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Cooking with Parker – A Homemade Pizza Recipe

Hello, all food enthusiasts and welcome to my cooking blog! In today’s post, I’ll be talking about homemade pizza. Pizza is a versatile food that is loved by millions. Whether you are looking for a classic pepperoni pizza or a gluten-free veggie pizza, you can put together amazing ingredients using homemade dough and an adaptable […]

The Artist’s Digital Transformation

A lot of tweets and comments in class show my interest on the impact of digital transformation on the creative process. My interest in the potential for technology to transform how people create and experience content goes back to my undergraduate studies at Oberlin College, where I designed an independent major that combined computer science, […]

Special Delivery!

I’m sure most of you don’t think of software when you hear the word delivery, but as a Software Release Manager its the first thing that comes to mind for me. Throughout this year we’ve tweeted, blogged, and discussed dozens of industries in which digital transformation has impacted the way companies conduct business. However, we’ve […]

Can someone remove the people in the background from this photo? And replace the coffee cup with a wine glass? And use AI/ML to make it look like summer?

Hoping someone has a subscription to Adobe Photoshop, sufficient skills to make complex edits, and the time to actually fix this…just kidding, we are all busy enough at the moment. I was inspired to write this post after Professor Kane’s reminder of Adobe’s successful switch to a SaaS model and a recent announcement by Adobe […]

Modernization in the Passenger Aviation Industry

Gone are the days of travel agents, fancy meals, and cigarettes at 35,000ft. The highly debated Aviation Industry has experienced several growing pains, while pushing the boundaries of digital transformation for the last century. In 2019 pre-pandemic times, this behemoth global market was estimated at over $800 billion in annual revenue with over 4.5 billion […]

Digital Transformation of Cinema

The recent shifts of the movie industry exemplify many of the core concepts we’ve covered in this course. As I’ll detail in this post, many of the changes were expedited out of necessity due to the pandemic but they all leveraged systems and infrastructure that were developed pre-pandemic. So per a central thesis of our […]

Dare Mighty Things

What if I told you there was an organization that invented portable computers, wireless headsets, CAT scans, camera phones, and artificial limbs that struggled with digital transformation for decades?  I’ll give you a few hints…  It’s an independent agency of the U.S. federal government It was formed in 1958 It helped put a human on […]

A Bad Day Skiing Beats a Good Day at Work

The transition to remote work for many of us opened opportunities to spend more time at home, or the mountain, and provided added flexibility to our working hours. You may be surprised to learn that digital transformation has come to not just the workplace, but also the ski industry.

“Hearables” as the complement to Smart Glasses

“Your eyes can deceive you, don’t trust them.” Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars: A New Hope (aka “Star Wars”) Today I tweeted about a Sony “neckband speaker” and joked that maybe I’d make a sequel post to my wearables blog post of a few weeks ago. And so here we are! Digging into this Sony […]

Textile Mills…Railroads…Coal Mines…Instagram?

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” may spur the next frontier of workplace safety measures At first glance, the title seems like a “which of these is not like the other?” game, but in actuality, the mental health implications wrought by technological innovations like Instagram could spur the next frontier in workplace safety regulation.  When our class […]

Blog 2: Digital Assistants or Digital Assistance.

Use the Web to Get Stuff Done…Better. Introduction The world is a tough place* and as a graduate student, I will do anything in my power to make my life easier, especially in school. Balancing school, employment opportunities (applying, interviewing, etc.), keeping my amazing wife happy, family, fitness, extracurricular activities, grocery shopping, and subsequently cooking; […]

Reasons Why I Hate Clickbait – This is not a TV Show Review

Although this blog isn’t a critic’s review of the popular TV show “Clickbait” on Netflix, the few episodes I did watch motivated me to research this issue. Specifically, I was drawn to the topic to learn more about its impact on our digital ecosystem when juxtaposed with the spread of false information on the internet. […]

Is it time for smart glasses to move into the mainstream?

I tweeted this last week about Ray-ban and Facebook partnering to offer “picture-taking smart glasses” as @inafried described. Now smart glasses are nothing new with both Google and Snap having brought models to market in recent years. And the rumor of Apple releasing smart glasses is persistent (maybe they’ll be released alongside the also long-rumored […]


Absolutely. This must be what it feels like to be thrown in the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim. To emphasize how out of my element I am, in the past hour I have: Took 15 minutes to upload a GIF to WordPress (I won’t know if this actually worked until […]

Data Privacy: Initial Expectations for Emerging Technologies and Digital Business

It is evident that the COVID disruption has ushered in a wave of digital transformation for businesses – some have thrived and some have struggled. But, big tech companies have been growing at enormous speeds over the past decade. Many lawmakers, activists, and others have been calling for regulating big tech like Google, Apple, and […]