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Airlines & #EmotionalBaggage on Twitter

After a long weekend in Las Vegas with barely any sleep, I embarked on my long journey home at 2pm Sunday afternoon (west coast time). I was flying first from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, prepared to enjoy a long dinner and a celebratory glass of wine at LAX during my layover (I had just […]

A Social Media Practicum

I was a little skeptical about the power of social media at the start. But after an experiment in the social media science lab, I’m a full convert. This stuff works.

Spirit Airlines Gets… Sexual?

Ah yes… Yet another mildly hilarious social media mistake in the books. But this time I find myself wondering how in the world did this happen? Why in the world would they want this to happen? What team of Spirit Airlines employees worked together for months putting together this campaign? Essentially, the low-cost airline carrier […]

Cheap-O-Air: The Power of Customer Service

I very infrequently complain on Twitter about goods or services I receive from companies because as a professional social media manager, I understand how hard it is to please each customer while simultaneously wanting to want to fix every problem fielded through social. However, the afternoon of March 4 was an exception. I was sitting in […]

Call it MAGIC

“Hey guys, have you heard of this new thing called Magic?” Right after I said this, I knew I would get a few people saying, “Wow Mark, did you really just say that?” But I wasn’t talking about the Abra Kadabra stuff we saw at birthday parties as a kid – with that magic I […]

The Social World of the Mattress Business

Products seem to always be the center of attention. We are pitched a product and told how great it is and how we should buy it because it is the perfect product for us. Companies base their marketing strategies and customer outreach around the product, but often forget to keep their customers the center of attention. […]

Seriously Wall Street Journal?!

This past week I had an interesting, and confusing encounter with the Wall Street Journal. For my Basic Finance class, we’re required to read, and bring with us, a copy of the Wall Street Journal to every class. For the past two weeks I haven’t been receiving my copy in the mail, and after multiple […]

Testing the Water

A junior in “Social Media and Web 2.0 for Managers” might not sound strange for a college class, but it definitely is unusual amongst a class full of graduate students, two faculty members, and countless second semester seniors. A seat in the class is a hot commodity that always has students competing for it. I could not […]