Sources of Social Sharing in the Equestrian World

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Is that horse jumping on the beach? This and many other questions you may have are going to be answered in my blog post today.

This post is an extension of my presentation from class. I got to do a lot of research on Social Media and the Equestrian World, but I could only give the class a snip it of my findings. I talked in depth about the ShowNet app and young rider’s use of social media, but there are many more ways that social media is being integrated into the growing world of show jumping. There are many more social media sources that are dedicated to publicizing international show jumping events and thickening the webs of social sharing. Three of the main sources of this social sharing are Noelle, Chronicle of the Horse, and NBC Sports.

1) Noelle Floyd

Noelle Floyd is a well-known media representative and consultant in the international equestrian show jumping community. Noelle Floyd’s social media sites are the absolute best place to look for international show jumping results, photos, and stories because of her unique focus on major competitions not only in the United States but also in Europe, where the bulk of the show jumping competitions take place. Floyd has an extremely actively Twitter and website that has breaking news and the most reliable information during and after major competitions. In her unique position as media consultant for the famous Longines Global Champions Tour, she has behind the scenes access to big name Olympic riders and gets exclusive interviews before any other media source.

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This is shown through her extremely large Twitter audience of over 11K followers, a huge feat for any horse related Twitter. She live tweets the big Grand Prix classes across the globe and keeps riders and trainers up to date on the big news.

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Her own website, covers everything from the current World Top 10 riders, Riders/Horses/Grooms of the week segments, new updates, and photos/videos of the day. There is simply no other media source that is this detailed and immediate about getting the correct information out to the public.

 2) Chronicle of the Horse


Beginning as a prestigious magazine for trainers and riders, Chronicle of the Horse has expanded into the digital realm with its extremely active Facebook page and Chronicle TV live feed coverage of major competitions. Chronicle of the Horse does a fantastic job of combining blog posts from riders like us to professional interviews and coverage of top-level competitions and famous riders in the sport.

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Their Facebook page is updated every hour or so with a new article or news update on the breaking news in the equestrian world. This media source is so trustworthy because it often includes interviews with veterinarians on different viruses that are going around certain states or better ways to take care of your horse’s coat in the winter. These articles provide a nice balance to the hustle and bustle of results and videos from the big show jumping competitions, appealing to us riders who are looking for guidance as we care for our own horses at home.

3) NBC Sports



This gets me to answering the question: is that horse jumping on the beach? Well, yes they are near the beach, but the horses themselves are jumping on normal show footing and not sand. This was the exact question I heard from my uncle this weekend when he turned his TV to NBC Sports and saw the remarkable coverage of the Grand Prix competition at the Miami Beach 2015 Longines Global Champions Tour. This venue was built just for this competition and features a world-class equestrian facility just feet away from the beautiful Miami Beach shoreline.

The coverage by NBC Sports of this horse show is in the wake of the monumental Central Park Horse Show, covered exclusively by NBC Sports throughout the exciting weekend of top-level show jumping competition. In a Wall Street Journal article titled “Giddying Up Central Park,” Mark Bellissimo, Chief Executive of Equestrian Sport Productions, describes how the Central Park location “has brought the sport to new eyes through NBC Sports Network, which broadcast the Grand Prix” (Wall Street Journal, Catton). This continued coverage by NBC Sports of national Grand Prix competitions is bringing more prestige and viewers to a sport that has been less visible for too long.

Noelle Floyd, Chronicle of the Horse and NBC Sports are just a few of the many social sharing outlets that the sport of equestrian show jumping has been utilizing to make these events more accessible and well known to the public. This paired with the ever growing social media presence that I discussed in my presentation is driving the sport into the homes of the least likely of fans, while also connecting growing webs of riders and trainers to create a stronger community pioneering this incredible sport.

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  1. Great presentation on Monday! I like how you followed up your presentation with more examples of social media being used in the Equestiran world. I can’t say I know one thing about Equestrian, but I definitely learned more about the sport after your presentation.

    It seems like this world is small and consolidated, but there are a few major player providing social media content to the followers of the Equestrian scene. Since I know a lot more about football then I do Equestrian, I equate Noelle Floyd with someone like Adam Schefter, who is an insider to the NFL. He is an ESPN NFL reporter who always breaks big stories on Twitter. He has 3.7 million followers!

    I bet you social media could influence the Equestrian world more than it already has as well as increase the popularity of the sport. You should create something! Your passion about the sport was great.

  2. I was not able to be present for you presentation in class, but this seems to be a great follow-up to your presentation. Really great information and sources referenced! I think your research highlights one of the hallmarks of social media – the ability for fairly niche things, such as the Equestrian world, to have an outlet to be consumed in mass. In other words, the advent of social media has allowed small/cult-like topics to grow and become borderline-mainstream. In the “olden days”, less well known sports or other entertainment things would not have any semblance of community gathering because it just wasn’t possible.

    I really value the ability of social media to bring people together who have similar interests – no matter how unique the interest is – in a very satisfying way. Great post!

  3. Really enjoyed your presentation on Monday! I actually attempted to watch equestrian competitions during the Olympics and remained clueless throughout so this was a fun read! Moreover, I think that the social implementation for equestrian may have the potential to popularize the sport to younger crowds. Back to the Olympics and like you mentioned, most of the equestrian competitors seemed to be at a relatively older age. I would assume that there is some initiative to entice younger athletes into the sport and social media seems to be a great opportunity to do this. Furthermore, NBC’s decision to broadcast the sport and attempt to start some online discussion can only help popularize it!

  4. Great presentation and great job following up on other social media sites are providing additional outlets for the sport. My question to you would be, how do you see social media helping further the growth of the sport? I know that financial barriers can prohibit many young men and women from gaining access to the sport, which ends up disenfranchising them and encourages participation in other sports. Do you see social media providing opportunities for people who are interested in saddling up, but cannot afford to do so? Or do you think that just by increasing exposure here in the United States, we will see a growth in the sport? (Soccer is currently experiencing the increased exposure, increased participation phenomenon). Again, great job!

  5. Nice work, Kate. I really enjoyed your presentation and this blog post. I don’t know much about riding at all. It is nice to see a rarely highlighted sport gain exposure through a budding social media presence. That so many people will now have a chance to learn about the sport is great.

    And, I agree with Winston, you could probably become an authority or reliable blogger of equestrian events. You have all the tools to get it done, and the fact that you actually compete only gives credibility to your commentary. I would consider the word of a former or current athlete of a sport, over someone who never engaged in the sport. Perhaps that is just me, though. Thanks for the insight. Solid work!

  6. Great followup on a sold presentation that you had deep initial knowledge on and still went deeper. Exactly what I hope from these presentations. Thanks!

  7. I was actually curious for more information after the presentation. I’m glad you wrote this post following up on it! It’s crazy how the move to digital and apps have allowed there to be so many innovations in even traditional areas.
    It’s kind of interesting how this relates to that reading we did on tribes. While riders and equestrian enthusiasts probably have already been in contact, social media and online publications have probably allowed more people to learn about the sport!

  8. I really enjoyed this! Due to the fact I wasn’t able to go to the class that you presented, I really wanted to read about this sport that you love. One thing I really liked about this is that while it may be a less popular sport, there are still the same social resources available. Tennis is the sport I grew up competing in. Just like Noelle Floyd, I follow various tennis commentators and experts who provide stats and scores from events. Tennis magazine is equivalent to the Chronicle of the Horse. And Tennis Channel is like NBC Sports. I found this relationship very interesting which i really enjoyed. Wish i could have made it to your presentation, but after reading this post, I bet it was great!

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