing tool or a discussion starter / expander or how social media “connects” people who would otherwise lose touch or never meet. I don’t […]