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The Power of the Finsta

Finsta: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Finsta is a fake Instagram. The first time I made a Finsta was as a joke with my friend. We didn’t follow the conventional method of posting outwardly embarrassing photos, but we did post a collection of photos we didn’t want to purposely show others. We […]

Politics v. Social Media

Facebook is not the place for politics.  That is exactly how my political views on Facebook read.  People that know me very well find this funny, as I am very opinionated when it comes to Politics and can always hold my own in political debates.  But to me, Social Media is different.  I tell myself […]

Don’t be Blockbuster.

THE BACKGROUND Earlier this week, an e-mail went out to my department with an offer for free tickets to the FutureM2016 conference in Boston. I immediately signed up, seeing this not only as on opportunity to learn about marketing technology, but also as a great source of material for tweets and blogs! There was a […]

The Facade of Happiness on Social Media

Sitting through the first Kane Social Media class my thought process went something like this: (1) Professor Kane is animated, cool! (2) How do I manage all of this on canvas? (3) Where are we on canvas now? (4) This is a lot of information (5) Professor Kane is crazy! (6) That girl looks like […]

Initial Thoughts

Social media is something that whether we would want to admit it or not has come to run our lives.  Whether you are a child of the “tech generation” brought up by each detail of emerging gadgets, or you are a “baby boomer” trying to understand the technology growth over the years, social media that […]

SLACK: An (Almost) Email Killer

The abundance of messaging applications in today’s mobile world is staggering. The following immediately come to mind: Email: Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, etc.  |   Outlook, Airmail, Entourage, etc. (all mail platforms) Standalone: GroupMe | Facebook Messenger | Viber | WeChat | WhatsApp | Twitter ..then, there is SLACK.   When it comes to the use of messaging applications within a professional […]


#FreeGuwop is something that constantly shows up on my timeline. Weirdly, the twitter account that uses the hashtag the most belongs to the same person that the hashtag begs to have released from prison, Gucci Mane (also known as “Guwop”). Despite the fact that Gucci is currently sitting in a prison cell, all of his […]

Is it the end or the beginning?

And just like that, this semester is coming to close. While there were many highlights during last fall on the heights, #IS6621 was easily the best academic class of the semester. I never truly understood the extent of Social Media until Professor Kane opened my eyes. Social media has so much power that many people do not […]

Striking a Balance

If you watch Parks and Recreation, I am sure you are familiar with Tom and his obsession with social media, and Ron and his hatred of social media. If not, watch the above clip to get an idea of their polar opposite social media attitudes. Ultimately, Tom and Ron are symbolic of the angel and devil […]

#ByeIS6621 #IllMissYou #Z

I feel like just yesterday I was writing my first blog for this class about our initial thoughts on social media. I remember sending @piercematt121 a text asking him how to write a blog since he is a casual blogger in his spare time outside of school. I considered him an expert, yet his response […]

My Social Media Journey: Final Thoughts

On my first blog post I described my 2005 encounter with social media, the strong role it grew to have during my formative years and my questions for how it would affect business as we know it. In keeping with that line of thought, I have broken down the lessons I’ve learned throughout the semester […]

Final thoughts on IS6621: I have joined the social media bandwagon!

One of my friends suggested I take Social Media and Digital Business with Prof. Kane. Initially I was skeptical about taking this course because I did not have an active social media presence. My usage of social media was limited to Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype and a few other apps. I had no experience with WordPress […]


It has been an enriching and rewarding semester delving into the world of social media business. Is social media changing our society? Is social media bad or good? I can write at length about these two questions and I can accumulate research to support an argument but I wouldn’t be elaborating on what I’ve gleaned […]

How To Make Change: Use & Delete Social Media

What I’ve Learned  Use Social Media to Make Change. Delete Social Media To Make Change (For Yourself). While those two points seem contradictory, I’ve found that social media has both enhanced and consumed my life in many instances. I’m sure most people can attest to this love-hate relationship. So what the heck am I talking […]


It’s fair to say that all universities across the globe are utilizing some form of electronic outreach namely, social media. Which institution is utilizing social in the most effective way? According to CollegeAtlas.org Boston College ranks 21 in ‘most influential colleges in social media’. The site aggregates data from 30 data points from 400 colleges […]