Some thoughts about #mi621 Z X individual presentations

Here are some thoughts about presentations going forward, from my own observations and from what I’ve seen in your peer comments.  Based on what I read in the peer-evaluations, the class has a good idea of what makes a good presentation.

1)   An agenda is not needed in a 5-minute presentation.  It takes up valuable time.

2)   Be sure your presentation is on SOCIAL media, not just IT in general or mobile technologies. 

3)   Remember, this is not a comprehensive presentation; it just presents the “highlights” of what you learned.   You don’t need to give us all the details, just enough to understand the key insights.

4)   Focus on what is UNIQUE about your topic.  Particularly as we get further in the semester, unique angles will be appreciated.

5)   If the connection between social media and business is not obvious, it may be worth concluding with a short slide of 2-3 managerial takeaways.

6)   Image heavy presentation slides tend to be better received than text-heavy ones.   

7)   Although I expect you to be well rehearsed, I don’t favor a particular presentation style.  Although I expect you to communicate your ideas effectively, this is not fundamentally a presentation class.  

8) You should feel free to make informed recommendations/ insights in your presentation.  Danielle Geiler did a good job of this in the 4:30 class.  She researched her topic thoroughly and then used that research to draw conclusions of her own.  

If anyone has suggestions to add, feel free to email me and I’ll consider updating this list.

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