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Track Your Trips With Travel Timeline

Late last year TripAdvisor introduced “Travel Timelines“. They sounded pretty cool from the press release so I decided to try it out. Admittedly, my attention span is quite short and so I turned the feature on but then I completely forgot about it. That is, I forgot about it until I realized a few weeks […]

Social in the Driver’s Seat

You’ve managed to sneak your 52-pound bag through check-in, suffered through endlessly long security lines, and endured your wait time in the uncomfortable plastic chairs at the gate. You can’t wait to sink into your comfy seat on the plane and doze off. As soon as you step on the plane, you realize the seating […]

Airlines & #EmotionalBaggage on Twitter

After a long weekend in Las Vegas with barely any sleep, I embarked on my long journey home at 2pm Sunday afternoon (west coast time). I was flying first from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, prepared to enjoy a long dinner and a celebratory glass of wine at LAX during my layover (I had just […]

“Studying” Abroad and Social Media

Florence, Italy: the place that completely stole my heart and absolutely changed me forever.  Studying abroad was hands down the best experience of my life.  When else in your life are you going to be able to travel for such an extended period time, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the culture and experience […]

iPhone Users: Start Using “Find My Friends”!

Apple includes several native iOS apps on its devices, which users don’t really have a choice but to have on their phones. For better or worse, apps like “Compass”, “Game Center”, “Voice Memos”, “Podcasts”, and the Apple Watch app are installed on every updated iOS device and cannot be uninstalled. Apple also has several apps on […]


“I really need to clean my mod” “I should probably put some books on my desk” “Yes! I’m desperate for some grocery money…” All of these thoughts, amongst others, have crossed our minds over the past week in preparation for parents weekend.  It’s senior year and we are all getting sentimental with our “lasts” before […]

ISYS6621: Back in Time

“Social Media” soc-ial adjective 1. of or relating to society or its organization me-di-a noun 1. plural form of medium. me·di·um noun 1.an agency or means of doing something.   Social – Media noun, adjective?, verb? 1. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder 2. Brand Interaction and Engagement: JetBlue PB&J award, Oreo’s Ad 3. Connecting Information: MITRE 4. Telling a story: […]