As I walked out of our first Digital Transformation class on September 1st, I was convinced that it would be my first and last course with Professor Kane. In my first blog post I openly admitted that I wasn’t confident in my social media skills and that my only active social media was LinkedIn. If […]

What a semester it’s been! I for one am glad to have finally been on campus instead of attending classes on zoom.  Although this is not your typical class it is just as valuable as others for any MBA student.  Upon reading the syllabus, these statements made by Professor Kane jumped out to me: Fair warning, this course […]

As confident as I may have sounded in my first blogpost (“I expect this course to help me manage the organizational changes required to harness the power of technology in my Legal Department.”), I was actually pretty nervous about this class. Admittedly, law is more of my thing than technology and I don’t consider myself […]

Looking back on this semester and Digital Transformation in particular, one thought can’t escape my mind… How has an entire semester’s worth of class already passed us by?! I can easily remember my mindset while writing the expectations blog, getting all worked up over the explicit warnings Professor Kane gave us all on how different […]

Thinking of this final blog post, my mind kept swirling around two topics that kind of bookended the start and end of this course for me, neither of which are pleasant topics: death and COVID. The former was with regard to a dear friend who died suddenly, accidentally in September and the latter was with […]

It is a cliche, but I absolutely cannot believe that this is the last blog post of the semester. Typing the final blog post of the semester means months have passed, the seasons have changed, and I am on the cusp of completing two more courses in the part-time MBA program. I am also on […]

Surprise! For those of you who didn’t know – I am an undergraduate. Although mostly everyone knows at this point, so for those who did know i am an undergrad, surprise – I am STILL an undergraduate!! *Cue gasp* Haven’t failed out ………….yet. I recall one presenter making a joke that poked fun at undergrad […]

From creating a twitter account for the first time to writing Blogs, there were a lot of first for me in this course. It’s the first class where I saw not only peoples career backgrounds coming into the conversation but everyone’s interests also showing through the conversations, discussions, and presentations. In my first Blog I […]

In my initial blog post, I wrote about digital transformation in the eyes of businesses and what I expect to happen in the future. In that first post, I mentioned AI and Big Data as the most probable drivers for innovation in the business space. After this semester, I still believe big data and AI […]

(I tried several times to be witty with this but I have written 10/18 RA performance evaluations so all my brain can see right now is skills and opportunities for growth, which isn’t the worst format for closing reflections, so here we go!) I am genuinely glad I ended up taking this course, however it […]

One thing from this class that I’m sure most of us can relate, is how little I actually know of the constant changes and innovations that are constantly being worked on and released. How Covid may have hurt a lot of companies, but it also allowed for so many more to innovate and be stronger […]

Walking out of class last Wednesday was a bizarre feeling for me, as it was my last class and the last time I’d be on campus as a student at BC. Although I knew it would be my final class, it still never really sunk in until I started to pack up my stuff and […]

I’m utilizing a newsletter format to reflect on the Fall 2021 Semester of ISYS8621 – Digital Transformation. I trust the irony of a traditional print model being digitally delivered is not lost on you

This semester, we learned a lot about the emerging technologies rapidly transforming the transportation sector. For example, we learned about how Lidar technology and reCAPTCHA provide autonomous vehicles with the capability to identify multiple objects around a particular area. In my final blog of the semester, I will share some of the most innovative technologies […]

So if you think this is going to be an easy class, you should probably just leave now… (or something along those lines). Professor Kane Fall 2021 I started so many blogs post this semester and left many half written. In my mind there was just too much to cover, and I would not have done the topic justice. My […]