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You have one friend request – Add your boss as a friend?

Let’s face it – regardless of whether you are the summer intern, the manager, or the CEO of your organization, everyone stares out into the same social media minefield and wonders about the etiquette and appropriateness of connecting with work colleagues online.

Winning the Internet in Gucci

Last week, the luxury fashion brand Gucci started generating headlines for unveiling its new collection of watches through creating a series of branded memes in collaboration with artists and popular Instagram meme accounts (referred to as the “collaborative art project” by the brand itself) and posting them on their social media channels. For a luxury brand with […]

I’m Making Ugly Faces, Snapchat is Making Money

Snapchat, (or should I say Snap Inc.?) is currently in the midst of preparing for an initial public offering which is projected to be at a valuation of $25 billion or more. In context, that’s larger than both Twitter’s and Facebook’s initial IPOs from a few years back. Ironically, there is good money to be […]

Finstagram… Is it for you?

Last week, the New York Times wrote an article about the new social media trend of creating “fake” personal Instagram accounts. In contrast to your day-to-day Instagram filled with smiling, edited photos, your “Finstagram” would be a private social media page shared with only your close friends and family. How many hours cumulatively have we […]

My Breakup with Snapchat </3

When I first deleted my Snapchat, I never thought it would last. Just like a romantic relationship, I thought that our attachment had grown too strong and I just wanted to take a ~break~ to get some much needed space. “It’s not you Snapchat, it’s me.” I thought to myself. Well, a whole ten months […]

Halloween –> Halloweekend –> Halloweek

Instead of sitting here stressing about the fact that it is Halloween this week and that I have absolutely no costume ideas for the 5 nights I am inevitably going to be expected to dress up for, I decided to channel some of this anxiety into a Halloween themed blog post.  As a senior, I […]

Getting Personal – Reaching the Peak of ‘TMI’ on Social Media

How much information is too much information? With the rise of digital media, privacy has lost meaning, while sharing has been taken to a whole new level. These days, it’s almost too easy for users to share every waking minute of their day-to-day lives. Did you brush your teeth this morning? Oh, you ate a […]

“Studying” Abroad and Social Media

Florence, Italy: the place that completely stole my heart and absolutely changed me forever.  Studying abroad was hands down the best experience of my life.  When else in your life are you going to be able to travel for such an extended period time, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and experience […]


“I really need to clean my mod” “I should probably put some books on my desk” “Yes! I’m desperate for some grocery money…” All of these thoughts, amongst others, have crossed our minds over the past week in preparation for parents weekend.  It’s senior year and we are all getting sentimental with our “lasts” before […]

6 Things Social Media has Taught Me

How social is social media? Does not all media imply some social component that connects individuals on polar ends of the World Wide Web? Some people may argue that not all media is social, only outlets that offer direct connectivity between individuals may be deemed social. A key aspect of social media is that in […]

First Thoughts: Social Media, Good or Bad?

The development of social media in the last ten years has been incredible. Parents for years have employed the common phrase, “when I was younger there was no such thing as (insert modern day advancement)” to show their children how different their upbringing was. Now, this saying has a completely new meaning with the rapid […]

Oh #snap, time to #share my initial thoughts on @socialmedia. I #like it because it’s easy to #follow, my #favorite!

In my young age, I was fortunate enough to grow up during the ever-changing, fast-paced world that is social media. The concept has now become a major part of my life, and has even shaped my career interest. Initially however, I would have never imagined that this could happen because of just a few websites […]

The Boston Marathon and Social Media Keeps Us #BostonStrong

Every year, people flock to Boylston Street to cheer on the Boston Marathon runners. The racecourse is marked with blue and yellow flags indicating how many more miles until the finish line, and fans line the 26.2-mile course eager to cheer on the athletes racing. The Boston Marathon is an event that is very near […]

BC Snapchat Stories Update (and a request)

Hi Everyone, As promised, I got to the bottom of the BC Snapchat stories from my student who runs the BC Snapchat account. Basically here’s the gist of it: We have our own Snapchat (WeAreBC) account that we use to do contests, and other fun promotions of things on campus. It was engaging and people […]

Mark Cuban and Limiting Content in a Content Heavy World

Lately, I’ve noticed growth in an interesting trend in social media: self-destructing content. Although Snapchat has been around since 2011, its recent addition of Discovery and ads has revamped the app and significantly increased its valuation. Other apps that allow users to send self-destructing content like texts and emails are becoming more popular, even gaining […]