Expecting the Unexpected

As I begin my semester in the Social Media and Digital Business course, the only thing I’m expecting is the unexpected.

In just the first two weeks, we have learned time and time again that social media is always changing. Professor Kane’s TEDx talk eloquently explained that we haven’t seen anything when it comes to social media. I believe that, by the end of the semester, the next new app craze will have begun and Facebook will have developed yet another capability that no one saw coming. The fast-paced social media world is intimidating, but it is exciting to be learning about a phenomenon that is always keeping people on their toes.

The first few weeks of class got me thinking about my expectations for the course. While a lot is still unknown, there are three things I can count on this semester.

  1. This course will force me to keep up with a heavy workload and wide variety of responsibilities. Professor Kane himself stated that the work in his class is no joke. Keeping up with blogging, Twitter, weekly surveys, readings and more could be a lot to handle. However, this will be good preparation for the real world. At a post-graduation job, I will have to juggle multiple projects and responsibilities at once. This course will help me learn to prioritize and divide my attention between numerous projects. I know that is a skill many new grads do not have when they enter the working world, and I hope to gain this ability in class to place myself a step ahead of my competition.
  2. I will be challenged by concepts that are outside of my comfort zone. From blogging to technological innovations to social media applications in finance, this course will cover an array of topics that I am not familiar with. As a business student with very little experience in journalism, the closest I’ve ever been to a blog is reading Buzzfeed. I am used to taking classes in the business school that relate solely to marketing, a field in which I am both knowledgeable and naturally talented. Social Media and Digital Business will be different because my only experience with this topic is in my personal life. Entering a class with so little knowledge on the subject could be daunting, but I am confident that my peers will be able to assist me. The classroom is full of students from a variety of backgrounds, and I believe we will be able to learn from each other along the way.
  3. The skills rather than the material will be my greatest takeaway. As I mentioned in the beginning of my post, social media is always changing. We cannot predict what new technology or fresh approach will take over the market in the years to come. Therefore, the social sites and apps we study may not be relevant by the time I graduate and enter the business world. It is the skills and processes I acquire in class that will be applicable even when the current technology becomes outdated. I am eager to learn from Professor Kane and the teaching assistants about social media strategy and techniques. These skills will set me apart from my future coworkers and provide an area in which I can shine even as a new employee.

This is an exciting time to be part of the world of social media since we have just scratched the surface regarding its applications to businesses and beyond. The course will teach me about the social media, but also train me with skills I can use as the business world continues to evolve towards digital. I think this course will be challenging and incredibly stimulating, but the only thing I’m sure of is that I cannot be sure of anything just yet.

One comment

  1. All of the expectations you shared resonate with me as I also begin this semester in the Social Media for Management class. I especially concur with your first point about keeping up with heavy workload and various responsibilities. The weekly deliverables seem very intimidating at first, and I agree that we must learn how to juggle multiple projects and responsibilities because it will surely be expected of us in our jobs after graduation. I think it is also important that we are learning how to manage tasks in several different platforms. As businesses become more and more tech savvy, we will be expected utilize our talents in many different ways through many different websites and applications. I can see the value in building these skills already from my experience in the corporate world this past summer. At my internship I could not simply get away with just checking my email for important information. I was expected to always be available on instant messenger as well as via phone or video call. I had to not only keep up with all of the events and meetings on my calendar, but I needed to also be aware of the events and meetings on the calendars of my managers and fellow associates. With all of these applications at play in the office I think you make a good point that learning to prioritize may be key to success. I know I struggled to both focus and balance my energy with so many different projects and people popping up on my computer screen. I am equally as excited to begin this challenging course and build skills that will be highly transferrable to our jobs after graduation.

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