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*Record Scratch* *Freeze Frame* You’re probably wondering how I got here. Well, let me explain…. While picking my classes for my last semester at Boston College I knew that I needed both a Marketing elective and an Info Systems elective. I scrolled endlessly through the ‘Course Information and Schedule’ tab on agora until I came […]

Came for the Pizza, Left with More Than Just a Slice

4 months filled with boxes of Pinos, cookies, donut cake, and assorted snacks from CityCo or CVS certainly sounds like a recipe for any senior looking to check off gaining the freshman 15. But, alas it wasn’t. Instead, it was part of the formula that equated to a successful two and a half hour class […]

A curious spin on media via Boomerang

Instagram was founded five years ago and has rapidly grown to 300+ million users. In late 2012 the company was purchased by Facebook for one billion dollars (yes, that’s ‘billion’ with a ‘b’). Although initially meant strictly for photographs, on 2013 the service began to offer a video recording and sharing capability. The length of […]

Getting Personal – Reaching the Peak of ‘TMI’ on Social Media

How much information is too much information? With the rise of digital media, privacy has lost meaning, while sharing has been taken to a whole new level. These days, it’s almost too easy for users to share every waking minute of their day-to-day lives. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Oh, you ate a […]

Every Industry Needs Crowdsourcing!

We are starting to see many startups emerge with a crowdsourcing model. Think about the graphic below: These companies grew rapidly in their respective domains. They didn’t need much infrastructure to get going, because the key ingredient that they all needed to become global powerhouses was in place all along. What is that key ingredient? PEOPLE! People that […]


Social media is arguably a channel used for branding. With every tweet or post there is a perfect little squared logo right beside it. If you see a logo enough times it may just prompt you to read further or, stop following. Boston College has two distinct logos; the official seal logo and the athletic […]

140 No More?

Picture this – You’re typing what you think will be 140 characters of comedic genius. You’re not paying attention to what you’re typing, because it is in fact, a work comedic genius so why would you need to pay attention, right. You look down to press the send button and your heart drops to your […]

Sources of Social Sharing in the Equestrian World

Is that horse jumping on the beach? This and many other questions you may have are going to be answered in my blog post today. This post is an extension of my presentation from class. I got to do a lot of research on Social Media and the Equestrian World, but I could only give […]

WiGo, the “Who is Going out” app for college students is taking campuses by storm

Looks like both Adrian and I had the same idea for blogs this week! He did a great job giving an overview of the app and its functionalities, as well as how it can be compared to apps such as Foursquare and Swarm. My blog more focuses on how this app might be useful from […]

Are you ready to Light It Up Blue (#LIUB) for Autism Awareness Day?

On April 2nd, several countries around the world will unite to commemorate Autism Awareness day by participating in the Light It Up Blue Campaign. If you happen to walk around Boston on this particular day, you will most likely see several buildings, homes, businesses, and landmarks such as Fenway Park lit up with blue lights […]

Stephen Amell, King of Social Media?

His fan’s crown him as the King of social media, and he has been listed next to celebrity facebook heavyweights like George Takei. As of this blog post, Amell has over 756,000 followers on twitter, 761,000 followers on instagram and 3.5 million likes on Facebook. With a net worth of $2.5 million, Amell is one […]

How Social Media has Empowered the SoulCycle Obsession

This past weekend, I went to a SoulCycle class for the first time so that I could finally see what all the buzz was about around this hot new fitness trend. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this brand yet, SoulCycle is a “revolutionized” indoor cycling class that is designed to make your […]

Social Media: Its here to stay, so might as well take advantage!

I knew the day would come when I would have to end my half-hearted attempt at using social media.  About a year or two ago, my eleven-year old sister was showing me how to use Instagram and Snapchat on her iphone (I know, scary). “I can’t believe you haven’t downloaded these apps yet!” She was […]

Initial Thoughts on Social Media

Facebook – Twitter – You Tube – NSA – … Those are the thoughts that come to my mind when I hear “social media”. Facebook is the biggest social media site in the world – nearly 900 people use the platform daily to contact their friends, get information about their favourite TV star and display […]