Tilt This!! Fundraising Platform that can make you money!

I recently had the opportunity to visit Tilt’s Toronto office where I learned more about start-up life and about the app from Tilt’s Canada Country Manager, Robyn Ross.


What is Tilt and how do I get it?

The app is available on iOS, Android, and desktops and it makes crowdfunding a breeze. Tilt is well known for being used to throw parties, but it’s also been used to pay rent, collect sorority and fraternity fees, pay for intermural club dues, tailgates, fantasy football leagues, group gifts, and more.

In addition to crowdfunding functionality, Tilt provides a platform for users to share how they have enjoyed and used the app and allows opportunities for users to get involved. Have you heard of Tilt Campus Ambassadors? If not, READ CLOSELY! Students have the opportunity to become Tilt Campus Ambassadors giving them the chance to earn prizes by onboarding other students (i.e. getting friends to use the app). You read that right. You can get PAID for getting people on the platform. So if you’re the kind of person that loves organizing events and getting friends together, reach out because they’d love to have you on board!

Tilt also came up with creative ways to get more users on and active by creating opportunities for their users. One example is how Tilt teamed up with The Chainsmokers https://www.tilttour.com.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 18.03.48.png

A Tilt campaign actually became the official fundraiser for getting the Jamaican Bobsled team to the Sochi Olympics. You can read about the incredible feat here https://www.tilt.com/tilts/help-the-jamaican-bobsled-team-get-to-sochi/description, but if you really want to “Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme” then I’d suggest watching Cool Runnings (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0106611/) to gain true appreciation for what this Tilt Campaign did for a team and for a country.

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What I really appreciate about this app’s functionality is that you can start a campaign for a product or activity and if you don’t raise the designated amount by a certain date everyone keeps their money. This way, no one gets left in the dark… or left with empty pockets and nothing to show for it.

Tilt also rocks because…

  • You can see who has contributed which inclines others to get involved and pay-up #socialproofbaby
  • You can easily keep track of who hasn’t paid and on top of automated reminders, with one click you can send additional reminders to those friends who always need a little extra push to settle up
  • Unlike other apps, you can select “Early Payout” to deposit cash into your personal account in one business day

In order to be the best in their market, Tilt understands the importance of their customers and addressing their needs. They take our feedback into consideration and make changes as they consistently enhance their product.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 18.04.57.png

This company is incredibly creative and their future looks bright thanks to their innovative and customer focused culture.




  1. This is such an interesting topic, and really helpful for those running marathons or participating in a charity walk. I think that these types of platforms will become very popular since “go fund me” has become a large center of attention in the past year or so. I think that this is a very cool app and will be interesting to watch what happens in the future. Great post!

  2. willybbolton · ·

    Great post. I think that tilt is an awesome platform, especially for events. Many fraternities and sororities will have a tilt event to bring a musical artist or a DJ to their party. It’s a great way to raise money in a short period of time with low risk and makes sure that the people involved efficiently pay a fair share!

  3. Very cool post! I did not know about tilt before but it seems like an interesting mix between venmo and gofundme which is a unique mix for a platform. I will definitely give the platform a shot next time I need to raise or collect funds.

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