Did you call the UberYacht yet?


Now imagine this. You are sitting on the beach enjoying a cold Corona and then you hear your friend say to another friend of yours, “Did you call the Uber?” and the response is “Yeah, it will be at the dock in 5 minutes.” This is possible now with the new feature of the app in which you can now call UberYachts. WHAT! You can order a boat from the Uber app now? The transportation app is launching this new plan in Dubai this Saturday so stay tuned to see the feedback and how it works out.  Usually the best Uber rides include the driver allowing you to roll down the windows with the music bumping, turning the ride into a pregame itself.  Now this is all possible AS the actual Uber ride!

Okay so you can’t call the Uber Yacht as spontaneously as I mentioned above; you need to reserve your spot on the Yacht 48 hours before, starting at $82 and you will have access to food, drink and the DJ that is provided on the deluxe Yacht. Chris Fee one of Uber’s international General Managers said, “At Uber we are constantly innovating our services. We want to be more than just a leading global technology app, we want to provide experiences at the push of a button.” Uber is certainly doing this, by adding the Yacht option to their app to users in Dubai.

The first “party” that Uber will offer is already sold out and those that missed out on getting the credit to board the ship will have to wait until Uber announces its next party.  I dont see this as too bad as I’m sure somethings will go astray allah Titanic.

Rumors have also circulated about Uber having a similar service but for Jet/Plane vehicles. A similar service has started this in Saudi Arabia called JetSmarter. So lets see if Uber will analyze the effectiveness this company has on the market and then decides to launch their feature. Uber definitely has the market share ability to wait and see how effective this idea is because if they decide to launch something like this many people will turn to them due to their reliability and past experiences with the service. UberChopper has been a big success in Dubai so I’m sure it wont take long for the to test out other flying vehicles.

So is this a good idea and how much willuber this make Uber? If UberChopper was a success in Dubai I can also see this having a similar impact with the UberYacht. It will for sure have some bugs to start off as anything does when it first comes out. However, Uber is no stranger to controversy and has dealt with plenty of issues since it was founded in 2009.

As for some recommendations that the transportation app could consider is UberCATAMARAN and UberSUBMARINE says Cailey Rizzo from Mashable.  This doesnt seem too out of the ordinary considering Uber has pulled off UberPUPPIES and UberCHOPPER.  I know what you are thinking…UberPUPPIES?! Yes they held a 1 day event where they delivered puppies to different locations.  So from a personal stand point I’m recommending UberBURRITOS but that’s just me.

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  1. Great post. For only $82 which includes access to food and drink I am all for Uber Yacht. I would argue that Uber Yacht does not really serve as a great means of transportation. Regular Uber and even Uber Chopper gets you from point A to B in a timely manner. I highly doubt that yachting would ever be the fastest way from point A to B, but I would still enjoy it nonetheless. It will be interesting to see if Uber Yacht becomes a success.

  2. I saw this earlier in the week on Twitter and I’m glad you elaborated on it! I am also really surprised at the low price point–$82 is pretty cheap as a starting point for a yacht. I think there are a lot of liabilities and safety concerns to consider, especially when drinks are involved. I think this is a logical next step for them but they need to be careful in the roll out, especially since they have had so many legislative issues with their roll outs in the past. Hopefully they have learned from their mistakes!

  3. I think Uber Yacht and Uber Chopper are great ideas. Since Uber “everyone’s private driver” and even started off as town car service, it seems appropriate for the company to expand into more exclusive categories. As someone who is from Florida, I would definitely use an Uber boat service to get to restaurants, friends’ houses, and even to the beach. I just hope that there’s a big enough market for these additional services to stay around.

  4. Great post and love the idea. This could help the company grow in cities like Venice (Italy), where they cannot do much for now, but still have a strong reputation thanks to all the tourists – like in Istanbul with Uberboat. I find the idea very promising and although it will never be their cash cow, they can still develop these kind of ideas to be on the edge of innovation in transports in certain targeted areas where it’s relevant.

  5. Really interesting post! While services like UberYacht and UberChopper seem like they would cater to such a niche market, it only makes sense that Uber would expand into other transportation categories one day. I’m really interested to see what kind of success they can have in this service expansion, and will definitely follow this closely. Thanks for providing great details!

  6. First, I think this is one of the coolest features. You did a great job of setting the scene and helping us see what a likely scenario will be prior to us calling an Uber Yacht. I think $82 is a very low price to have access to a yacht, DJ, food, etc. One of my favorite quotes in your post is Uber talking about how they are constantly evolving and innovating. I think companies who are never satisfied and try to innovate and become flexible are firms that are going to be around for a while. I think you did a great job of highlighting the array of things Uber has done in the past, including UberPuppies. I do not know if you are familiar, but there was also UberFluShot. At BC, we could call an Uber and someone in the back of an SUV would give you a flu shot, that did not go over well with me or any of my friends. The possibilities are endless for Uber and I am excited to see where they go with this. Great post!!!

  7. Awesome post! It looks like uber has endless possibilities. As long as there is a target and people willing to provide the service. Uber can be the platform for it. Of course it’s not the same to go from point A to point B with a car than with an helicopter. The price range increases an absurd amount of money that not everyone can afford. It would be a service only targeted to the wealthiest people. Nevertheless, as we usually comment in class. Many of the services nowadays are introduced to the market through rich environments and then get more popular and cheaper so the rest of the people can afford it. Who knows if one day I will be able to call an UberJet that costs me like a regular plane!

  8. Awesome Post! I think it’s a great idea. They are expanding the strategy using the same technology and I think if the market is there, the business will follow. There are other services that do something very similar with jets, so there is a market for it- Kind of like a sharing service. Uber yacht parties would be pretty insane.

  9. willybbolton · ·

    This is great. I would totally love to take an uber yacht for $82. I think that this post brings up an important idea – you don’t necessarily have to be rich to enjoy certain luxuries in 2016. Companies like Uber, Netflix, and GoPuff (convenient store delivery service) all give us the opportunity to experience things that previously were much more expensive. Having a private driver, an on demand movie service, and getting snacks delivered to your doorstep at 3 am are all things that make life easier and more efficient. You don’t need an assistant, or a driver, or a butler to have these things anymore. Just some thoughts.

  10. Great post! This is the first I’ve heard of it. Great step for Uber, but definitely a lot of liability concerns. Great point, but I have to imagine that as soon as it catches on the price will, you guessed it, surge. That said, I imagine there are plenty of people who will be willing to pay for it. Great new way to experience the water! @willybbolton makes an excellent observation as far as thinking about how uber has redefined what luxury means and who can afford to enjoy those luxuries.

  11. Nice post. Will be interesting to see where this goes…

  12. This is a very interesting post, and I loved learning about the various features they have. I knew about the puppy and in some states they also have food delivery. I feel that Uber has become limitless on what they are capable of doing. That being said, I wonder how Uber for a jet and boat will work out. There is safety and other liability concerns that I feel would make it quite expensive. Also, if one has enough money to own a yacht or a private jet, I wonder how apt they would be to use them for strangers or host parties. It is quite an interesting concept and I will be on the lookout to see where this could lead!

  13. In all of the wild innovations that Uber has come up with as of late, this is so mind blowing. A deliver service, sure, that makes sense. However, a yacht service is extremely exclusive and honestly, I’m not sure how competitive it makes Uber in comparison to other services. If it’s accessible enough to the masses, the elite want nothing to do with it. On the other hand, no one except the elite can afford it. Seems like quite the paradox, but very interesting!

  14. Very interesting post. I think I have to agree with @zonaemily, though. While this seems like a move that’s consistent with Uber’s business because it does, ostensibly, involve travel, I don’t think yachting fits into the demographic that Uber has built its success on. I also think that safety and licensing concerns will be bigger issues than they are worth should the service gain any popularity.

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