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Last summer, I worked as an intern for a social media startup called Fitmoo. The reason I wanted to share this topic is because the company publically launched on March 16, 2015. Fitmoo is a fitness social media platform that works to strengthen the bond of communities for health and fitness enthusiasts. Fitmoo sees itself as a technology company that focuses on health and fitness. Athletes, individuals, influencers, brands, and gyms all have the ability to connect online and take their health and fitness progress social. Each grouping has the ability to create and join communities, shop, sell and earn from socializing products that they enjoy. Fitmoo is a fully operative social commerce platform with every functionality that Facebook has.

Each user is given a generic Fitmoo profile where they can post a profile picture, cover photo, and create a bio. This identity can be brief or very specific based off of how the user plans to use the site. People on their Fitmoo profile can create wall posts, like posts from their friends and those they follow, share products and posts they like, share favorite recipes, post photos and more.

Want to stay connected with your favorite cycling class? Yoga group? CrossFit crew? Fitmoo users have the ability to join communities, which in many cases are gyms that users may belong to or other groups they participate in. In these communities, users can connect with friends and other community related people whenever they’re not together. Communities also have the ability to post photos, events, news updates, recipes, workouts, and products. Fitmoo users will never feel like they missed a class or an event with Fitmoo’s social community capabilities.

Fitmoo also allows spontaneous users to sign up for classes and events nearby or away from home. The geo-location technology allows users to have the most up to date and convenient content at any given time. Fitmoo filters the type of class or event based off of the users preferences. Traveling to Los Angeles for the weekend? Users will be able to train from anywhere with little difficulty. Join and purchase the class with the click of a button. Share the event or class to your profile to get other friends and following to sign up!

Fitmoo has a goal of turning followings into a business. What I mean by this is that users and influencers have the ability to endorse a product that he or she likes and can earn a commission if someone purchases from this endorsed product post. When a user or influencer endorses a product, the product immediately gets posted onto their social profile where other friends and followers can view it. Listing and selling items on Fitmoo is totally free. Users and influencers have the ability to build a store right on their Fitmoo profile with both endorsed products and products of their own. Have a new pair of Nike shoes that you never used? Post them to Fitmoo and start socially selling them immediately. Fitmoo is connected with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+, which allows for the range of these Fitmoo stores to be that much greater. Fitmoo filters stores by products, services, and memberships that can all be bought, sold, and endorsed.

Fitmoo has a home feed that filters a user’s following, communities, and classes and events all on one page. On this page, users can stay current with health and fitness related content that is relevant to them. Users can look at photos and videos of their favorite athletes competing around the world. They can stay up to date with different methods of training in CrossFit. Users can also try out new recipes that your favorite health enthusiasts are posting about. User can also check out the latest gear from their favorite fitness fanatics. These are all examples of items that can be filtered through out the home feed. The home feed is updated all the time. Each Fitmoo user can make the most of the home feed by following more brands, people, and communities. Check out and see where your experience takes you.


  1. Interesting post and I appreciate that you blogged on a topic that you have first-hand knowledge of and experience with. I think that the immense amount of information and capabilities of Fitmoo make it a valuable site and network. My good friend is a CrossFit fanatic and I know that he often goes to other CrossFit gyms while traveling. It’s great to discover that Fitmoo has geo-location technology that can conveniently help those like my friend find and register for classes when they’re away from home. To me, the feature to sell one’s fitness gear on the site is also unique and valuable as I feel that fitness gear is something that people often want or need to part with for a variety of reasons. Often I find people have certain gear that is no longer right of relevant for their fitness priorities but still can be an asset to others. It’s great to see the site already established on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ which should really help it grow. However, when I visited the site, I didn’t see a lot of ads on it and am wondering if this will change as I image that the potential revenue stream from ads on Fitmoo could be significant.

  2. Fascinating concept for a social media/fitness platform. I really like the sound of it. A huge benefit I see with this app is for personal trainers and trainers who run classes. They could communicate with their class groups, endorse products, and many other things. To me, that is the real value in this app – a way for trainers to connect with their trainees. I will be very interested to see how this app develops and evolves moving forward! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    1. Hi! Thanks for leaving such a thoughtful comment. May we share?

  3. As someone who has been planning to get into shape for three years now, I can say that this idea sounds really interesting. Part of the reason I have never delved into actually getting into shape is due to the fact that I find it incredibly overwhelming and confusing. It seems as though this platform can take away some of the overwhelming aspects of trying to get into the ideal shape. It builds a community of people interested in fitness and I’m sure not all of those people are enthusiasts, which allows the newbies to feel less intimidated by the entire process. Moreover, classes and events seem to be very organized and user friendly to access. Having a Facebook- like page that updates me on events and activities sounds incredibly useful for when I actually decide on my goals. Overall, this seems like a great concept that can change the online fitness community for the better.

  4. When I logged into Fitmoo, the home feed reminded me of a cross between Pinterest and Facebook. The fitness community is highly visual especially when it comes to motivation so this format could be really powerful. I enjoyed how professional the platform looked and how it really gives you the opportunity to follow and post about the aspects of health you care about whether it be nutrition or working out. It was also really smart of them to make a market place for fitness gear since most of the equipment can be highly expensive. I would imagine the company takes some type of commission on these products, which would be a great source of revenue. Overall, super neat site and I plan on exploring more aspects of it later! Great post!

  5. Interesting post! I had never heard of Fitmoo so I enjoyed learning more. I like that the platform provides so many different areas of insight for fitness. A lot of apps like this are limited to only a few functionalities, whereas Fitmoo provides them all in one platform. I think the idea of users being able to earn their own commission is really unique. It would definitely keep users engaged and eager to expand their presence in this health community.

  6. Before reading this I had never heard of Fitmoo, but you inspired me to check it out! I was able to easily log in with my Facebook account and I’m already enjoying it. I agree with Jack that it looks like a cross between Pinterest and Facebook; Pinterest is typically my go-to site for when I’m looking for a new workout, recipe, motivation etc., but Fitmoo already is edging them out because on Pinterest the results seem to be more about the pin’s photo presentation on each user’s page, whereas on Fitmoo it is genuinely more reliable information.

    I am curious if FitMoo has a messaging feature. Because the platform has such a niche-target audience, I think it would be awesome if they offered users the ability to talk one-on-one to each other – meeting other people of similar fitness level/interest would allow for deeper engagement and create great learning opportunities. For example if a runner were to have a minor injury (ex. shin-splints – something you don’t need to go to the doctor for, but do need to address), there is WebMD (huge possibility for error/misinterpretation), or Google to find random sites or blogs (could be useful, but usually written towards a general audience, and its nearly impossible to give effective advice to people of varying fitness levels in one article). Rather, if Fitmoo users could find people with similar experiences/interest/work-out habits, it would be incredibly helpful to be able to ask/give advice on what recovery worked for them, etc.

    I am really looking forward to using Fitmoo, thanks for the information!

  7. I really enjoyed reading your post because of the fact that it is something that you have personal experience with.

    Firstly, I wanted to say how interesting I believe Fitmoo is. This app is the exact reason why we live in such a fascinating time. The creators of this product are so innovative because they found a specific niche where fitness apps were not filling, and decided to disrupt those apps. I think the actual business of the app is remarkable, and I love that it fosters the online comunity. I could see this app being a serious contender with the others fitness apps out there.

    Secondly, I enjoyed that your post was about something that you were clearly passionate about. It makes a post that much better when the writer knows a great amount about the product.

  8. Echoing what many of the others have already said Id like to commend you for writing this post on something you have person experience with- it certainly came across in the post and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing about something you clearly know a great deal about. I logged onto the Fitmoo site and while I didn’t have a chance to get further into the site since I didn’t sign up, I have to admit that I was pretty impressed by what I saw. My only concern is that I wonder if Fitmoo is too inclusive and scattered in its business plan that it doesn’t have a niche focus. It seems to cover a lot of ground which is great but since it appears to just be starting off I wonder if it should have narrowed its focus a bit to start. I’m interested in learning more about the app and its services and I look forward to hopefully seeing its successes in the future.

  9. I really enjoyed this post. I think fitness is a a hugely popular and growing area right now. Instagram has become a big breeding ground for fitness enthusiasts and helping alot of fitness trainers become famous/popular. I think sounds awesome and like a great way for fitness enthusiasts to stay connected. I am curious to see if will really take off as I share similar concerns with some of the other bloggers that is seems very broad and scattered. I will definitely be checking it out!

  10. Nice post! I love that this app seems to be like a one-stop shop for everything fitness related. My favorite aspect is its emphasis on building a fitness community. I know the only way to really make myself workout hard is in a group fitness setting- this app really takes that concept beyond the gym or class. I think it’s also a great way to keep be reliable and on track for their fitness goals when there are other people in the mix. If a person misses a class and someone wonders inquires where they were on social media maybe they will be less likely to miss next time because they know other people are noticing. All of these feelings of accountability could really help those who are struggling with their weight, providing a positive community who together can achieve weight loss goals.

  11. Nice post. Been interesting to see how the company has been promoting it.

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