Initial Expectations of Social Media

To me, the most shocking aspect of social media is how fast it seemed to creep into my every day life. I can still remember the moment when I first made my Facebook account, and began what seemed to be a never ending journey into the world of social media. What started with me using one social media platform soon progressed to two, which grew to three, and suddenly the number seemed to climb out of control. A quick look through my phone reveals to no less than 8 different apps that in some way are related to social media. And this is in no way a comprehensive count of the social media platforms that I use; several more come to mind (WordPress now included!) that I choose to not consume on a mobile basis.

It further surprised me to realized just how different each one of my social media choices were. If I was forced to have to abandon a few of the platforms that I use, it would be hard to determine which to choose because they all fill such different niches. When I first counted the number of platforms that I used, I thought that a few of them surely must be redundant. While a few are not absolutely necessary to my life, and while a few are certainly more frequently used than others, each for the most part fulfills a unique role in my life. The closest example that I could think of was my personal Twitter account, which essentially functions as a weird 140 character at a time mashup of my Facebook and Instagram. However, as the creation of the Twitter account for this class proves, social media platforms can be as flexible as they are numerous. My class Twitter reads much more like a personally curated news source than a personal space.

I am excited to begin this class, and to begin exploring the world of social media from a business perspective. Behind every social media platform lies a business model. The applications of social media stretch beyond just how social media companies are run. Business of all kinds are harnessing the power of social media to their advantage, to varying degrees of success. I hope that this course provides an insightful examination into both sides of this relationship. I think that the business side of social media is also fascinating because it is an ever evolving landscape. Today’s optimal social media strategy for a company will undoubtedly be far from perfect in a years time. Somewhere out there, the next Facebook, the next Twitter and the next Instagram and being developed. Businesses need to be flexible to adapt and change with the ever evolving social media mix available to them. It truly is an exciting time in the world of social media.

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  1. I like how you used the phrase “creep into my every day life,” to describe how the influence of social media has happened for you. I wonder if the social forces pulled you in, or if you were just curious and began to play with it.

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