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It has been an enriching and rewarding semester delving into the world of social media business. Is social media changing our society? Is social media bad or good? I can write at length about these two questions and I can accumulate research to support an argument but I wouldn’t be elaborating on what I’ve gleaned […]

How MLB’s Digital Strategy is Changing the Game

This week, I will look at how Major League Baseball’s digital strategy is helping it appeal to a new generation of fans. By traditional measures, baseball appears to be decreasing in popularity, especially among the younger demographic, with a large number of TV viewers over 55 years old and Little League participation rates falling. However, this […]

Burberry: Social Media’s Luxury

As one of the first luxury brands to adopt a social marketing strategy, Burberry is an example of how to effectively leverage digital for a business. Their goals include inspiring a broad consumer appeal, extending and strengthening the brand name around the world, and blurring the line between in-store and online experiences. Revenues have grown by an average 18% […]

Innovation in Avoiding Social Media?

A couple weeks ago, my small group focused on Professor Kane’s blog post, “Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Matter.” We all know everyone in this class carefully read the assignment but, to jog your memory, the post highlighted why “a social media presence, on its own, isn’t enough to give you the upper hand.” Group 9 […]