Let’s be honest here. The day I signed my National Letter of Intent (the binding contract to be an athlete at Boston College) was one of the happiest days of my life.  What I did not realize was I was basically signing my life away to the athletic department for four years.  LOL okay…I’m being […]

In Week 2 of ISYS6621 we explored the ‘Digital Transformation of the Enterprise’. We learned that digital transformation is not just how companies choose to use technology, but instead it is a continuous adaptation to how technology is changing the way business is done. One of our readings, SMR’s Research Report “Achieving Digital Maturity”, outlined […]

Artificial Intelligence is really not as scary as it sounds. A far cry from robots putting millions of hard-working Americans out of work, AI is becoming a valuable breakthrough for both retailers and customers. Underneath the broad category of AI lie four major applications that bring incredible value to the world of digital commerce: voice […]

How would you feel about a person saying, “I make a living playing video games.” Since I have introduced Twitch in my last blog post, I think one cannot simply talk about Twitch without mentioning video games. And not just any video game, or video games in general, but the word E-Sports. E-Sports or many-called […]

One of my favorite things to monitor is the price of tickets for sporting events on the secondary market. If that sounds crazy, it is. It doesn’t matter if I have any intentions of going to the game I am monitoring or not, I just like watching the price fluctuate days leading up to the […]

My roommates and I got into a somewhat heated discussion the other day. Who decides that the trademark LV on a Louis Vuitton bag makes it a worthy thousand dollar purchase? Why can that and similar brands endure for centuries without innovation or much change at all? In other words, who do luxury brands think […]

Let me take you back to October of 2016. The presidential candidates are set, and for you that means that for the past four months you have not been able to get on Facebook without your Uncle Carl basically reaching through his computer screen, grabbing you by the neck, and shoving his political opinion down […]