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Crowdfunding Art

Artists just can’t seem to win these days. If a streaming service like Spotify isn’t pulling most of the profit from the songs, then chances are iTunes is doing the same exact thing, or maybe it’s Tidal, Apple Music, whatever. Or perhaps the artist is releasing music on Bandcamp where a total of 10 people, if […]


Recently my good friend Danny decided that he wanted to travel to Columbia and provide medical care to the impoverished, underserved communities. In order to get the proper resources to make it to Columbia, Danny has decided to use a crowdfunding service to support his goal (don’t worry, I won’t be soliciting you for donations […]

Every Industry Needs Crowdsourcing!

We are starting to see many startups emerge with a crowdsourcing model. Think about the graphic below: These companies grew rapidly in their respective domains. They didn’t need much infrastructure to get going, because the key ingredient that they all needed to become global powerhouses was in place all along. What is that key ingredient? PEOPLE! People that […]

What We Can Learn From Super Troopers 2

In class a few weeks ago I mentioned the Indiegogo campaign for the movie Super Troopers 2, and to my surprise, not too many people knew about it.  According to Wikipedia, the first Super Troopers is about “five Vermont state troopers who seem to have more of a knack of pranks than actual police work,” […]

Crowdfunding: How and Why It Works

Crowdfunding, or crowd-based fundraising, is a relatively new phenomenon, a tool that has really taken off in the last five years. According to one definition, crowdfunding is “collective effort by people who network and pool their money together, usually via the Internet, in order to invest in and support efforts initiated by other people or […]

Social Media Stories to Make You Smile

A few weeks ago, I tweeted about Humans of New York photographer and his use of social media to raise money for underprivileged school children. I found his story so powerful that I wanted to look into other instances of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding to reach a common goal. I love reading heartwarming stories where the […]

You Got The Money And I Got The Time: Crowdfunding Travels

I recently signed up for this website: Trevolta, and I’m still waiting in the queue to get access to my account. You’re probably wondering what Trevolta is and if it’s related to John Travolta. “Tell me more! Tell me more!” Trevolta is a global crowdfunding travel website. Travelers who sign up create expeditions and submit […]

Crowdfunding or Crowdfrauding?

In my last blog post, I began a discussion around the power that social media has given to individuals and organizations to crowdfund money for any number of causes from the billions of other users on the web. As I mentioned in that post, there is still a major aspect of social media crowdfunding that […]

Want to Raise THOU$AND$ Through Social Media?

For my post this week, I wanted to dive further into a topic that I very briefly touched upon during my individual presentation: CROWDFUNDING. We keep saying it over and over again. The development of social media has allowed different minds from all over the world to connect and meet in a way that was […]