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The Power of the Swoosh

Across the entire world, people recognize this symbol. The Nike Swoosh. According to millennials, Nike is the top apparel brand in the world. Additionally, Nike owns the #3 and #7 apparel brands for millennials with Jordan and Converse respectively. Nike is the 18th most valuable brand, worth over $80 Billion. The company prides themselves on their […]

Social Media Stardom: Jack & Jack

This week I have decided to blog about one of my closest friend’s social media fate – what could have been. Perhaps Nick Krone was just the “Re-Vine” away from social media stardom. My friend Nick Krone introduced me to Vine, the brand new social media platform, in February 2013 one month after its initial […]

Zoolander 2 Takes Over Paris Fashion Week

Paramount Pictures surprised fans by announcing the release of the sequel to their 2001 comedy, Zoolander, in an a unique and creative way at Paris Fashion Week. The two stars of the first movie, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, surprised audiences by walking the end of the Valentino show on March 10, 2015 as their […]

From Stranger to Success: How “Likes” Have Created Unrealized Careers

Megan, a Texas high school student, scrolls through her Vine feed on a summer afternoon. Ben, a young trendy businessman, is headed to work on the Subway, checking that morning’s newest pics on Instagram. You, after a terrible day at school, head to YouTube, searching for a pick-me-up. What do you and these people have […]

How to Become Vine-Famous

How did you just spend the last six seconds? Before January 24th, 2013, this was never a question that I had to address. Now, if I open up the app Vine on my phone, I can spend six seconds watching news clips, parodies, concert clips, and even some back and forth Vine-Romance videos. Vine, a […]

Interesting ways to use social media to get a job

Everyone in this class be it undergrad or grad has most likely had a job at some point in their life. For most of you, finding that job consisted of using the traditional method of filling out an application at the place of hire, emailing your resume to a company or replying to a job […]

Vine: The next frontier for video advertisement

This morning as I was surfing the web I found myself facing the inevitable; I needed to watch an advertisement in order to move onto the next page. It took me approximately .2 seconds to realize I was not able to skip this ad, and an additional .5 seconds for my finger to strike the […]

The Attention Span Arms Race

This post was going to be a reflection on the TED Talk assigned for class, about how web video powers innovation. Then I got distracted. But you should watch it; it was insightful and wonderful. Twitter has come out with a service to record and host 6-second videos to your twitter account. It is called Vine, although I […]