The mobile trivia app HQ has broken through as one of the most popular apps in the past few months. With games reaching up to 1.7 million players everyday, it has definitely taken the app world by storm. However, with all of the success that HQ has had in the past few months, is it […]

Last winter my family and I took a trip through Australia. I remember my dad particularly insisted that we visit Uluru, a huge red rock surrounded by miles of desert. Apparently he first heard about it 25 years ago when he studied in Germany. He visited a presentation by a German guy who just returned […]

Venmo is life.

There is little doubt that we live in a culture that glorifies success in all of its forms. Whether on the news, in magazines, and even our IS courses, we constantly hear about the immense wisdoms of the various titans of the technology industry. We hear of Jeff Bezos’ disruptive vision for the future, Mark […]

For those of you reading, I hope you enjoyed my presentation on Flextronics (Flex). I really enjoyed learning about this unsung hero of digital innovation. I will recap the presentation quickly for everyone: Flex is a tech company that looks to provide companies with Sketch-to-Scale solutions. Working with companies from sketch to scale means providing […]

“Would you like to login through your Facebook or Twitter account?” I’ll bet that all of you have seen this message before. This question probably pops up for me at least 10 times a week and almost every one of those 10 times I say yes, but as more and more applications, websites and platforms […]

Social Media has changed the way companies can market their products. This is because social media has seen the rise of social influencers. Social media influencers are users on social media who have established themselves as a credible source in a specific industry such as beauty or gaming or travel. Social media influencers build massive […]