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One Tweet at a Time

Twitter has been in the news a lot lately for its possible takeover, live streaming, changing character limits, etc. Seeing so many things changing with Twitter, I started to wonder what it is about this platform that keeps me coming back to it. I think the reason Twitter is my social media platform of choice is […]

Reflecting back on 2015 Social Media trends, Ten months in

This week I came across a blog post from New Years Day on Social Media Examiner that I wanted to discuss. The post brought together 28 authors and social media professionals to share their predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2015 and reading over the article, a few of the trends presented stood out to […]

From #hotdebateguy to #brotherorange – “Human Flesh Search” and Takeaways for Brand Managers

I know you guys are all about Sanders now, but he wasn’t the only one who stole the thunder from the Republican debate. As he was gaining unexpected social media attention by live tweeting the debate, another hashtag was trending on twitter too. Some keen audience spotted a good looking young man sitting behind the moderator while the […]

100 Years Later: Recognizing the Armenian Genocide on Social Media

Next Friday, April 24, marks the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Although it isn’t officially recognized as a genocide globally, Armenians around the world use the day to remember those they lost as well as reignite their fight for global leaders to formally acknowledge their loss as a genocide. Despite this day being so […]

Hashtag Holidays

If you were on any form of social media yesterday, chances are you saw at least one post supporting #NationalPuppyDay. It wasn’t until late afternoon that I even knew this “holiday” existed, but after seeing the first post, my entire Instagram newsfeed was soon consumed by dogs. People seemed to really enjoy showing off their […]


You know you are from Chicago when: You order “pop” at a restaurant Today is a nice day! —30 degrees and cloudy You don’t put ketchup on your hotdog Pizza is called pizza (none of this “pie” stuff) and it comes in deep dish form Your social calendar revolves around Blackhawks games The Chicago Blackhawks—the […]

The Hashtag: Now a Hero

Get it trending! The hashtag has emerged in our everyday language as a powerful tool over social media that allows words or unspaced phrases to be grouped and tagged together. But the hashtag has had quite the evolution. Initially, the #hashtag was excessively used on social media in unproductive and essentially useless manners… Jimmy Fallon […]