Over Easter break, I, like most IS6621 students, causally scrolled through twitter looking for interesting topics to write my blog on.  As of Holy Saturday, I had my topic secured and had a full blog written on the cryptocurrency and its use in environmental green energy.   On Easter Sunday, a different story conquered social […]

We’ve discussed technology and social media at length throughout this class, and while we have touched on the many positives it can bring to society, I can’t help but feel we continue to focus on the detriments that seem to lurk closely behind. These are important to recognize and contemplate, but as I continue to […]

This past weekend Vice released the latest segment, The Future of Work, at an ironic and opportune moment as if Vice had read our class syllabus.  Predictably so, the segment opens by discussing similar topics to that of our class conversations; how AI will disrupt menial tasks and therefore replace lower wage jobs.  Highlighting firms like Amazon, well […]

While this post may not contain any intended spoilers, all of your social media definitely will. In an age where everyone wants to be included and at the forefront of information sharing, it makes it difficult to fall even moments behind on any trending topic. With Game of Thrones finally back in action, memes and […]

United thematically by seemingly infinite dimensions, formless creatures, and figures melting at the seams, the works of Salvador Dali are perhaps best described as hallucinatory snapshots. Dali, enigmatic in death as in life, possessed a distinct creative genius and painting style that captured the thin line between reality and fantasy While the sources of Dali’s […]

Loyalty programs have been around for quite some time. Credit card points have been one of the most effective loyalty programs around. I personally love Chase Reserve given that I earn 3x points for payments on food and travel. Those points are then worth 1.5x if I buy flights or use them to purchase at […]

As the business world continues its shift towards an increasingly digital presence, companies are working diligently in the department of change management to find the structure that best fits their business needs. In many companies today, the technology side of the business is still very separate from the revenue and strategy components. However, as time […]