Blog Post 1: Social Media, 365 Days 24/7

Let me tell you my story with social media.

It can be a quite a rollercoaster ride, but it’s ultimately here to help you. It’s here to help you go about your day, to make you feel connected with the world, to help you learn, to help you think. Essentially, it’s here to haunt you and take over your life. But in all seriousness, it’s quite funny how our world has evolved and been shaped so heavily by social media and digital business. I’ve learned that I can’t even sleep at night without my phone being an arms length away. I wake up every morning as my alarm goes off and think to myself, hmm what’s new today? On the more difficult days to get out of bed, I check Facebook or Snapchat to see what people were up to the previous night, to keep my eyes open a little longer so I don’t fall back asleep. The backlight from your phone somehow plays into your eyes and you become more awake being connected with the world. Just this thought and practice every morning is so interesting and exemplifies how much our world has been shaped by social media.


Snapchat as a study guide.

My initial thoughts on the course were definitely very different. I didn’t expect to be using Twitter or WordPress to voice my opinions or be connected 24/7. But at the same time, I am grateful that I don’t use these platforms on a regular basis. Yes, I have used both at a point in my life, but Facebook and Snapchat have now dominated those realms. I am excited to learn how to use these useful tools potentially to enhance my career. I would definitely not consider myself to be a social media guru of any sort and I hope to be able to become even half the enthusiast that professor Kane exemplifies.


Just in general, I really don’t understand the world’s obsession with social media. Maybe it’s psychological, where people always want to be connected and plugged in. Maybe people don’t want to feel as lonely, but it’s ironic because they are just talking to a machine. It reminds me of the movie Her, where people are able to develop relationships with machines. It’s amazing what machines can do now with AI. But it’s inevitable at this point. It’s weaseled its way into every facet of our lives. The face that we all have iPhones with apps that can do anything for us at the press of a button is absolutely mind-blowing if you really think about it. But then again, it really is so normal. We’ve grown to understand this idea and have opened our imaginations to where technology can take us.


Social media along with digital business is one of the many dimensions that intrigues me the most. At this point, I keep asking myself, “what can’t social media do?” Rather than “what can social media do?” For example, Disney essentially connecting their entire park through a platform using social media and digital business, called their MagicBands. It makes your whole experience better by creating an all in one device that you can use to purchase items, enter your hotel, and even get Fastpass tickets. Learning about topics like these really intrigue me, to understand that everyone is connected using their data analytics platform, and it is only improving the customer experience as a whole. I wouldn’t be surprised if it tracked the foot traffic of every Disney enthusiast in the park to see which lines are busier than others. And having all of this data is so crucial for making strategic decisions throughout the entire company.disney-bandsAlthough social media and digital business can seem so wonderful with no problems, it can be very intimidating and cutthroat at the same time. Social media has so much power and potential to make or break a company. It’s amazing how one post or review can destroy a business or brand image. Honestly, what’s more scary is the fact that the information can be known instantly, especially if it goes viral. Companies will try to exploit this, writing fake reviews for a potential “15 minutes of fame.” I guess it would make sense if you needed to risk for a high reward, because as they say, “any publicity is good publicity.” For example, the NRA tweeted “Good morning, shooters. Happy Friday! Weekend plans?” right after the Aurora, Colorado shootings. This was a huge backlash as the twitter community bombarded the NRA with hateful tweets and comments. Although the NRA did insensitively post this, they became the talk of the hour and received a lot more foot traffic across the board.


I understand the power and importance of social media in today’s business world, as I’ve portrayed above. The world is becoming increasingly digital, to the point firms are creating divisions within their practices called “digital.” Where “digital is the new sexy.” In this course, I hope to be able to learn how to leverage these opportunities in business. Especially as a senior, and with the real world right around the corner, I have found it to be so important to be connected with social media. It has found its way into every business line and has essentially become a requirement regardless of what you do. I am definitely excited to hear from business professionals and learn from them how we can become better social media users in the business world.


  1. alinacasari · ·

    Awesome post!! I really agree with what you said about asking ourselves, “What can’t social media do?” This is such a great point that is becoming increasingly relevant to the world we live in. It seems like now so many different things across all industries can be changed or improved by different social media tools.
    I wasn’t familiar with the Magic Bands before reading this, but it’s really interesting to see the dynamic between privacy and data collection that must exist there. On the one hand, the bands are improving customer experience and helping to improve the overall operations at the park. However, while I don’t particularly care about Disney monitoring me in their parks, this technology is a little bit scary to consider how much data they are collecting about so many different details of customer’s purchases, hotel tracking, and ride usage.

    Also, I have to mention that I loved the picture you used from iRobot (by far one of my favorite movies)!!

  2. daniellep2153 · ·

    Great Post! It’s so true what you said about waking up and immediately checking our phones. It’s almost become part of my morning ritual to turn off my alarm and immediately check my email and snapchat to make sure I didn’t miss anything important while I was sleeping. I think part of the reason we are so connected is that we live in a world where current events are reported at the moment they happen and the information is so easily accessed. Because of this, we feel almost ashamed if we don’t know what’s going on around us. On the flip side, platforms like twitter do also allow people to insert their negativity into news stories that are the most popular to get a reaction like you said.

  3. You’re not alone. In this article from the Huffington Post, it says 71% of the people surveyed in a recent study stated that they sleep with their phone within arms reach. I think that the Magic Bands are a really cool and innovative idea by Disney that will most likely begin to spread to other companies, especially since they’re waterproof. It’s a great alternative to bringing out your room key if you’re going to the pool or the gym at a hotel. I agree that one wrong move on social media of less than 140 measly characters can have drastic effects for large organizations which is insane to think about. I would also like to be able to use the information from this course to open doors for myself in the business world and this rapidly expanding field. Great post overall.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more! Great post, and thanks for your honesty. We are all clearly excited to learn more about social media and how it is incorporated in business effectively- that’s why we are taking the class, right? But I appreciate your acknowledgement of the intimidation factor that accompanies social media and how much influence and power we are learning it actually has. I blogged about a similar topic- social media is revolutionizing the way we work, interact, and even think! If you didn’t read my blog, I mentioned a book I read a couple years ago called The Circle by Dave Eggers that comments on this exact fear. You should check it out!

  5. cmackeenbc · ·

    Nice work! I have found it interesting to see how many of these initial posts exemplify how pervasive social media is in our daily lives–it seems almost everyone shares in the morning ritual of checking accounts immediately upon waking. Though I myself participate in this process, it seems somewhat negative that our first action of the day is digital. On the flip side, those MagicBands seem like the perfect addition to the Disney experience and strike me as a wildly beneficial digital innovation. I have to imagine that the MagicBands will provide Disney with tons of vital information on consumers that enter their park–good play, Mickey.

  6. Nice post. I actually got to participate in the pilot of the magic bands. Its cool tech.

  7. Gaffes and backlash are something that I find incredibly interesting about social media. The NRA one you mentioned is a prime example of how even large institutions, who have people hired to run social media, still can make really awful mistakes if they’re not completely aware of what’s happening at the moment. That’s the thing about social media – the ability to send out tweets in seconds is really convenient, but sometimes in that moment a person is typing, they forget to think about other things that themselves or the companies or groups that they are representing, and social media becomes a thorn in their side.

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