Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good. With OoOTIE!

I’m so excited to share today’s post all about OoOTIE! If you haven’t heard of these guys yet, put them on your radar ASAP. I learned about OoOTIE about a month ago when I saw a post in the Boston Bloggers Facebook group by Leslie Pearlson, co-founder of OoOTIE. With roots starting in 2008 at MIT, OoOTIE is Boston’s only independent bow tie company.


These aren’t just any bow ties. With eye-catching pieces in bright and splashy colors and high-quality fabrics, you’ll easily be able to find an OoOTIE to match your every occasion and mood. But what’s even better is that you’ll not only be looking good, you’ll be doing good too when you purchase a piece from the limited edition collection. The OoOTIE team donates a percentage of their profits from the classic collection to math, science, and engineering scholarships, while every limited edition tie supports a specific charity, chosen by the artist who designs it. What could be cooler than that?


This past weekend my boyfriend, a fellow Eagle, proudly donned a 100% silk black T-Rex dinosaur bow tie to my cousin’s black tie wedding in Philadelphia. (How great does he look?! I might just be a little biased.) For him, the best part was that you could only see the pattern when standing very close to him. In addition to being superior quality and a great fashion statement, his OoOTIE was a fantastic conversation starter. I’m confident that he’ll be an OoOTIE repeat customer!


Still on the fence? Are you worried about your ability to actually tie your fancy bow tie? Don’t worry—the OoOTIE folks have your back! Their website features a video with how-to instructions. Put aside your Eagle pride for a moment and allow Boston University Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore and OoOTIE Co-founder Diego Torres-Founder show you how to get the job done.


Now, why does this matter to you? Because I need your help. The OoOTIE team has a very limited supply of super festive Boston College bow ties. They’ve asked for my help in finding homes for them. And I want one of YOU to have one of your very own. All you have to do is comment below how you would market these exclusive BC OoOTIEs to your fellow Eagles, either in the student or alumni community. The only rule is that it has to be completely grassroots and no official support from BC social media channels. I’ll select the most creative marketing strategy and hand the winner a shiny new BC bow tie in an upcoming class. Maybe it’ll come in handy for Homecoming in a few weeks. These bow ties are not listed on the OoOTIE site, so this is the only way you’ll be able to get your hands on one. I can’t wait to read your suggestions in the comments!


Full disclosure: I was provided with a free bow tie in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. alinacasari · ·

    I think it would be really cool to feature the OoOTIE on Snapchat!! Most people at BC watch the campus story, so they would just need people to submit photos to the campus story while wearing the bowtie. The company could also create a Snapchat geotag (for a limited time) of the Eagle bowtie and many people in the area would see it. Everyone on campus gets really excited by new geotags that they can use, so that seems like a good way to reach a large audience. Snapchat users would use the geotag and send it to friends at BC, but also elsewhere.

    This was a really cool post!! I’ve never heard of the company, but I can see why it is appealing. I really like all of the different designs they have too.

  2. mikeknoll98 · ·

    I have never heard of OoOTIE, but I am always a fan of Boston based companies. I would have loved go hear how OoOTIE leverages social media. I have to imagine they are using it as a company in this digital age to get sales and/ or customers. Overall good post, I might have to hop online and order one.

  3. dabettervetter · ·

    OoOTIE seems like a great idea! I actually have a tradition of purchasing a bowtie for my brother for Christmas and I will definitely check OoOTIE out!

    As simple as this is, my idea is to post in the class groups and BC Marketplace pages on Facebook. A lot of people spread awareness through those social media pages. Such an easy and simple way to get the word out. You could also offer incentives like getting 5 of your friends to purchase a bow tie means a free one for you! Or you get to give a free one as a gift to a friend at another college to spread awareness at other campuses.

  4. Tyler O'Neill · ·

    Coming from boarding school where I had to wear a tie everyday, I can definitely appreciate the value of having a unique tie that stands out. That’s how I would showcase the product, as a unique and flashy accent instead of the traditional tie. At a school as homogeneously preppy as BC, where students regularly wear polos and button down shirts, the focus should be showcasing the product in an appropriate situation. People at BC wear ties to formals, convocation, graduation, pops, and homecoming. I would suggest promoting the ties by hosting a formal event on campus and select brand representatives who will wear OoOTIE bowties to it. Once you are able to establish a decent brand recognition on campus, people will begin wearing them to the events that I mentioned above and (as long is the quality is as great as you mention in your article) word of mouth will be the best, cheapest, and most reliable way to market the ties.

  5. Nice post. Be sure to keep the focus a bit more clearly on social media and digital business in the future.

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