From Myspace to Facebook to… Basement? By Justine Merriman Every once in a while, a new social media platform will emerge and usually disappear just as quickly. However, those that last usually offer something new and exciting. Let’s take a look down memory lane: First there was Myspace in 2003, a place where we could […]

This past Friday, March 15th was National Password Day…in Canada (there is a ‘National Day’ for everything). It’s a day when organizations such as the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission share tips and urge citizens to regularly update their passwords. With all the advances in technology we have seen over the past few […]

For years, the only technology museums used were their websites, but now technology is creating new ways to experience art and is revolutionizing the consumption of art. During spring break, I travelled to Paris and Amsterdam.  I dragged all my friends to multiple museums and noticed that each museum had a different approach for incorporating […]

So if you’ll remember my presentation to the class on the new conservative voices on Twitter, you’ll recall that some were fairly extreme. You’ll recall that there’s been a proliferation of these voices thanks to the dropping of barriers involved in online publishing, the volume of falsified news stories, and the general propensity towards pile-on, […]

Several years ago, I interviewed for an entry level position at a large insurance company in Boston.  I hadn’t ever thought about working in insurance, but it was my first interview in Boston and I was excited about the prospect of landing my first professional job out of college.  After a couple of rounds of […]

610 million members.  200 countries.  One website.  No, I’m not talking about Facebook. You may be surprised to know that this is LinkedIn.  That’s right, LinkedIn.  That website that always sends you jobs that are a “good fit,” and seems more about finding people you went to college with than anything else. A recurring theme […]

Part 1 – Technology: The Addiction I was raised on a farm in the Irish countryside, where spending time outdoors wasn’t so much of an after-school privilege as it was an expectation. My parents had the mindset that if we had time to be sitting in front of the TV then we had time to […]