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Tools of the New Trade

In regards to higher education, many universities can amass hundreds upon hundreds of various social media accounts. Boston College for example has approximately 80 departments all leveraging 1-9 social media platforms. Social media management tools make it possible to organize messaging and gauge better engagement opportunities. As a business, management tools are predominantly paid for […]


Social media is arguably a channel used for branding. With every tweet or post there is a perfect little squared logo right beside it. If you see a logo enough times it may just prompt you to read further or, stop following. Boston College has two distinct logos; the official seal logo and the athletic […]

Virtual E-Learning?

E-learning has taken the education world by storm. According to ‘elearningfeeds.com’ 98% of organizations are predicted to use some form of e-learning coursework as part of their learning approach. In an article published by the University of North Texas at Dallas, e-learning is proven to increase knowledge retention from 25% to 60% (certifyme.net). Currently there […]

Social Media, Mental Health, and the Pressure of Perfection

This week, I am going to take a look at the culture of perfection and comparing oneself to others that social media promotes, particularly among college students, as well as its detrimental effects. In today’s society, students feel pressure to be perfect in all arenas including academics, extracurriculars, and socializing, which is only exacerbated by […]

ISYS6621: We’re Already Late to the Social Education Party

BC offering us the opportunity to learn practical applications for something we typically use to goof around seemed almost hedonistic. However, as it turns out – we’re already way, way behind on this social media education thing.

The Connection between Me, Social Media, and College Admissions

Hello there! This is my first post in a series of entries about social media and how it has infiltrated the college admissions process. Why this topic, you may be wondering? Well, while this is first and foremost an assignment in my Social Media for Managers class (#ISYS6621, 7:00pm), my interest in admissions is more […]

Coursera: Free Higher Education

Coursera is an online education company launched by Stanford University professors in April 2012. For those of you who are unfamiliar, Coursera offers massive open online courses (MOOC), in which anyone from around the world can gain free access to “video lectures” and assignments of classes from renowned universities worldwide. It offers a broad variety […]