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The Power of the Swoosh

Across the entire world, people recognize this symbol. The Nike Swoosh. According to millennials, Nike is the top apparel brand in the world. Additionally, Nike owns the #3 and #7 apparel brands for millennials with Jordan and Converse respectively. Nike is the 18th most valuable brand, worth over $80 Billion. The company prides themselves on their […]

Social Media as a Forum for Discussion and Authenticity

In my last post, I took a look at the downsides of social media and its detrimental effects, such as the pressure to be perfect and the anxiety that can result. This week, I will talk about how social media can be used to start discussions about important issues such as these and challenge the stereotypes […]

Who Do You Know Here?: How Affiliation Goes a Long Way in Social Media

Social media doesn’t get enough credit. Some people consider it a consider it a wasteland for millenials to post selfies on. Others believe it creates an environment that gives credit to those who don’t deserve it (for example, The Fat Jewish). Yes, certain outlets do prove these skeptics true, but as a whole, social media […]

My New BFF: The Rise of the Social Media Influencer

Last year, Forbes.com published an article that said word of mouth was the most important form of social media for marketers. The idea was simple: having 100 customers who are passionate about your brand and willing to share it with their network was better than having 10,000 unengaged fans on Facebook. As consumers, we see […]

Eurovision and Social Media

As a fan of The Eurovision Song Contest and the 2015 edition’s quickly approaching show, I thought it would be appropriate to talk about Eurovision’s social media presence and how they have popularized the contest outside of Europe with their use of social media. What is it? Before delving into the actual social media presence […]

Changing the mindset of teenagers navigating the world – Dan Bilzarian and his toys.

If you have an Instagram account and you’re a male within the age of 15-28 you will most likely have come across Dan Bilzarian’s infamous Instagram account. So who exactly is Dan Bilzarian? Son of a convicted corporate takeover specialist, He is a professional poker player that has gained tremendous fame through his Instagram account. […]

From Stranger to Success: How “Likes” Have Created Unrealized Careers

Megan, a Texas high school student, scrolls through her Vine feed on a summer afternoon. Ben, a young trendy businessman, is headed to work on the Subway, checking that morning’s newest pics on Instagram. You, after a terrible day at school, head to YouTube, searching for a pick-me-up. What do you and these people have […]