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Dualo are a company that are making a big splash in the music industry. Created in 2011 by two musicians and scientists, Dualo say that they have built an instrument for the 21st century – and it really looks like they have! It’s called the Dualo du-touch. First things first, let’s take a look at it. Kind of looks like a modern day accordion, but believe me – it does so much more!

As is the way with most of my blogs for this class, I found the topic on my News Feed on Facebook. I was scrolling through it today, and I stumbled upon this video:

I thought this was the coolest thing ever, so I decided to do a little investigating. This is what they have to say about their product:

 “This keyboard is called dualo keyboard because it is composed of a double keyboard, one for each hand. On a Dualo keyboard, the notes are organized so that the notes that sound good together are placed right next to each other. Thus, all music items like scales and chords become simple geometric shapes, easy to remember and play.”

In other words, a person who has almost no musical background or experience on an instrument can play with the best of them. The device is equipped with a loop button and a variety of embedded sounds, so that playing good music becomes incredibly intuitive. To get a fuller understanding of all the capabilities of this product, take a look here.

Now this isn’t the first company to come out with a product like this. Also in 2013, a company names ROLI unveiled the Seabord Grand, which took the classic layout of a piano, but evolved in such a way that it can create an entirely different and unique soundscape. This means that a trained pianist can transfer his or her skills in order to totally reinvent a piece. As a controller, the Seaboard allows players to manipulate sound like never before.


Now, besides the technology that makes this product so unique, how is this relevant to either digital business or social media? Well first of all, like I said I found out about this company through Facebook. Dualo have been very intentional in how they are marketing this product. They know that what they have is cool, and rather than tell us how cool it is, they are showing us instead. And the way they are showing us is by letting the users of this product record themselves and demonstrate how easy it really is to sound amazing.

Secondly, the way they are selling these devices is through Kickstarter. They are using it as a sales platform, in that if you donate enough money to the project, you will receive various permutations of the product that vary in colour, sounds, and storage space etc. Given that they retail at around $750, you’d have to be feeling especially generous to donate. I know I’ll be saving up!

So, what does this all mean? Well for right now not a lot. Music technology is something that is always moving forward. There are always improvements on the last model of keyboard or guitar or recording device. But the du-touche is something entirely different, not only in its appearance, but also in its ease of use. It makes music playing much more accessible to the general public. Now anyone can sound like a professional musician. Could we get to the point where we go to live venues and just see one guy up on stage who has every sound at his fingertips, so has no need for a backing band behind him? Let me know what you think? Is this really the future of music?



  1. I imagine this could be the future of music. Artists already use digital technology and electronic equipment to make music, and dualo seems like it will be another tool for artists. Until the price of the instrument goes down, I imagine it will only be used by a small population, but as the price goes down, I could see a lot of people getting into this, especially younger children because they are already so used to living in such a digital and technological world. Who knows, maybe in a few years, there will an artist on stage at Coachella making music just with a dualo…it could happen!

  2. I think musical equipment like those mentioned in this article as well as other technology that allows us to skip the ease of figuring things out on our own, are taking away from natural talent. As you mention, if anyone can use this musical instrument it eventually could take away from a natural pianist from standing out. Most of technology is doing this and it scares me to see where natural talent will lie in years down the line. Also, in my Group C we had read an article a few weeks back about crowd funding and the risks it has. I am curious to see how many people will donate to this startup especially if there are other instruments out there. Great post!

  3. Interesting post. I wonder how different types of musicians feel about it. With the evolution that technology brings, I also notice that some musicians feel that the “tech” music isn’t really as much of an art as traditional music. Cool stuff either way

  4. This is new to me – great post. I do love that it makes music more accessible. However, to @sahilmaripuri‘s point, I do think this may take some of the art out of the music. But then again, mixing music (which is done with technology) is considered an art. I’m really curious to know how the music community will react to this. I also agree with @alexapindeck‘s concern about whether this eliminates the ability for someone to be “special” if anyone can do it. Maybe in line with the generational concern of things coming too easily to people nowadays and how that impacts society.

  5. Towards your point: “Could we get to the point where we go to live venues and just see one guy up on stage who has every sound at his fingertips?” I say: we’re already there! If you’ve ever heard of the musical artist Madeon, this is exactly how he gained his fame. The Dualo instrument you mention here is very similar to the Novation Launchpad, just vertical instead of horizontal. Using samples and virtual instruments is blowing up in the DJ world, and it’s pretty awesome. You can check out Madeon’s viral video here: Also he’s coming to Royale on May 13 if you’re further interested!

  6. this is so dope. I was amazed when i first saw an electronic drum pad, but things are a lot more advanced. It is interesting how these are the products of musicians and scientists working together. Using a geometric layout that makes playing chords easier is a brilliant idea. I bet these are only a few of the future “e-instuments” that will be introduced in the next decade.

  7. I think the future that you’re describing here has been well established for quite some time. Do I think that this type of tech will trump instruments and band settings in the future? I find it really hard to believe, but certainly folks will take to using gear like this to innovate musically. I think more than replacing the existing standards and practices, it will act as all other crazy gear does: as an addition. Musicians’ tools are almost limitless these days, and something like this could make it very affordable and possible for the average Joe to make a splash. Great post, cheers!

  8. I think that the du-touch is very cool, especially how sounds that sound good together are close by. I think it will provide a platform for people to play on, no matter how talented or inexperienced they are at playing/making music. I’m sure with technological advancement, there will be many different sounds and styles that come about in our lifetime.

  9. yifanhong04233 · ·

    I like the idea that everyone can have a chance to play music, whether he or she has any musical background or not. But I am not sure that “technological music” can be a major trend in the future. Music is attractive mainly because of its uncertainly and the genius of our minds. I don’t think the formula-generated music can ba equally attractive.

  10. I’ve never hear doc this before, but I think it is such an interesting subject. I really love following the ever-changing music industry, it seems like theres constant innovation happening in so many ways. Crazy to think that music no longer involves instruments. Great post, and very informative!

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