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Social Media For Dummies

Coming into this class, I was confident I knew plenty of relevant information about Web 2.0 since I practically grew up with it. Constantly checking my Facebook and Twitter feeds or refreshing my Instagram profile made me think I was knowledgeable about social media, but in actuality there is so much more out there. After […]

If you don’t already ‘get it,’ you’re already falling behind

Social media and I go way back.  As I’ve already explained before in my original post “If I can’t find them online, their resume is tossed,” I have experience with a variety of social media channels.  As compared to some of my peers, I didn’t reluctantly sign up for a Twitter account for this class; […]

Socially Regulated

Companies in highly regulated industries such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and insurance don’t have a major presence on social media. Each of these industries has a different federal regulatory agency with its own rules, regulations and supervisory guidelines that companies must adhere to. Many regulated companies know that social media is important but are […]