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With the progression of technology, there is finally a way for me to create my own little virtual minion that looks exactly like me. WOOOOOOOOO! I can share my new pal with all my friends and family through text messages and social media platforms like Snapchat. And who can we thank for this? I big round of applause goes to BITMOJI. No matter how I am feeling or what mood I am in, “there’s always a Bitmoji for that.”










Jacob “Ba” Blackstock, the creator of Bitmoji, completely nailed the concept of the creation of a cartoon avatar with hundreds of different expressions and emotions. With this app, you can customize a mini-me to demonstrate your exact feelings of the moment. To be honest, I really was against the idea of Bitmojis when they first came out in 2015. I
have found that sometimes I am reluctant to change when it comes to trying new things, and I was perfectly content with the standard emojis. I thought that the normal smiley IMG_6499.pngfaces, hearts, and various shapes were all that I needed when sending messages or posting on social media. Once Bitmojis started to become big, my roommate became a 24/7 user. It got to the point that she wouldn’t even type out words to me in our texting conversations; it was strictly limited to Bitmojis.

I’m not sure what changed, but the curiosity started getting to me and I gave in. Little did I know Bitmojis would change my life. Now everyone has their own little character, handy at all times. IMG_2984.png

The attribute that has grabbed most users’ initial attention is the idea that you can create
this little cartoon to look exactly like you, generating a completely personalized IMG_1391.PNGexperience. This all stems from the fact that you decide every aspect of your character, browsing through a series of different nose shapes, hair styles, body physiques, and
eyebrow structures, just to name a few. The crazy part about it is that by the time you are done choosing the different avatar characteristics, it some how looks EXACTLY like you. I’m convinced that my mom’s Bitmoji was literally made for her. Of course you can go back and edit the features that you already chose so that your Bitmoji is perfected, but this cartoon is usually completed as your exact clone within a few short minutes. And we can’t forget about dressing up your character either. This is where we get to add some style and personality to our creation. There are so many different outfits and styles to choose from, anywhere from athletic wear to black tie to exotic costumes. I find myself constantly changing my Bitmoji’s outfit to spice things up every so often. One of my friends pointed out that my most recent outfit resembled a little too much like Han Solo from Star Wars, so I made a quick change.



Who says technology has to lack emotion? Bitmoji is the perfect place to express exactly what you’re feeling through these cute avatars. Bitmojis take technological expressions a
huge step further than the regular emojis since there are hundreds of different ways to show your mood or feelings of the moment. The search feature on the app is one of the best components, giving you different options all possible IMG_4444.pngexpressions. Type in “hello,” and all the different greeting IMG_8246.pngexpressions will pop up. Type in “dancing,” and you will be sure to find your character doing the salsa that you can share. If you’re feeling happy,
there are thirty different ways to let your friend know. If you’re annoyed with your brother, you can also let him know via various different angry faces. My mom and I are always going back and forth exchanging different “good morning” expressions, starting our days off on positive notes. And don’t worry – there are plenty of ways to annoy your family and friends with different Bitmojis. That is my favorite part and speciality.




Another great aspect about Bitmoji is that it is an adaptive app this is constantly developing new expressions. Right when I think I mastered Bitmoji, knowing all there different poses and positions — BAM — my friend sends me a new expression that I’ve never seen before –all hope lost. This is especially seen with the popular memes of the time, demonstrating how connected various social media platforms are with one another. A video that goes viral on YouTube will turn into a meme on Facebook, that eventually gets posted to Instagram, and then will be discussed and tweeted about on Twitter. Next thing you know, as you’re scrolling through the different Bitmoji categories, that viral meme will creep up on you as another option to send around. Awesome! You can even find Bitmojis for your favorite television series or movies too.









Bitmojis have taken technological innovation to new levels, progressing in ways that adds colorful and playful enhancements to everyday communication.


  1. laurencondon23 · ·

    I was also someone who waited a long time to download bitmoji because I thought emojis added enough to my text messages. It wasn’t until they became integrated with Snapchat that I finally felt I had to download the app. If I had to guess, I would assume that many people waited until they appeared on snapchat to download bitmoji. Smart move by them to gain more users.

  2. Interesting. See, this is why I enjoy teaching this class. I always learn about the latest trends from students that I never would have found out otherwise. Not too many people my age are into bitmojis (or Snapchat for that matter).

  3. I checked out the app when it first came out as Bitstrips and was viral for a short period of time on Facebook, and then deleted and completely forgot about it until it became integrated with Snapchat. They definitely got the customization right, and the fact that they stay so relevant and on trend is why they are so successful. I personally don’t use it a lot though (I think I’m getting old). It’s probably because my friends don’t use it much either and I feel like it would be a rather weird “one way” conversation without the other person replicating the Bitmoji use as well.

  4. As a fellow lover of Bitmojis, this was just a really fun article to read, great job! I really liked how you talked about the social relevancy of Bitmojis and the app’s ability to turn any viral trend into a usable bitmoji within hours–of course, this was something I was aware of, but I never really thought about how impressive that was until you pointed it out. I think it also represents a larger trend of media in general being able to turn anything and everything into a meme within minutes. For example, the spongebob meme that came out of Lady Gaga’s superbowl performance completely blew me away– how in the world was someone able to recall that specific episode of Spongebob with such a small stimulation? It just goes to show how quick you have to be able to adapt to remain popular, something Bitmoji has done very well.

  5. clinecapen · ·

    Great post. I loved all our Bitmoji in the piece it really helped tell the story. I don’t have one yet but you convinced me I need one.

  6. Such a fun post! Like Ulker, I picked up bitmojis fairly early when they were Bitstrips on Facebook. A little while passed before I redownloaded it, but I’ve been using them for a while now. I’m really curious the staying power of bitmojis. Although they’re fun and constantly innovating with new poses, it gets old after a while. Regardless, it’s amazing to see how fast Bitmoji can react to social media phenomena… you nailed it on the head with “cash me ousside howbadah”

  7. zfarkas17 · ·

    I can totally relate to your early hesitation to get on board with Bitmojis. It wasnt until they came to snapchat that I really accepted them, even though Id had it for a while by that point. I think people like seeing a cartoon of themselves and that has really driven the popularity.

  8. I really like how Bitmoji offers a big range of expressions and trending memes you can play with; it’s definitely more specific and exciting than emojis, and I’ve enjoyed how it’s come to shape the conversations that take place on texts and Snapchat. One thing I wish they would update is your avatar– in comparison to how many options we get in the emoticon aspect, your Bitmoji character ends up looking the same with other people. If the characters were designed to resemble your actual face more, I think more people would get into it, at least out of curiosity, because avatars are cool and everyone has wondered what their mini-me would look like at some point.

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