As I discussed in my presentation last week, Hulu is taking the right steps toward becoming one of the first platforms to take all aspects of visual entertainment and put it into one place. It first started with the digital library that was far behind Netflix and even Amazon Prime. However, Hulu has made strong […]

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to travel to Europe for spring break. However, I was unlucky enough to be traveling during a snowstorm that produced hurricane force winds, and ultimately delayed me for a couple of days. I was tempted to write that I was unlucky enough to travel with Turkish Airlines, but […]

In 2016, the Tate Modern in London, one of the most significant art galleries in the world, did an exhibition called “Performing for the Camera.” Examining the interconnectedness of performance art and photography, the exhibition was carefully curated with photography from the Victorian age to current day. Perhaps the most interesting inclusion to the exhibit […]

Imagine being able to view a gaming arena through your own smartphone, literally using the device as a window into a computerized world where players battle for supremacy. How amazing does that sound? That hypothetical is actually a reality, and it’s one that I’ve experienced just today! Although the first-person shooter, Guns of Boom, isn’t new, […]

Debating what to make for dinner this morning, I reached for my phone to log into Pinterest, an app I have recently found myself using almost every day. My roommate, who is quite an experienced user, got me hooked this year. I knew that I had butternut squash that was close to expiring. I wasn’t […]

I was recently talking to a family member living in San Francisco over the phone discussing normal things like jobs and summer plans. The conversation eventually shifted to my current college situation and updates on my life. This inevitably led me to complain about such things like constant homework and Uber prices around Boston prompting […]

Well, I messed up. What do you mean Grace? Well, glad you asked voice in my head. I thought I would try and save a blog topic I wanted to write about until later in the semester. Which was of course, a very huge mistake, since the topic was about a company that has essentially […]