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Coffee, Watches & Kylie Jenner: Building a Brand with Social Media

I am fascinated by brands who get Social Media right. I might not be a customer or a frequent customer yet, but I still follow them – they make my insta feed look pretty and their funny (punny?) tweets make me smile – and I am sure I am not alone in this. What fascinates […]

Say Goodbye To Your Friend the PSL and Say Hello to Red Cup

So as most of you already know, a few weeks ago I presented on Starbucks and their social media presence.  Part of my presentation was all about the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) and how its hype during fall season was of major benefit to the Starbucks brand.  With the end of Halloween and the beginning […]

Pumpkin spice & everything nice: branding lessons from @TheRealPSL.

It’s finally October – and you know what that means… fall foliage, hoodies, and the ever classic fall drink: the pumpkin spice latte (PSL). The PSL has become a symbol of American culture and a celebration of the beginning of fall… and Starbucks is capitalizing on it by transforming the seasonal beverage into a lifestyle […]


Last Tuesday, March 17th, Starbucks and their CEO, Howard Schultz, launched #RaceTogether. Last Sunday, March 22nd, #RaceTogether “Phase I” was pulled. Why couldn’t Starbucks (SBUX), a $73 billion company, sustain a campaign that was the main topic of their annual shareholders meeting, for longer than a week? Undoubtedly, there is no one answer to this question, however […]

New on the Starbucks’ menu #RaceTogether

So what is #RaceTogether? This has nothing to do with Patriot’s Day or any type of holiday promoted 3K. Rather, it’s Starbucks’ clever way of injecting a politically charged topic into your morning cup-o-joe. Announced this past Tuesday, Starbucks is using its #RaceTogether campaign to encourage employees to start the free discussion of race in […]

Starbucks Social Stardom

With over 21,100 stores in 63 countries, Starbucks from a numbers standpoint dominates any other coffee shop out there. Their significant presence, however, is not only physical, but online as well. Starbucks has over 38 million Facebook likes, 7.23 million Twitter followers, and 3.7 million Instagram followers. The mantra seen on each of their sites […]

Starbucks: Brewing through Social Media

Well, its pumpkin spice latte season, and nobody makes them better than Starbucks. So grab yourself a mug and let’s take a look at how Starbucks capitalizes on social media. Starbucks is an international coffeehouse chain that prides itself on its quality espresso and warm atmosphere. Located in 65 countries around the world and over 21,000 stores, the […]

You Have 7,196,807,790 Friend Requests

I used to pride myself on knowing every person that I was friends with on Facebook. In reality though, I don’t know if that was ever true, and now, with 1,993 friends, I can say with certainty that this will never be true. Social media is great for many things: image editing, instant news updates, restaurant recommendation, […]

If you don’t already ‘get it,’ you’re already falling behind

Social media and I go way back.  As I’ve already explained before in my original post “If I can’t find them online, their resume is tossed,” I have experience with a variety of social media channels.  As compared to some of my peers, I didn’t reluctantly sign up for a Twitter account for this class; […]

Is there room for new social media platforms?

Currently we have five important social media platforms: Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, FourSquare. They have a lot of users and more and more information is shared than ever. However, is there room for new social media platforms? A way to identify is describing our key activities as humans: we have friends, we study and learn, […]

Why Am I Following You, Anyway?

Ever wonder what exactly prompts you to like a company on Facebook or follow them on Twitter?  I’ve always wanted to know why we following brands on social media, what drives us to want to be connected to them.  In a world of highly saturated media and a constant flow of advertisements coming our way, […]