PSA: Right now you’re reading from the biggest Disney kid out there. I grew up going to Disney World every year with my family, constantly watching all the latest movies and collecting too many stuffed animals. Ask me any trivia question about Disney…I dare you. This past summer I continued my trend, going down to Orlando again […]

When applying to colleges back in 2012, I knew that study abroad was a big factor for me – it was a must do during college. And I knew then that Australia was my favored destination, so I made sure the programs I liked didn’t limit my options. Back then, Australia seemed far and ~scary~ to study […]

I admit it. I was one of those high school teenagers that jumped on the Tumblr trend, constantly browsing through pretty outfits, inspiring quotes and TV show GIFs during class and study breaks. But after so many years, I really thought the presence of Tumblr was long gone…in fact, it was only on spring break […]

When turned first turned 18 in high school, the first thing I did wasn’t go out to buy a lotto ticket, go see an R-rated movie, or buy a pack of cigarettes.  Instead, what I was most excited to do was open up my own personal bank account to manage my money.  I know, I […]

Do you think you’re seasoned enough to teach #IS6621? With over half of the semester in the rearview mirror… …it’s time to test your knowledge! The following quiz is designed to put your brain to the test as it relates to class content and the social-media-digital-business landscape, so that ideally neither Grad students (with their […]

I’ve been a longtime fanboy of virtual reality ever since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter made headlines in 2012. The success of that campaign, and the massive storm of positive PR that followed, has generated a previously unthinkable level of mainstream interest in the technology. Yes, Time Magazine’s now-notorious 2015 cover featuring Oculus Founder Palmer Luckey was undoubtedly […]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or taking a social media hiatus, you’re sure to have noticed that the annual collegiate Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament–March Madness–has been dominating the nation’s captivation over the past week and a half. Begun in 1939, March Madness has been near the center of America’s sports culture for […]

We Tweet, we vote, we make conscious consumer choices, but why don’t millennials to use their greatest assets to shape corporate America?

Today we can get almost any service or product at the click of a button with on-demand digital marketplaces. Forget to buy toilet paper? Go Puff has you covered. Too drunk to drive home? Thank you, Uber. Too sick to make it to health services (don’t want to go to health services because they will […]

I’m willing to bet you still picture farming as a relatively low-tech industry. Cut to: hardworking farmer riding an old tractor through a small plot of land. While this may still be the reality on some farms, we are in the midst of the third, and most monumental, agriculture revolution. Over $4.6 billion in investment […]

  Background You’ve heard this before, machines are and will continue to replace human workers… but how worried should you actually be? From my calculations… pretty worried.     Everyday human beings make thousands of decisions on a conscious and subliminal level. These decisions are dictated by our paradigms of the world, our emotions, and […]

I have played football competitively for sixteen years, and have always been ignorant to the effects of brain trauma, depression, CTE, and all the other side effects of playing the game. Part of me was trying to ignore these side effects football related injuries because I did not want to know how bad it could […]

How much time do you think you spend on Facebook every day? 10 minutes? 1 hour? 5 hours? According to a Q1 earnings report from Facebook in 2016, on average, users across the world spend more than 50 minutes per day on Facebook’s various apps including Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook itself. This comes out to […]

Coming from Costa Rica and going to school in Boston, has helped me to appreciate other cultures even further and to enjoy traveling even more. As a millennial that likes to stay active in social media, I have opted for sharing my experiences through the lens of my GoPro. GoPro started as an action camera […]

TED talks have seemed to become ever present in education over the last decade, as well as growing in popularity all across social media. This is no doubt related to the rise of youtube, and an ever growing access to TED talks on all different subjects and industries. My public speaking class last semester was […]