The Results Are In!

The results are in! By unanimous decision, it seems that 100 % of ISYS6621 students enjoyed the class this semester! I must commend Professor Kane for such a semester, boasting such worthy results.

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While this poll most definitely falls into the dreaded fake news debate, and may have had a significant yes bias, 27 of you in ISYS6621 took the time to vote “yes” in the poll. I believe this still speaks volumes. Personally, this class has been one of my favorite classes here at Boston College to date. Many other classes here at BC try to incorporate the world news into their curriculum, but most of the time it just feels forced. Maybe it is just the nature of tech and social media, but I believe that the constant news attention and communication with classmates made the course feel so much more fluent and natural with world events.

Specifically for me, Twitter played a big part in my class experience.

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As you can see I probably wasted way too much of my life away on there, but truly I enjoyed reading all of your comments, and going through all the new tech inventions, fake and real news releases, and overall class banter that took place week in and week out. Despite the many tweets I skillfully crafted, one of them will forever be my favorite.

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Yes… my most liked tweet was “Eagles > Drones”… This tweet boasted an impressive 11 likes from the likes of one of our very own  Carroll School Deans, Ethan Sullivan, along with the Official Boston College twitter. This spurred a string of follows from some other official BC figures, and honestly now I feel like I must continued to deliver the witty hard pressing news they all signed up for, even after the semester ends.

My Tweet game was not always so strong though, and I like to think I built a more steady audience as the semester went on. Some of my favorite news outlets I picked up great current digital and tech stories from were: BBC Technology, MIT Tech Review, Gizmodo, and BI Tech.


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If you are not already, I would recommend following all four of these accounts. BBC and MIT Tech provide stories from more of a “techy” viewpoint, while BI provides a business mind perspective with specific tech relevance to the market and industry.  My Favorite out of these four was Gizmodo, which may not have been the most tech centered account, but from time to time they would blog about some of the most innovative tech solutions and companies that left me drooling.

Outside of the Twittersphere, I enjoyed being in the classroom with a variety of Undergraduate and Graduate students. This was my first class of this type, and I believe I benefited greatly from hearing the varying perspectives and generational thought processes, on social media issues. This age variance carried over into the presentations as well, where the presentation formalities and topics varied by age and practice. In all my other classes I get to hear undergraduates take stabs at businesses they had never worked a day for, and in this class I actually got to hear from many students who either worked for an established company, or started their own.

Overall, coming into the class I had no idea what it would be like to participate in a running blog. I had read blog posts from time to time, but never have I had so much information and different stories all in one centralized place. I really think this is beautiful thing and I got to know many of you and your interests on a much deeper level than I would have in class. Along with this, in my initial class reflection, I reflected on how I used many social media platforms, but only really used them to communicate with my friends and with my family. Coming out of this class, I believe the biggest difference from this is my newly acquired knowledge and more mature sense of how relevant social media is for 21st century companies in their day to day practices. I believe tech and social media will only continue to grow, and the ways we rely on them will follow.  I am grateful for this class, and I believe that I now possess the ability harness the digital world and social media, for new and more substantial business applications. This in turn has made me a more marketable and knowledgable job candidate, and future employee. See you guys in class Thursday and Happy Holidays.

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  1. adawsisys · ·

    Great post! Nice story about the tweet that led to follows from Boston College and official Boston College figures. Over the semester I discovered new Twitter accounts and news sites to follow to keep up with current stories and emerging trends. I am planning to continue to use a few of them as news sources after the class. I’ll make sure to check out the accounts that you suggested as well. The mixed classroom was great. It was valuable to hear perspectives of students from different backgrounds and experiences. Are you going to keep using your Twitter account?

    1. mikeknoll98 · ·

      Yes I will keep using my Twitter!

  2. Great post. I wish you could design the class evaluation survey instrument. I like your results. To be honest, my Twitter game drops when class isn’t in session, too.

  3. Loved reading this, Mike. I loved hearing your perspective both in class and online on a variety of topics. Thanks so much for sharing. This was also my first blog that I actually kept up with for more than a month, and classes like these that force you to use Twitter really help make it feel like going onto Twitter is not a chore. Initially, many students (myself included) didn’t really see the value of Twitter. However, the amount of information on there is absolutely astounding. I’ve become a fan mainly because I can control the type of news I want to get (and hopefully make sure it’s credible). I hope social media continues to grow the way it has the past decade and we are able to make more ties with those around us. The amount of information we process will only increase, which may be daunting, but also may make us more prone to only reading things that we are truly interested in. Thanks, Mike.

  4. michaelahoff · ·

    Great follow recommendations, Mike. I also agree that one of the biggest takeaways from this class was that social media isn’t just something companies need to get better at going forward, but something that needs to be fully integrated into who those companies are. I’ll also miss hearing from different perspectives during our presentations and discussions.

  5. I too believe this class has made me a lot more marketable as I secured an internship at a pretty established website development company for over winter break because of this class. That’s really cool that Ethan Sullivan liked your tweet. I agree that one of the best things I can take with me from this class is being able to really utilize social media platforms like Twitter to give me an edge in learning what’s going on in the world as opposed to before when I only used social media to communicate with friends. Mike, it was a pleasure hearing your insights during our group discussions throughout the year. See you in class.

  6. cool post mike. I really love those twitter accounts, i actually took most of my tweets form them, also tech news is good haha. I share your opinion, the first blog post took me more than one day, I was super lost and had no idea of what I was doing. I think this class has managed to teach not only a lot of information about the digital business but also has taught writing skills, my lasts blogs are a whole different thing compared to the first ones.

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