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Boston’s social media influencers

I have lived in the greater Boston area for my whole life, so I generally know what is going on in the area. But with rise of social media platforms over the last ten years our ability to learn more about our city has grown exponentially. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter keep us […]

Colorado #Sexting Scandal: Keeping Secrets Through “Ghost Apps”

Controversy around a high school “sexting” incident in Canon City, Colorado has been proliferating the news as a police investigation has not only caused the cancellation of the high school’s football game (some of the players may be/are culpable in this on-going case) but also could result in potential felony charges. It has recently been revealed that […]

The New Tupperware Party: Rodan and Fields on Social Media

This weekend, I was talking to a friend who works in the marketing technology space about potential blog post topics for my social media class. I was trying to subtly convince him to let me interview him for my post, but things quickly took a sharp left turn. “Erin, you know what I would want […]

iPhone Users: Start Using “Find My Friends”!

Apple includes several native iOS apps on its devices, which users don’t really have a choice but to have on their phones. For better or worse, apps like “Compass”, “Game Center”, “Voice Memos”, “Podcasts”, and the Apple Watch app are installed on every updated iOS device and cannot be uninstalled. Apple also has several apps on […]

Social Media, Kids, and the Future

Wait, what? Is this normal? How? Why?   These were my reactions when I got an Instagram follow from my eight year old cousin. Fast forward a couple weeks to Christmas Day, and I am talking to him about how he is in love with his new iPhone, and he’s got the most followers on […]

Will Facebook be relevant in 10 years?

Do all social networking sites have an expiration date?  It is an interesting question, and around the Summer of 2012 multiple analysts predicted the end of Facebook in approximately ten years.  Myspace and Facebook are the progeny of Friendster, as you all know.  I have owned accounts on all three social networks; and, of the […]

Prospective Students and Social Media

In class on Monday we listened to Jane Croke’s great presentation about how social media is changing college admissions. She presented the benefits of social media from an admissions counselor’s point of view, but for my blog post this week, I am going to switch it around and examine social media through the lens of a […]