Is it sad that I have spent the past three years, summers included at Boston College and in the Boston area?  I feel like I have grown up in New England and that I know each street, each restaurant and each bar as if I spent my whole childhood roaming around.  I noticed this the […]


Detecting sarcasm is an essential skill in understanding the people around you. So much of what we see on the internet is sarcastic and joking. Humans can instinctively pick up on saracasm in a social media post and make a mental note that it isn’t serious. But how do serious comments get sorted from sarcastic […]


Technology has solved many of todays problems. From preventing deforestation and helping patients with mental disabilities to being able post every meal we eat and thought we have, technology has revolutionized our lives. There are problems that technology created like Cyberwarfare and problems that we do not even know technology has solved yet. Here is a […]


At 6:50 AM, I blearily open my eyes. Van Morrison’s “Days Like This” is playing softly near my pillow, kindly letting me know that it is time for my day to begin. I mindlessly grab my iPhone, shut off the alarm, and begin checking the notifications I had missed while asleep. I scroll through my […]


Has something gotten you down in the dumps? Have you been struggling to go to the gym on a regular basis? Or even at all? I have the perfect solution for you!   Gym or Game, or Both? Working out can be considered an arduous chore, but it really should not be. Technology has enabled […]


  This summer, my family and I went on a trip to San Francisco. The first morning there, after being woken up extremely early by our parents, my siblings and I found ourselves standing in line outside of a restaurant named Sweet Maple. While the wait was excruciatingly long, my mother insisted this would be […]


Did this catchy, interesting title, and awesome thumbnail convince you to click on this blog. I hope so, and that’s the goal of this week’s blog. To take a deep dive and really understand what clickbait really is. Most of us have fallen victim to clickbait in the forms of a Buzzfeed article or a youtube […]


Before I begin my non sequitur stream of consciousness, I should tell you that this is not a post about deodorant. It’s actually a post about online shopping…and spending life indoors. Don’t worry, I smell just fine…I promise. But if I thought I was running low on some deodorant and a was bit tight on […]


My work email inbox is a constant source of stress in my life that never seems to be conquerable. If I get my inbox down under 10 unread emails by the end of the work day, I still always seem to come in with 50 the next morning. I spend more time in Microsoft Outlook […]


Well… half live. Pre-Conference Thoughts This year the Forbes Under 30 Conference is being hosted in Boston, which means that thousands of young people in tech, entrepreneurship, and investing are going to be in Boston this week. The hype surrounds the legendary Forbes 30 Under 30 lists – which are a collection and celebration of the brightest […]


We have all seen them used in our personal messages to our friends, in emails from everyone, and even in this blog. GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) are digital visuals that populate every corner of our digital and social media world and we cannot hide from them. They are great way to express certain emotions, situations, […]


Apple has been a pioneer in the technology and communications industries for decades, and now they’re looking to break into an even newer frontier: Artificial intelligence. On Monday, Oct. 17, Russ Salakhutdinov, a professor in the Machine Learning department of Carnegie Mellon University, announced on Twitter his new role as the Apple Director of AI […]

In 2001, when I was a small 3rd grader living in New Jersey, a tragic event happened, and two of the most iconic buildings in New York City fell. On the news we saw the planes hit and people fleeing the scene, trying to escape the falling rubble. I remember sitting at my house, waiting […]


Paint Nite? Paint Nite is a platform that brings friends together for a night of painting and drinks. Paint Nite is presented as an event that is for anyone, regardless of prior painting experience or artistic talent. There are thousands of Paint Nite events every month at local bars all over the world. During the […]

It’s hard to observe change when you’re living through it; things seem normal day to day until you remove yourself from a situation and look at all that’s happened from a third party perspective. This is what I did while deliberating about this ridiculous election season and I realized that we are more polarized and […]


5 Phase Plan for Achieving Fame Make a Viral Video Television Singing Career Movies Magician I came across this list from a Netflix series based on the fictional YouTube character “Miranda Sings”. This show is everything you love and hate about Napoleon Dynamite multiplied by 3 and concentrated into 30 minutes. But within the first […]