I wanted to wait until after my presentation and our last class to post my reflection, and I’m very happy I did wait, because our conversations and the feeling I had leaving that presentation brought the clarity I was hoping to find when looking back on our class. For me, these were my major takeaways […]

“Hopefully, I learn how to utilize social media for successful digital business from this class and help out my best friend for life in the near future.” This is literally what I said at the end of my first blog post. As it says, my initial expectation of this class was to (embrace) SOCIAL MEDIA […]

What I learned the past semester in this wonderfully dynamic and engaging class can’t be easily summed in a blog entry, but here goes my best efforts: The world changes quickly Although we’re oftentimes told to look to the future for opportunities and new developments, few of us actually realize how quickly the future becomes […]

From my first blog post, I could tell that I was absolutely shocked by the fact that I was potentially going to learn something in this class (probably should not have been as shocking obviously). Instead of having to memorize scenes on vases and finance equations for an exam, we were going to actually discuss […]

Writing this final blog feels different, since it has been quite a journey. Instead of going through notes and references that I had done research for, I can just sit here and tell a story.  This semester, which is also my last semester in Boston College, is just coming to an end way quicker than […]

So about a year ago, I was bragging about the Chinese super app WeChat with my friends, such as calling Uber, splitting bills, especially a feature, you can undo your sent message.  You know what, one of my friend, Ben gave me a disgruntled look, “ Damn bro, you Chinese are fake!”  “Oh shut up, […]

As I was reading over my first blog post titled “Curious and Overwhelmed”, I realized that yes, I had a lot of good notions about Social Media and Digital Business but I also did not realize how much of a positive experience this class would be. I think my first notion that there were lots […]