I truly cannot believe that this is my last blog post for IS6621. With the amount of in course material we learned, as well as information from some fantastic presentations, blogs, and tweets, I truly believe there is enough information for us to keep discussing these topics long beyond this semester. Unfortunately, that is not […]

Last blog post?! I think my friends will feel #blessed they never have to hear me say, “I still have to finish that blog post” ever again. But I’m not celebrating. First of all, I will miss the opportunity every other week to independently explore an aspect of social media or emerging technologies and to […]

Following my presentation on dropshipping, I wanted to create a blog post to address some of the main questions and concerns I received from my peers, as well as delve a little further into this concept and explore some examples of it in action. On the whole, I was definitely surprised to see how few […]

This final week of classes has been nothing short of a struggle. Now I’m not sure if it’s a combination of all the impending deadlines I have been trying to ignore, or the last minute group project meetings I have been conducting… Or if it’s a little bit of that mixed with the realization that this […]

It’s completely insane to think I’m writing my final blog post for this class because I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that this semester is over. This has been one of my favorite classes to date, and I’m incredibly sad to say goodbye to this community we’ve created over the months. I really […]

I seriously can’t believe I’m writing my final blog post for #IS6621. It seemed like reaching this day would take an eternity at the beginning of the semester! In my final reflection and to bid adieu to our 14 weeks together in Social Media and Digital Business, I present to you, 14 Things I Learned […]

On the twelfth week of IS6621 Professor Kane gave to me: 12 #D Posts 11, 373 Price of Bitcoin 10 iPhone models 9 Bills out of work 8 Machines a Leaning 7 Blog Posts 6 Uber Scandals 5 Activities on Facebook 4 Giant companies 3 Cognitive Surpluses 2 Sided Networks and a Jeff Bezos takeover […]