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It’s Time to JumpForward

Hey everyone this week I am going to give nerd out a little bit and talk about the must have tech platform for any collegiate athletic depart. This platform is JumpForward. JumpForward provides a centralized communication service for athletic department’s compliance office and student-athletes, and is currently used by 150,000 athletes and 175 college athletic […]

Final Thoughts About Social Media and Digital Business

As we near the end of the semester and get ready for finals, writing this blog is such a stress-relieving activity, as it has been all semester. Giving my own opinions and insights and writing both objectively and subjectively for an audience of so many intelligent peers has been a great outlet this whole semester. […]

“I’m a Fun Person”: How Social Media Has Made Us Obsessed With Our Online Selves

If you didn’t add it to your Snapchat story, Instagram it, and add it to Facebook, did it really happen? As a female, I’ll admit, we are notorious for taking millions of group pictures and selfies before any single event. Football game? Make sure you get that on Snapchat. Birthday dinner? Instagram a picture of your […]