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Tools of the New Trade

In regards to higher education, many universities can amass hundreds upon hundreds of various social media accounts. Boston College for example has approximately 80 departments all leveraging 1-9 social media platforms. Social media management tools make it possible to organize messaging and gauge better engagement opportunities. As a business, management tools are predominantly paid for […]

Social Media Command Centers

A lot of Americans have had “Mission Control” Command Centers on their minds lately, with the adaptation of the popular sci-fi novel “The Martian” dominating at the box office. But I’ve been thinking more about Command Centers of a different sort–Social Media Command Centers. As social media continues to become such an integral part of our daily lives and decision making processes, […]

Are you on Woo Woo yet?

So far in Social Media and Digital Business, I’ve been forced to face a painful fact: I’m not cool. Not even a little bit. I hear the undergrads in our class talking about things called Yo, Periscope, and Meerkat, and I constantly find myself Googling new words after class. Recently, I asked some of my […]

From Digital Audit to Digital Strategy: Quick Guide to Assessing a Brand’s Performance (Part I)

As I mentioned towards the end of my last post, my questions on how social/digital media is impacting businesses and brands motivated to take this course. Since I’d love to engage in these discussions with you all I’ve decided to dedicate most of my blog posts to these questions and topics. The first topic I’ve […]

My Social Media Journey: Then and Now (but not BuzzFeed Style)

I still remember when I received the invitation to join “Thefacebook” on April 1, 2005 and my wonder and awe as I discovered a world of “Facebook stalking,” imagining what my college experience would look like, and being able to re-connect with friends that had already moved away from Puerto Rico (where I grew up). […]

A Personal Reflection: Life, Knowledge, and Social Media

“I am going to work in sales next year for Oracle Corporation, where I will be doing inside sales for the first year and hopefully working my way up after that. I know my primary forms of contacting a potential Oracle customer will be by phone and email, but I want an edge. I want […]

A Slam-Dunk For Coke Zero

Mid-March hits and the madness begins. This is one of the best times of the year for college basketball and avid sports fans. Anything is possible. A number one seed can fall to an underdog, and often an unlikely contender can rise to the top of the ranks. The thrill of victory and agony of […]

The Most Loveable Brand on Social Media

There are two men in my life whom I can always count on, who have not once let me down—and their names are Ben and Jerry. For as long as I can remember, I have had an unusually strong passion and reverence for Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, so much so that it has become […]

Lessons Learned from Ballerinas on Social Media

Having trained in classical ballet from the age of three until I left for college, I have developed a deep fondness and respect for the elegance, athleticism, passion and discipline involved in the art of dance. As such, I can’t help but take note when ballet dancers appear on social media. The rise of social […]

Me, Social Media, & Our Love-Hate Relationship

My social media experience began the moment I entered my awkward middle school years, obviously the ideal time for me to start posting pictures of my scrawny tomboy appearance for the whole Internet to see. In 7th grade, everyone at my middle school was required to have a laptop as a part of the intensive […]

Final Thoughts: What Is Social Media, Anyway?

I’ll be honest. I initially registered for this class naively believing that it would be easy. After all, I’m from the digital generation. I post, tweet, pin, filter, vine, and snap effortlessly. Social Media? I’m good at that. Unfortunately, I failed to read, or accept, the fact that the course title ended with “For Managers.” I […]

Ignite The Heights

This past Saturday evening started off like most do for the typical BC student: get ready to go out, go to the bar, and make it home in time before 2 a.m. to get Late Night. The typical weekend events became not so typical at the same time that many triumphant students stood outside Lower […]

Twitter: Bro, you’re doing it wrong

My dad doesn’t get Twitter.  In light of Twitter’s move to an IPO, we had a long conversation over breakfast this morning about how he thinks it’s a waste of time. Apparently he listened to a crotchety reporter on NPR talk about how trivial Twitter is as a form of social media.  I couldn’t find […]