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A Spell Check For Your Speech

How do you promote free speech on the web? According to executive chairman of Google, you develop technologies that give it limits.

Presidential Hopefuls & Social Media

The upcoming 2016 presidential race is undoubtedly going to be the most social media entrenched race to date.  In just three short years since President Obama’s last run in 2012: Facebook has added 300+ million monthly active users Youtube watchers now view ‘hundreds of millions‘ of hours of video per day Snapchat’s valuation has gone […]

Social Without Even Trying

Social media has opened up our ability to communicate and connect. Most of it involves our ability to aggregate or create the content that represents us. However, there are ways we can participate in social media that involve doing almost nothing at all. And the collective benefit is astounding.

Coding with a Purpose

Google. The giant. The company that is in almost everything. How could one blog post of 1,000 words possibly encompass the mammoth that has its hands in just about everything? Well, simply put: it cannot. And that’s why I am not attempting to tackle the behemoth that is YouTube or the controversial mandatory Google+ accounts, […]

You Have 7,196,807,790 Friend Requests

I used to pride myself on knowing every person that I was friends with on Facebook. In reality though, I don’t know if that was ever true, and now, with 1,993 friends, I can say with certainty that this will never be true. Social media is great for many things: image editing, instant news updates, restaurant recommendation, […]

Poll: Is Crowdsourcing a Problem-solving Technique or Just Another Marketing Campaign?

In the last decade crowdsourcing has become a critical tool for businesses to solve some of their biggest problems. Crowdsourcing can effectively and efficiently solve business challenges in IT, product development, operations, and other functions. According to Google (a crowdsourcing genius), the definition of crowdsource is: “obtain information or input into a particular task or […]

Meet the New YouTube Comments, Same as the Old YouTube Comments

If you happened to be perusing YouTube over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some changes a short scroll down from your video.  In an effort to clean up one of the most notoriously offensive places on the web, Google decided to fully integrate Google+ into the YouTube comment system.  Users must now […]

The Silicon Valley of the East

When someone mentions Israel, what comes to mind? Is it violence, war, and terrorism? How about desert, camels, and sand? If these terms are spot on, you are not alone. Unfortunately, the former group of terms dominates world media, and the latter comes from assumptions based on Israel’s geographic region. Believe it or not, one […]

Don’t Count Out Google+ Just Yet

In a world where Facebook has become the Kleenex of social networking, all other social media sites seem to be vying for second place. Facebook leverages its network externalities and brand name to lure new users and it facilitates high switching costs to retain existing users. Even if better alternatives existed, you would still join Facebook […]

Smile! And thanks for the “Shared Endorsements”!

Google decides to take small one step further in fulfilling the “Big Brother” stereotype.   Beginning November 11th, Google will begin taking your reviews, opinions, and “followings” and sharing it with your extended social network.  Nothing new, right?  It is actually quite similar to Facebook’s “Sponsored Stories”, although Google will be taking it a little […]

Snapchat explores ways to monetize and add new features

At the TechCrunch Disrupt conference on September 9, 2013, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel announced that Snapchat users share an average of 350 million self-destructing messages a day. This figure is up from an average of 150 million daily photos shares in April, representing 483% growth in just over six months.[1] Snapchat’s viral growth enabled the […]

If you don’t already ‘get it,’ you’re already falling behind

Social media and I go way back.  As I’ve already explained before in my original post “If I can’t find them online, their resume is tossed,” I have experience with a variety of social media channels.  As compared to some of my peers, I didn’t reluctantly sign up for a Twitter account for this class; […]

Fashion Forward

Fashion shows are exclusive to say the least. You have to be rich, famous, or a pretty darn good designer to be in attendance at any worthy fashion week show, as these events are not open to the public. The conventional wisdom that once closed its doors to aspiring designers and customers, is now encouraging […]