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Postcards for Ants: Tiny Paintings with a Viral Following

  Tiny, tiny little paintings are gathering a HUGE following thanks to their devoted creator, with her thin brushes, unique perspective, and her authentic approach to social media. Postcards for Ants is a project started by South African artist Lorraine Loots. Cape Town was named The World Design Capital of 2014—and not soon after, Loots began her […]

Selfie Improvement

Tired of not getting enough likes on your selfies? Andrej Karpathy, a Stanford Ph. D. student, may be able to help. He analyzed over 2 million selfies to figure out the best strategies for selfie success. How did he do it? He used a “convolutional network” to seek out patterns in selfies. Convolutional Neural Networks can […]

Taylor Swift Using Social Media to Diminish Her Celebrity Identity

In my writing intensive course that is required for my communications major, I had to choose a musician to analyze for my final paper. Naturally, I chose arguably one of the most successful artists of all time, none other than Miss Taylor Swift. But why is Taylor so successful? Don’t get me wrong, I am […]

A curious spin on media via Boomerang

Instagram was founded five years ago and has rapidly grown to 300+ million users. In late 2012 the company was purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars (yes, that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘b’). Although initially meant strictly for photographs, on 2013 the service began to offer a video recording and sharing capability. The length of […]


Two weeks ago I gave my presentation on Social TV, specifically how it has impacted AMC. There was just so much information on this topic, so I wanted to further explain some of the insights I garnered from my research. My takeaways were: 1. Use Social Media to Find an Audience. Finding an audience is […]

The Power of the Swoosh

Across the entire world, people recognize this symbol. The Nike Swoosh. According to millennials, Nike is the top apparel brand in the world. Additionally, Nike owns the #3 and #7 apparel brands for millennials with Jordan and Converse respectively. Nike is the 18th most valuable brand, worth over $80 Billion. The company prides themselves on their […]

Get Ready for No Shave November!

“One brand you can learn a lesson or two (hundred) from about Instagram is Beardbrand” – Elias Jabbe, an ecommerce blogger. (See full article here.) Although I can never grow a beard and typically do not even find beards attractive, the company Beardbrand is doing an incredible job using social media, particularly Instagram, to change society’s perception […]

Halloween –> Halloweekend –> Halloweek

Instead of sitting here stressing about the fact that it is Halloween this week and that I have absolutely no costume ideas for the 5 nights I am inevitably going to be expected to dress up for, I decided to channel some of this anxiety into a Halloween themed blog post.  As a senior, I […]

Dress Up Your Brand for Halloween

It’s that time of year again! That’s right, get ready for your Instagram feed to be filled with all of your friends dressed in ridiculous costumes and your snapchat stories filled with plentiful “tricks” and “treats.” So what does this Holiday mean for brands? Well, for starters, it is a great way to get an […]

Why a Basset Hound Has More Power on Instagram than Dell Computers. Seriously.

Man’s best friend.  Our furry friends.  Dogs have plenty of nicknames that we’ve given them over the hundreds of years that they’ve served humans in a variety of roles, from pets to sled dogs.  But who would’ve ever thought that dogs had the potential to be a marketing tool? And no, that is not a […]

Getting Personal – Reaching the Peak of ‘TMI’ on Social Media

How much information is too much information? With the rise of digital media, privacy has lost meaning, while sharing has been taken to a whole new level. These days, it’s almost too easy for users to share every waking minute of their day-to-day lives. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Oh, you ate a […]

“Studying” Abroad and Social Media

Florence, Italy: the place that completely stole my heart and absolutely changed me forever.  Studying abroad was hands down the best experience of my life.  When else in your life are you going to be able to travel for such an extended period time, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and experience […]

Social Media as a Forum for Discussion and Authenticity

In my last post, I took a look at the downsides of social media and its detrimental effects, such as the pressure to be perfect and the anxiety that can result. This week, I will talk about how social media can be used to start discussions about important issues such as these and challenge the stereotypes […]

Presentation Follow Up: Social media in the Fitness Industry

As I said in my presentation last week, the fitness industry has taken the Instagram world by storm. In the Instagram world they are known as the “#fitfam.” Professionals and amateurs alike use Instagram to promote their fitness products and attract new clients. For amateurs especially, Instagram offers them a way to become insta-famous insta-fast, […]

How much would you pay for the universe?

“Man in his quest for knowledge and progress is determined and cannot be deterred.” These words were spoken by John F. Kennedy in his famous “We choose to go to the moon” speech. His speech was meant to persuade the American people to support the national effort to land a man on the Moon and […]