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Politics In Transition: What happens to @POTUS now that there’s a new president?

Where do all the president’s tweets and facebook posts go?

The End

Throughout the class we’ve learned about social media’s seemingly limitless capabilities and reach. Social media has grown from a simple space where people play on their virtual farms to an inseparable part of our daily lives. This year alone, politicians are expected to spend upwards of $1 billion dollars online ads with social media sites […]

In Era of Controlled Political Message, Gerry Adams is a Breath of Fresh Air

“Cats can swim 2. Im in bath. With rubber duck. Yellow.  I 4give u 4 taking keys. Enjoy ur swim. Good luck 2 Loughgiel hurlers 2day.” It’s the sort of writing that straddles the fine line between brilliance and insanity, its meaning as contradictory and bizarre as the individual who wrote it. It’s the Infinite […]


Last spring semester, I had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. I was constantly surrounded by beautiful landscapes, met amazing individuals, and perhaps most importantly, got to experience life as a university student outside of America. One of the defining events was a massive student protest that occurred about […]

How much would you pay for the universe?

“Man in his quest for knowledge and progress is determined and cannot be deterred.” These words were spoken by John F. Kennedy in his famous “We choose to go to the moon” speech. His speech was meant to persuade the American people to support the national effort to land a man on the Moon and […]

Social Television: Starring You

Television has entered a new era due in large part to the interaction between television programs and social media. Thanks to Twitter, fans are able to have a real time ongoing dialogue as a show is being broadcast. Mobile technologies allow for these interactions to occur anytime, anywhere, regardless of television air times, resulting in […]

And the winner is…Analyzing the GOP debate through social media

Last Wednesday, 11 Republicans took the stage to duke it out for political supremacy and win the hearts of their fellow Americans. If you are like me, you conveniently missed the debate but would still like to know how the competitors stacked up. There are plenty of reporters and politicians who have their own opinion […]

#DebateWithBernie – A successful example of Social “Newsjacking”

At SXSW in 2012, David Meerman Scott gave a talk titled “Newsjacking: How to Inject Your Ideas into a Breaking News Story and Generate Tons of Media Coverage.” Meerman Scott’s talk and book of the same name encourages companies to produce content such as blog posts or videos that coincide with a big media event […]

US Politics and Social Media

Much like all other segments of society, politicians have adopted and leveraged social media. This trend has extended all the way to the leader of the free world, President Obama. Currently, President Obama has 63.9 million followers on Twitter along with 44.5 million likes on his Facebook page. During the 2008 Presidential election, President Obama […]

My Initial Takeaways from ISYS6621: Social Media and Collective Action

It is not often that one enrolls in a course where the subject matter was only invented just over a decade ago. Taking a course on Social Media in 2015 could be compared with signing up for an American history course in 1786—while there are significant milestones to cover and lessons to learn from, these […]

Prime Minister Netanyahu Expressing Thoughts on Twitter

It appears Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is using his twitter page to express his current feelings and frustrations about the United States’ administration and the current negotiations with the country of Iran. The prime minister and President Obama have two differing views on how to deal with those in Tehran. President Obama would like to […]

Social Media in Developing Countries

When deciding what to write for my second blog post, I thought it would be best to just go with my interests. I have a huge interest in geography and all things international, so it made sense to write about social media usage around the world, specifically in developing countries. I know Boston College has […]

state of the union 2015

Your Life in Real Time

“Good luck, Captain. Make sure to Instagram it!” As I sat in front of my television curled up in a blanket last Tuesday evening, I honestly couldn’t believe the situation that unfolded during this year’s State of the Union. Barack Obama asked Astronaut Scott Kelly, who leaves for a year-long mission in space within the […]

Viral in It’s Own World

In my last blog post, I noted how pervasive the discussion of success with social media has become in our lives. I wish to return to that point, this time addressing a specific measure of that success: “Virality” What makes a photo, video, story, etc. go viral? What exactly constitutes the threshold for something to […]

The Transformation of my Social Media Experience

Introduction to Social Media My introduction to social media came when I was in elementary school, back in the days of AOL and dial-up. My mother helped me set up an account to use so that I could play games online, which later progressed to use of instant messaging, AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), and then […]