Prior to taking this course, I was extremely skeptical of social media’s effect on authentic relationships. Though being “connected” to so many people, organizations, and ideas 24/7 is a great thing for a multitude reasons, I believed it often has perverse implications. When I get lunch with a friend and she’s not listening to me because […]


I always feel that the semesters fly by.  Who would of thought that my Fall Semester of my Senior year at BC was quickly coming to a close.  As I have a job lined up following graduation this is truly bittersweet.  I have one semester left starting in January before I have to truly enter […]

As I went back and read my first post on this site, in which I gave my initial thoughts on social media/digital business, I was struck by how wrong I was in what I expected from the class. I assumed, like most CSOM classes, it would be structured in a “how-to” format, with little abstract […]

This class was definitely a new experience for me as almost all of my courses in the MBA program have been accounting and finance based. As someone that had used Facebook and Instagram to occasionally post a photo or video, it was beneficial to learn about the business side of social media.  Reflecting back on […]


Final Reflections from Social Media and Digital Business I want to first begin my final blog of the semester by thanking the entire class and professor Kane for making my experience in Social Media and Digital Business an unforgettable and eventful experience. I mean c’mon, how awesome was it that we had snack-time every class? […]

The title of this post may suggest something more broad, but don’t be fooled.  I recently read an article in the Times  by Olivia Gagan in the Modern Love section – available only online, probably for good reason. She tells the, sad, tale of a breakup from someone she’d been involved with for 7 years.  And […]

Back in August, at the start of this semester, I did not know what to expect from this class. I frequently use Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat to keep in touch with friends but, but beyond that did not have any experience with Tweeting or blogging. This class was an eye opening experience, and it ended […]


Warning: This post includes a call to action, please consider participating! Throughout this semester we have reflected not only on the role of social media in business but also in our society. We have discussed the negative effects that social media can have on the way we interact with each other. I have chosen to […]


For my second to last blog post, I had the privilege of talking to BC alum Michael Hundgen, a CSOM graduate. Michael is currently a Director of Content at The Walt Disney Company and was previously a senior Manager of Digital Content Strategy. Mashable has also written an article about Michael and his team, as […]


This is an exercise for developing a social media strategy as a brand manager. This brand is my family business Emma Jack Charters, run by my father Captain Michael Harney. The responsibilities outlined in this plan will all be delegated to my brother or my father’s mate. The peak season of this business is in […]


This class on social media hit the mark.  I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and each week I discovered something new.  I learned many things, including the vitally important leadership concept: culture is the key factor in successful corporate  implementation of social media. I leave this class with my final post on personal connection […]


London is one of the largest and most frequently visited cities in the world. It experiences 30 million journeys on road and public transportation every day. Their public transportation systems include: the Underground (or the Tube as it is more fondly referred to as), Buses, Tramlink, the Docklands Light Railway, London River Services (leisurely transport on the […]

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving break! This week I am going to talk to you about one of my favorite startups, started by a group of Stanford University students in 2013. DoorDash is a food delivery service that allows customers to order their favorite local restaurants to their homes or work, […]


“Sugar Babies” Over Thanksgiving break I spent most of my time either sleeping or lounging around the house (as one should).  While watching TV and browsing the on demand options, I noticed some new episodes of “Black Market: Dispatches,” a relatively new show on VICELAND that I’ve grown to love, were released. I ultimately decided on […]


Car and home insurance is not the most exciting industry. It’s not exactly synonymous with innovation or technology. What people don’t realize is that insurance is a lot more “hip” than people think. Insurers are starting to use Social Media, digital advances, and Big Data to improve their top and bottom line. These trends have […]