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You have one friend request – Add your boss as a friend?

Let’s face it – regardless of whether you are the summer intern, the manager, or the CEO of your organization, everyone stares out into the same social media minefield and wonders about the etiquette and appropriateness of connecting with work colleagues online.

Personal Branding

What is your “personal brand”? What are you telling the world about yourself via social media? Does that image align with how you want to be perceived? When most of us think of brands, we think of flashy logos, annoying advertisements and faceless corporations. We love some brands and hate others. The reason we choose […]

6 Things Social Media has Taught Me

How social is social media? Does not all media imply some social component that connects individuals on polar ends of the World Wide Web? Some people may argue that not all media is social, only outlets that offer direct connectivity between individuals may be deemed social. A key aspect of social media is that in […]

How to Land a Job on LinkedIn

Following my presentation in class on how recruiters use social media to support their recruiting efforts, I was asked by a couple of people about LinkedIn and the best way to utilize the platform to help you land your dream job. LinkedIn can be a tremendous tool for job seekers and recruiters. According to Digital […]

The One Thing Social Media Sites Have Yet to Perfect

I can say for certain that no social media site has perfectly crafted and flawless privacy and/or security settings. When it comes to security settings, there are two different kinds. One are those controlled by the user, and the other is one controlled by the site. For example, on Twitter, no matter what you do, […]

LinkedIn for Thought Leadership

LinkedIn ended the 2014 calendar year on a high note, closing at $2,219 million, an increase of 45% compared to $1,529 million from the previous year. Although Q1 2015 earnings have not closed yet, the trajectory looks consistent from previous quarters: steady, increasing growth. LinkedIn serves as an online Rolodex with its value translating into […]

How Does Social Media Affect Social Capital?

‘Social capital’ (SK) is one of those overly technical terms that sounds really jargon-y and cringeworthy, but it refers to something that I think everyone understands, at least implicitly. Though the concept of SK has a plurality of meanings, and is often used differently in different contexts, all definitions suggest that SK “inheres in the structure” of […]

LinkedIns and Twitters and Blogs… Oh My!

“WHAT!!!” my friend shrieks in the basement of a Baptist church in Roanoke, Virginia. “You’re not on Snapchat?!” she exclaims in a pure astonishment, as if I had told her I had never heard of Shakespeare. I was on an Appalachia Volunteers community service trip that was meant to be more or less technology-free, and […]

Stop changing your Facebook names!

My brother graduated from BC in 2005. I can remember him spending hours cold-calling different companies in search of a job. He exhausted all resources and met with all of his connections to eventually find a job on a trading floor. Today, we’re still using all of our connections…but now when we mention our “connections” […]

What makes Linkedin the only survivor in the Chinese market?

The Chinese government is very wary of foreign social platforms for long as it restricts Internet content and political speech within the country. Most of the world’s major social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, as well as some other tech giants like Google and Yahoo are blocked in Mainland China. LinkedIn is an exception.   […]

Social Media & Me

Prior to joining this class, my knowledge of social media and awareness of it’s influence on my life was limited.  Yes, I had a Facebook account, perused Instagram daily, had my resume on LinkedIn, and communicated through emails. However, social media seemed to be an activity that I selected to participate in, rather not something […]

Social Media Updates This Week

This is an extra blog post I am completing in the place of completing the HootSuite Certification. Here are some changes in the social media sphere that you should know about: Pinterest has moved in on the location-based social trend and expanding its influence in travel. Earlier this week, the site released its newest feature, Place […]

Social Media: The Next Front of the Recruiting Arms Race

The Wall Street Journal, an established and old line publication, had a recent article examining the rise of the 140 character resume. After all, the job market has become such a nightmare that recruiters can’t spare more than 5-7 seconds reviewing a resume. Yet, people are one of the most expensive and valuables asset a company […]

Top 5 Boosters for LinkedIn

By: Dana Sher Is Graph Search the LinkedIn Killer? Not so fast… One of Graph Search use-cases FB is trying to promote is how to connect people for professional interests, a direct move to bite in LinkedIn’s cake. While FB is indeed a supporting tool for recruiters, it cannot replace LinkedIn for one simple reason- […]

I’d like the exit seat, 7A, next to the chef and the male model…

I travel a lot for work, specifically from Boston to Oregon. When I am lucky, my company allows me to fly direct (a 6 hour trip). I always aim to have an aisle seat because I am a “plane walker” and can’t sit still for the whole flight. On my latest trip to Oregon, I […]