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The Social Media Blame Game: Issuing An Apology

Originally posted on And So I Digress..:
The Blame Game Reflecting on the posts I’ve made thus far for #MI621, I realize that I have been incredibly negative. I’m not sure what exactly drew me to these dark topics, but for some reason, my recent blog posts have had a cynical and at times harshly…

Jesse Eisenberg ≠ Social Media

The Social Network essentially told us that the concept of a social network was singlehandedly invented, redefined and repackaged in the space of a year or so by Zuckerberg and a supporting cast of pretty people.

Google: Your Name

        If you don’t have a generic name such as John Smith, it may be fairly easy for anyone to Google your name. This is most important as many of us begin our search for a job or internship and diving straight into interview season. In an interview you always want to […]

Final Reflections (Redux!)

Where to begin? I think we can all agree that mi621 has opened our minds to the wonderful, complex world of social media. Our readings and videos have sparked great conversations both in class and on Twitter, and I want to spend my final post going over some takeaways that really resonated with me. We […]

How to Land Your Dream Girl.

The advent of Woman Crush Wednesdays (“#WCW”) has changed the way any man can pick up any woman. There was a time when you could only admire celebrity women from afar, and dream that you were in a position to date her. This is no longer the case as social media has made the impossible […]

Recycling A Brand: Social Media Breathes New Life Into Iconic Ball Brand

Hey guys! I know you are probably all pretty tired of listening to me talk about mason jars by now. However…I did want to share with you my final post that I wrote for Forbes’ website. I hope this doesn’t come off as shameless self-promotion; I put a lot of time into restructuring it, so […]

Social Media, Where Knowledge is Power

To be honest, I have struggled to coherently sum up my thoughts on social media after this semester. I have thoroughly enjoyed this class and feel like I’ve learned a lot through experiential learning, but it’s tough to articulate a reflection on something so nuanced. If I had to pick a team, team “for Social […]

Thank You and Goodnight

With the holiday season and the end of mi621 fast approaching I felt it only fitting to express my gratitude to all those who have stuck by me throughout this past semester. Thank you Facebook. Or as I now call you: old faithful. When I began this class I was under the impression that you […]

MI621, or Why I’m Still Madly in Love with Social Media

My initial thoughts on social media post had the alternate title of “An Ode to Twitter,” gesturing to my love of the microblogging platform. When I entered this class, I considered myself to have a pretty solid understanding of social media and yet also realized that it seemed like an untapped resource. I ended the […]

Final Thoughts: Social Media & It’s Changing Rules

Throughout this course I have uncovered so many purposes for social media. It takes on many different forms and serves many different purposes. I’ve come to learn about niche blogging sites to vlogging to how different companies use main stream social media sites. One thing remains constant across these various mediums: what you put out […]

Is It Really Over?

This has been an incredibly tough semester readjusting to school after an incredible internship and battling senioritis in an effort to balance enjoying what’s left of my college career and keeping up my GPA. As I finally see light on the other side, I take a nervous look back at the semester, and remember a […]

Social Media: The Final Frontier?

Social media is here to stay, there is very little doubt of that. At the beginning of the semester i could have argued that i did not understand the impact or importance of social media in the world today.   Over the last couple of months, however, I have had a change of heart on […]

10 Ways to a Successful Blog

After spending the past three months reading through countless blogs I have developed a pretty good idea of what makes a great post. There have similarities between the blogs I have thoroughly enjoyed versus the ones I have skimmed. Below I have listed the 10 ways I believe lead to a “top post.” #1 Comment […]

How Pinteresting! A Final Look At My Favorite Social Media Platform

I love Pinterest. It’s my favorite social platform. It’s beautifully designed, visually engaging, and when I sort through and organize all of my favorite images, I feel like my life is falling into place. Does that sound dramatic? Maybe, but after spending time on Pinterest, I feel inspired pinspired, energized, and excited. I guess you […]

Final Thoughts: What Is Social Media, Anyway?

I’ll be honest. I initially registered for this class naively believing that it would be easy. After all, I’m from the digital generation. I post, tweet, pin, filter, vine, and snap effortlessly. Social Media? I’m good at that. Unfortunately, I failed to read, or accept, the fact that the course title ended with “For Managers.” I […]