The Obvious Next Step in Social Media You Did Not See Coming

I tweeted this article out the other day but I thought it would be worth writing about for those of you who may have missed it. Mobli, a photo sharing network, recently launched an iOS app called Galaxia.

How the app works is the user makes a main account and then from there they make different personas so they can participate in different public and private groups. This app goes against the conventional social media wisdom that users should not have multiple usernames because of worries about harassment between users. Galaxia encourages and is based upon users wanting to have multiple profiles to represent the different personas that make them who they are. I have seen some critics of this idea. I get that there is some security issues but other apps can be used to create limitless amounts of personas as well. A better argument I have heard is that this will encourage users to further branch off from their own identity now that they can easily manage so many different personas with one app.

Personally, I think this is a very natural step for social media to take. People want to connect with others that are interested in the same things they are interested in, but at the same time there is tremendous pressure to keep up your image. And that isn’t a jab at the shallow side of people’s social media profile, there is professional considerations too now that companies are becoming more interested  in potential hire’s social media identity.

Also, isn’t this what we do in our everyday life? Don’t we already create different persona’s for the different groups we are involved in? It would seem strange if I yelled at my mom like I yell at my teammates or made fun of my boss like I make fun of my friends. It seems like it should not have taken this long for social media to evolve to this level and should have mirrored real life more from the beginning instead of forcing people to make numerous accounts on different social media sites to stay up to date with family, post what is interesting to their friend group, and follow something you may not want friends or family to know about like the Insane Clown Posse tour dates.



I think the negativity I have seen involving this app in unwarranted and the security concerns are not an issue at all. Galaxia seems like it could be the next big thing in social media because it will give social media users the community and the autonomy aspects all on one convenient platform. At the very least, if Galaxia does not have the budget or the user interface to join the top ranks of social media, it will spur change in the industry to allow users to have multiple “personas on the same platform while assuring the user that there will not be a crossover or a notification to your friends/followers that you have made a new account (like twitter). I am excited to see the future of this app that is still in such a young phase (still not able to use on Android devices), what do you think?





  1. This was a really interesting article! I have not heard about Galaxia, so it was interesting to learn more about it. At first, the concept seemed very strange to me; however, after reading your blog, it definitely makes more sense. Someone posted a while ago about the new trend of people making multiple Instagram accounts – one for everyone to see, one for close friends, one for just food pictures, etc. This App seems to have a similar concept with allowing people to make different personas. Personally, I do not think I would use something like this. I mostly use my social media to see what other people are doing, and therefore I rarely post. I don’t think I would have enough content to post to need multiple accounts. I’m also not sure if I would have the organizational skills or time to manage different personas. However, for people who do post often, this App could be beneficial. I am interested to see if it gains popularity.

  2. I definitely never considered an entire platform based on the multiple-persona principle. I agree with you to some extent that we each take on many personas on a daily basis outside the realm of the Internet. However, I think its important to maintain a good deal of transparency and consistency with actions and social decisions overall. I also tend to think you might be onto something with your conclusion. There is definitely room for this kind of thing on the Internet, and I think privacy protection will offer users a shameless way to get all kinds of information they never would have otherwise. It’s like an anonymous Yahoo Answers with a never-ending bank of possibilities. I could see myself making some profiles on a platform like that, and I think any user could manage (or mismanage) their accounts as much or as little as they want. Cheers!

  3. ajsalcetti · ·

    Interesting post; I had not seen this article or heard of Galaxia. In the internet world of everything now there is certainly a place for a service like this. There is also a market for products and services, it is just a matter of finding them. I do wonder if this will be able to springboard to the levels of the top social media websites. I personally don’t think it will because of the scale of the others and their ability to squeeze firms like this. In a niche world, I do see this being moderately successful and honestly hope it is even though I have no interest in joining. People should be able to express themselves in different avatars or personalities or accounts without intersecting them or being ridiculed. With that said, this is why it will stay niche and in my opinion not gain mainstream popularity, but it will have the positive effect of spurring further innovation and change in the industry.

  4. Great post. This is a really interesting concept. I have no issue with people having multiple online personas, but personally, I don’t think I could pull it off. I’ve already tried to have different accounts within a single platform to interact with different people from different areas of my life, and I found it so difficult to keep track of everything, that I just have one of everything now. We all act differently among different groups, but I think all of the “personas” living in us overlap frequently enough that a service to separate them doesn’t seem necessary to me. I totally get the concept, but I don’t think it’s going to catch on.

  5. Ultimately, I think this will be too complex to use to be successful. While people clearly DO have alternative personas, I bet most engage them without thinking too deeply about it. Creating a social network that depends on it probably requires too much self reflection that most people just won’t do it. Could be wrong though. I have been plenty of times before.

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