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The Power of the Finsta

Finsta: For those of you unfamiliar with the term, a Finsta is a fake Instagram. The first time I made a Finsta was as a joke with my friend. We didn’t follow the conventional method of posting outwardly embarrassing photos, but we did post a collection of photos we didn’t want to purposely show others. We […]

Initial Thoughts

Social media is something that whether we would want to admit it or not has come to run our lives.  Whether you are a child of the “tech generation” brought up by each detail of emerging gadgets, or you are a “baby boomer” trying to understand the technology growth over the years, social media that […]

Here We Go

Before registering for Social Media and Digital Business, I had a general idea of what to expect because I had a friend who took this class last semester. I knew it would be a lot of work, but I was totally willing to accept the challenge I was about to face because I felt like […]

Tools of the New Trade

In regards to higher education, many universities can amass hundreds upon hundreds of various social media accounts. Boston College for example has approximately 80 departments all leveraging 1-9 social media platforms. Social media management tools make it possible to organize messaging and gauge better engagement opportunities. As a business, management tools are predominantly paid for […]

Is Your Twitter Header Blurry?

I would like to address a pet peeve of mine in regards to the aesthetic elements of various social media platforms. I believe presentation is sometimes overlooked or taken lightly when establishing a social media account. I feel from a branding standpoint, consistency goes a long way. I’ve researched a variety of Twitter accounts and […]

The Future of Visual Search and Marketing : Pinterest

I have been an avid user of Pinterest and passionate advocate since high school. Namely, as an artist, I found it an unparalleled source of inspiration and discovery. That evolved into recognizing its far-reaching marketing implications, which I foresee transforming how we find products and brands we are passionate about, how we make purchase decisions, […]

Social Media Interview with Small-Business Owner, Amy Spirito

Since she graduated from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2012, I have witnessed my long-term girlfriend Amy Spirito launch her own wedding photography business. Amy is known as a talented New England and Destination Wedding Photographer, but her hidden-talent is her keen business prowess. And while building Amy Spirito Photography and developing her brand, […]

Netiquette 101 – A Required Course For All Social Media Users

The term netiquette in itself sounds dated already. It was first ascribed to Apple’s Chuq von Rosbach in 1983, when the Internet was just getting off the ground to provide guidelines on how to conduct oneself in the digital realm. Over the years online etiquette has evolved to match the new tools and platforms. And […]


Social media is arguably a channel used for branding. With every tweet or post there is a perfect little squared logo right beside it. If you see a logo enough times it may just prompt you to read further or, stop following. Boston College has two distinct logos; the official seal logo and the athletic […]

Running Through Your Newsfeeds–*Extended*

Since our presentations are cut to such short time limits, with every presenter, there are many unanswered questions from the audience. I am dedicating this blog post to answer some of the questions you all had about my particular topic “Running Through Your Newsfeeds” that I left out of my presentation. I urge you all to […]

The Tastiest Form of Social Media: How Anyone Can Be A Chef Through Facebook

We are all acutely aware of the general switch of many forms of news and entertainment from traditional media to online, but underneath the obvious surface of news, weather, sports, and music are more niche transitions that are happening before our very eyes.  The most prominent of these, even though it might seem like an […]

#NYFW: Social Media and the Business of Fashion

New York Fashion Week, also known as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, is bi-annually one of the biggest events in fashion across the globe. This event is also one of the biggest opportunities for designers, models, celebrities, and sponsors to promote their brand through social media. This September, NYFW concluded with 181 shows that generated $900 million in revenue. […]

Social media can’t give you six-pack abs… Or can it?

On a Tuesday evening, after a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go workout. I would much rather sit on the couch and mindlessly scroll through my social media feeds to catch up on all of the latest gossip, news, and events I missed today. Except when you follow […]

And the winner is…Analyzing the GOP debate through social media

Last Wednesday, 11 Republicans took the stage to duke it out for political supremacy and win the hearts of their fellow Americans. If you are like me, you conveniently missed the debate but would still like to know how the competitors stacked up. There are plenty of reporters and politicians who have their own opinion […]

Technology Transforming NBA Free Agency

2009: Championship 2010: Championship 2011: Lost to eventual champion Dallas Mavericks Ever Since: Struck out on nearly every big free agent, unable to rise back to their dominant winning ways. In fact, the current playoff drought is the longest it has ever been for the Lakers. This is an organization that has never had a problem landing free […]