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#ByeIS6621 #IllMissYou #Z

I feel like just yesterday I was writing my first blog for this class about our initial thoughts on social media. I remember sending @piercematt121 a text asking him how to write a blog since he is a casual blogger in his spare time outside of school. I considered him an expert, yet his response […]

Final thoughts on IS6621: I have joined the social media bandwagon!

One of my friends suggested I take Social Media and Digital Business with Prof. Kane. Initially I was skeptical about taking this course because I did not have an active social media presence. My usage of social media was limited to Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and a few other apps. I had no experience with WordPress […]


It’s fair to say that all universities across the globe are utilizing some form of electronic outreach namely, social media. Which institution is utilizing social in the most effective way? According to CollegeAtlas.org Boston College ranks 21 in ‘most influential colleges in social media’. The site aggregates data from 30 data points from 400 colleges […]

Social Media and Music

     In this blog post, I am going to discuss the music industry and the platforms that are currently available to stream music (some of which I’m sure you are already familiar with) and how they encourage online social interaction amongst users. In this post, I will be discussing Spotify, Soundcloud, and Bandcamp and […]

Final Thoughts About Social Media and Digital Business

As we near the end of the semester and get ready for finals, writing this blog is such a stress-relieving activity, as it has been all semester. Giving my own opinions and insights and writing both objectively and subjectively for an audience of so many intelligent peers has been a great outlet this whole semester. […]

Social Media and T&T’s 2015 General Elections

On Monday, 7 September 2015, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) held general elections in 41 constituencies. The Peoples National Movement (PNM), won 23 seats with 51.68% of the votes cast and the Peoples Partnership (PP) won 18 seats with 46.64% of the votes cast. The PNM was led by Dr. Keith Rowley, who […]

Diabetes Awareness and Social Media

Take 2 – In Observance of Diabetes Awareness Month (November) Who is Talking About Diabetes?    It is common to open the newspaper and read articles about HIV/AIDS, cancer, or recent health scares/outbreaks. More often than not there is little mention about diabetes. Outside of diabetes communities there is little discussion about the disease. Diabetes […]

Hefty Enlisted Moms to Sell Red Drinking Cups

Yes,  you read that title right. Hefty casted “cool moms who party hard” to sell their red Ultimate cups in under 50 seconds. These moms utilize the most cringeworthy slang that teens are notorious of using today including, but not limited to, “on fleek” and “#blessed”. Watch here: This campaign is arguably one of the most successful […]

The Role Social Media Amidst a Catastrophe

First off, I would like to say that my prayers are with the people of Paris and France during these horrific times. In wake of the attacks that occurred in Paris, people from all different countries took to social media for timely and accurate information. I am going to examine the roles Facebook and Twitter played […]

Is Your Twitter Header Blurry?

I would like to address a pet peeve of mine in regards to the aesthetic elements of various social media platforms. I believe presentation is sometimes overlooked or taken lightly when establishing a social media account. I feel from a branding standpoint, consistency goes a long way. I’ve researched a variety of Twitter accounts and […]

Chipotle and its Social Engaging of Customers

Have you ever perused through your Facebook of Twitter feeds and caught a post from a brand you follow, and think: “I wonder who wrote that?” Or have you ever found yourself following a news article right to Twitter handle of a company to view how it is engaging with its users? A week ago, I […]

Cash for Clicks! Facebook Adverts & Click Farming

At one time or another, we have all been scrolling through our Facebook feed and seen a “suggested post” that is recommended to us. These Facebook adverts are paid for by individuals or companies in order to gain brand recognition and interest from target customers. Those who purchase adverts can specify to Facebook which age […]

Social Media’s Impact on Politics

President Obama created his first Facebook page this past Monday. He currently has over 900,000 likes but that number will soon become dated by the time this blog is posted. Since the page is fairly new there is not a lot of content posted yet but there are a few pictures, milestones and a brief […]

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zazzle Have One Thing In Common: Josh Elman

One look at his LinkedIn profile and its clear that Josh Elman is a very popular guy in Silicon Valley. Some of his most notable accomplishments include : Facebook – Led outreach and launch of Facebook Connect – reaching over 6000 sites in less than 3 months Twitter – Led growth to reach over 100M monthly active users LinkedIn – Drove […]

The veracity of online content

     With the plethora of social media platforms that are constantly publishing posts left and right, social media users are incessantly bombarded with content as they browse. Whether it be news and scores about the NBA playoffs or short updates about the ongoing political campaigns, social media users are subjected to updates on the […]