Social Media: They are here to stay.

Although we have heard several times phrases like “When Facebook no longer exists …”, “Twitter will die quickly …” among others, the fact is that being Facebook, Twitter and other networks eternal or not , social media in general are here to stay and are increasingly being part of our everyday lives.

In its early steps, social networks were accessed exclusively on personal computers, but over time and with technological advances, it has changed a lot. Cell phones now have an important role to social networks. Even some of them came to be used exclusively through mobile devices such as Instagram, snap chat among others.

The amount of accesses coming from mobile devices was so large that companies have had to optimize their sites and develop applications to facilitate accesses through these platforms. Currently, most of the accesses comes from mobile phones. But social networks do not stop there.

In my first post for this course, I talked about the refrigerator that was launched in Brazil by Electrolux and has some features of social media. Such as the possibility to include or download exclusive recipes available to a community of consumers who bought this refrigerator.

Another home appliance that has smart features when connected to internet is television. Nowadays you can see your news feed Facebook or twitter in several television sets. You can also make calls via Skype directly from your TV, because there is a built-in camera which is also capable of tracking your face if you are moving.


Now, what really caught my attention recently was the fact that Domino’s pizza has launched an application for televisions, that’s right. Now you can order a pizza directly from your TV while watching the game of your favorite team without missing a moment of the game from the comfort of your couch!


Speaking of games, social media also advanced into another type of game, video games. I remember when I had my playstation 2, the first Sony console that allowed to play online games. It was possible to buy an external modem that allowed players worldwide playing online games. Currently, the PlayStation 4 raises the social integration to another level. Besides the ability to post or see your friends information and achievements, you can post it on Facebook. Moreover, there are several functions that border on the unbelievable line.


Nowadays you can not only play online against one friend who is in another country, but you can play along with this friend even if only one of those involved have the game. You can invite a friend who has the console, to play a game that only you have. Not only that, if you have difficulty passing a certain level of the game, rather than pick up a magazine like we did before, it is now possible that you invite your friend and ask him to take control of the game on your console and pass that level for you.

Another very interesting feature is the content sharing in social networks. This functionality was so important to Sony, that it created a specific share button on the game controller. It is possible that users share screen shots, or even videos of the game they are playing.


EA Sports Fifa channel on Facebook for example, publishes a video with the best goals of the week that have been shared by players around the world. Finally, it is also possible to live broadcast your game play so any other player around the world can watch you playing.

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I believe that the latest industry to adopt the concepts and functionality of social media is the industry of smart watches and wearable technologies in general. With the arrival of Apple watch on the market, there are more people paying attention to these devices and Google has already begun to move to not fall behind with their Android wear devices. How social media will evolve in this market, I think it’s too early to say, but let’s see what awaits us in the coming years.


As we can see, social media are increasingly present in our daily life and with a comprehensiveness ever wider.

In your opinion, what are the next markets that will incorporate social media into their products or services? Cars? Elevators? Airplanes? Any other market?

Leave your opinion and share this post, either using your computer, your phone, your TV or whatever …


  1. Renato, I share your enthusiasm for technology and seeing how far social integration can go. We’ve all seen science fiction movies where technology is baked into almost every aspect of our lives and everything just feels so much easier, not to mention much cooler looking. Videogames I feel like have personally done an amazing job in integrating social media. Gaming has always been a traditionally social interaction, with LAN parties back in the day to the crazy popular MMORPGs of today. It was a natural fit, and certain firms like EA and Sony have done a spectacular job. I can’t wait to get a PS4 myself and see all of it in action personally.

  2. Awesome post, Renato! I definitely think that social media and technology and the internet are all here to stay. Whether people like it or not, we have all become incredibly acclimated to the technological environment that has overtaken our country. I think at this point, it is not wise to think or hope that the internet wil not be around because thats just silly thinking. What this semester has taught me is that everyone is excited for the future of technology, to an extent. People just need to look forward to the positives and worry less about the casualties of the internet, like all of our lives and identities (lol?). Thanks for the post!

  3. Fantastic post Renato. So much information. It’s crazy to see the limitless possibilities of platforms and technologies that can utilize and enhance social media. From your phone, to your kitchen, to your wrist, it seems like every part of our lives is becoming more social and share-able. With so many different physical inputs for social media, I wonder if this will lead to a unification or increased diversification of community hubs (i.e. twitter, facebook, instagram, etc.). Will my gaming have a life on facebook, while my eating habits live on instagram? Or will one or two platforms take over and capitalize on these growing number of share buttons and new technologies? I can easily see it going both ways and I guess it depends on who the developers are, but I would love to get your opinion.

  4. I’m not sure how long all these products/features have been around, but this is the first time I am hearing about most of them! Thank you for sharing these with everyone! I agree with your points about cell phones having such an important role in social media, and it really hit me that this was the case when we read the interview for class that mentioned that in Brazil (I think it was there) where most of the people had their first experience with accessing Facebook through their phones rather than computers. It’s fascinating how far companies have gone to integrate social media and it makes things so convenient. I didn’t get to read your first blog post about the refrigerator that has recipes and I can’t imagine how nice that would be! It would be even more amazing if they came up with a way the fridge could scan what’s inside of it and spit out recipes that you can make according to the ingredients you have inside. I can’t wait for the day that happens (hopefully I am not too old)! I’m sure one day social media will literally be everywhere, which is weird and kind of scary to say because I already feel like it’s already everywhere.

  5. Nice blog, I’m looking forward to seeing how social media develops new through the new form factors of wearables.

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