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Social Media and Its Illusion of Privacy

I think ever since I made my first Facebook post some 8 years ago, the biggest concern I’ve had (and still have) is privacy. The fear of having whatever you post on Twitter, Facebook and many other social media medium, being permanent marked on the history/database of the social media or world wide web has […]

Are the Facebook-less friends right?

Last summer, my roommate decided to delete her Facebook. She said it bothered her having an online persona and was sick of keeping up with friends’ photos and posts. She hasn’t reactivated it since. Next came her Twitter, and then her Snapchat. She even decided to go without a cellphone for a few weeks, asking […]

Social Media and Privacy: What Were You Thinking When You Posted That?

Now that Halloweekend is officially over, we can spend our Sunday afternoon catching up on homework, lounging around our dorms, and checking Facebook and Instagram to see what everyone else was up to this weekend. Although people upload pictures nearly every weekend to show how much fun they had, Halloweekend takes this to a new […]

Protecting Kids Online-How the Rules Have Changed

Children today have become much more tech savvy and it is much harder to control and protect them from the online world. Regulations around this issue have been around since 1998 with The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). However, so much about the Internet and kid’s interaction on social media sites and mobile devices […]

Socially Regulated

Companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and insurance don’t have a major presence on social media. Each of these industries has a different federal regulatory agency with its own rules, regulations and supervisory guidelines that companies must adhere to. Many regulated companies know that social media is important but are […]

It Costs How Much for Promoted Tweets?!!

According to a recent Forbes article, paid social media is expected to grow rapidly in the near future.  We have all noticed sponsored ads on our Twitter and Facebook feeds and most of us just pass over them if they don’t interest us.  However, this trend could have large implications for companies in their marketing […]

Wait, did they just ask for my Password?!

After reading through the comments about my presentation, I noticed that a few of you were interested in a question asked after I presented. The question was something along the lines of:  “I have heard recently that some companies are going as far as asking candidates for the login and passwords to their social media […]