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#Blessed to Be Digital

As I am sitting down to write this post in a Starbucks, I can’t help but notice the long line of people waiting to order at the register. I find it quite weird – I don’t remember the last time I had to stand in a line at Starbucks, I just order ahead through the mobile […]

Final thoughts on #IS6621

This class on social media has definitely been one of the most innovative and enjoyable classes that I have taken at BC. I have learned how truly engrained social media is in our lives and how it can be a vital tool for businesses. In this post I would like to just run through some […]

The End to a Wonderful Journey

On the first day of class, I sat in my seat overwhelmed by the number of tasks we had to do for this course. Few months later, I am sitting here questioning myself and trying to remember how fast these past few months flew by. Throughout these couple of weeks I had learnt so much. […]


If this semester has taught me anything, its that Social Media’s uses go far beyond what we utilize it for. Coming into college, I was sure that I was a master of the cyber world. I was getting about 20 likes per tweet, 100 likes per instagram, and my facebook profile likes had me on […]

There’s So Much Left to Learn about Social Media

When I was looking for my fourth and final class for my second semester of senior year, I was not sure what could be most helpful to me. My friend suggested Social Media for Management, which she took and highly recommended. As a finance concentrator, I had very little experience with the concepts of social […]

A Final Note To My New Friend

Dear Social Media, It is unbelievable that this semester is almost over! During my time in the US I learned a lot and made tons of new friends. One of them is you. So, as a farewell present, I decided to write down our story to make the memories last forever. We knew each other […]

Final thoughts on Social Media: It’s not so scary

Now that my final semester at BC is coming to an end (tears!), I cannot help but think about all of the things that I have learned here that I will take with me in the future and as I begin my career. Yes, I have read and analyzed the works of Plato and Aristotle, […]