My Dad Tried to Print A Video: Social Media’s Evolution

Last night before I went to bed, I was scrolling through my instagram feed and I came across this picture. Aside from its obvious humor the post encouraged me to reflect on what social media is today and how we currently adopt it. When the term social media is used today facebook, twitter, youtube etc. are the first things come to mind. Millennials seemingly can’t live without it, and suffer from withdrawals when we can’t immediately see what a girl we went to middle school with had for breakfast, whereas from the instagram post I came across it seems that our parents’ generation can’t seem to fully grasp its use, nor do they want to. While this may be true to a certain extent I think that social media has a much wider use and its potential is almost scary. The amount of information and data we willingly or most of the time unknowingly release to these websites and apps is astounding. Companies can now utilize all this data and tailor products, marketing and research directly around us. It won’t even stop there- Social Media’s main function right now is connecting people together. Large Companies (comprised of people) have instant access to us, news alerts are transmitted even faster and it makes keeping in touch with people far away (or close by) incredibly easy. I believe that this is just the beginning. Social Media will always be a platform to share the next cat video- but it it’s now also that way that we learn about the world, each other and expand businesses. I think that its potential is incredible and I am  curious to visit in this class how social media will now begin to connect not only people to people but people to things.

The internet of things is its infancy and its influence on social media or rather social media’s influence on it, is revolutionary. At CES 2015 there was a grand display of products in the internet of things category ranging from internet connected crock pots to ‘smart toothbrushes’ that transmit your dental health straight to dentists. While some of these items may seem unnecessary it very well could be in 10 years we won’t be able to live without them. Social media is slowly shaping our entire culture and is having a social impact much greater than was ever anticipated. So much so that I believe that at a certain point this century, social media will have such an impact that we will make our decisions in accordance with it rather than use it as a supplement to our lives. It will soon be an inconvenience when we can’t preheat our ovens remotely from our car before we get home from work. Social Media is slowly encroaching every aspect of our lives and it we must not be afraid to adopt it.

After reading the Steelcase article in class we even saw how it’s completely revolutionizing the workplace and how businesses are approaching their employees. I am hoping in this class we can even further discuss how social media is not only transforming the marketing or operations of a business but the culture of the business itself.

Social media may have initially began as method to communicate effectively with a group, but from my perspective has grown into so much more. It is no longer limited to facebook or twitter but is slowly entering every aspect of our lives. We wanted to be connected to everything and everyone all the time and social media enables us to do that. We have to decide where we want to draw the line, and security and privacy are two big issues that will have to be redesigned to fit this ever changing landscape. But I am very excited for this class and I hope to learn more about the realms of social media and how it is so much more than cat videos and celebrity tweets.


  1. Hello Bisman, good post! You mentioned the Steelcase article, and I’m also very impressed by the concept of Smart Place and how it can be applied to the real life. Social media is changing and reshaping almost every aspect of our life, and it’s on the way and still far away from its destination. I agree with you that social media help us communicate more effectively and efficiently without the limitation of time and space, and will fundamentally change the atmosphere and culture of business. However, from the perspective of downsides, despite the security and privacy issues you mentioned above, what’re other potential risks in terms of business culture and management? Here’s my thought I would like to share and discuss with you: On the one hand, social media severs as a catalyst of globalization of business and contributes to the diversity of products and services, however, on the other hand,it may also aggravate the similarity and homogenization of products and services, overwhelming costumers by similar information. How do you think this issue? Will it be a big problem? Thanks!

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    Loved the title of this article– it’s what made me click on your blog post! I found it so relatable and laughable. I enjoyed the way you presented the aspects of the future use of social media (i.e. data analytics and the uses we aren’t even paying attention to) so heavily. I found it to be insightful and useful. I think the point that struck me was “The amount of information and data we willingly or most of the time unknowingly release to these websites and apps is astounding. Companies can now utilize all this data and tailor products, marketing and research directly around us.”– it’s true and I’m interested in seeing how this approach changes/develops with time and with more people realizing how much data they are releasing to the social media without their knowledge.

  3. Your title caught my attention! My dad is not particularly skilled with navigating technology, often contacting me for information about how to use different features on the computer or television. He was extremely proud of himself recently for his ability to install a Roku device on the TV.

    I echo your thoughts about the daunting possibilities available in the future. In Computers in Management, we talked about “The Internet of Things.” I’m interested to see the development of new products, however ridiculous. Not sure I will be connecting my crock pot to the Internet anytime soon. I think another interesting development is the availability of data from all of these devices. Big data is transforming the power of business. The ethical drawback is, do we want corporations garnering this much data about our personal habits and preferences? How much is too much? As you mention, “drawing the line” is going to be critical.

  4. I, too, fell victim to this intriguing title. It immediately made me think of how my dad used to take 30 minutes to text me back before they came out with the voice-to-text feature. Which not only made me smile at the incredible lead technology has taken in recent years, but also marvel at the gap between age groups when it comes to technological adoption/use. The shear notion that one person could whip up a basic website in the same time another person can learn how to send an email says a lot about that gap.

    Regardless, I completely agree with what you have to say in this post. We have put so much data and information out there. Although some may see it as creepy or a breach of privacy in some circumstances, I personally think it’s cool that a company can see my tweets and Amazon searches and tailor advertisements toward what I may need next. Ultimately, the piece that stood out most to me was the mentioning of how social media is used to see the world. Social media has done an amazing job with opening up Pandora’s box of what is out there. Aside from the funny videos and meaningless “memes”, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, and Periscope, have truly exposed people to different parts of the world. These platforms elicit so much global interaction between people in different parts of the world. The fact that I can sign on to Periscope and see a live stream of what is going on at a concert in Belgium seems to be a cornerstone of what social media is all about.

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