E-commerce and Retargeting

ISYS6621: Social Media and Digital Business

E-commerce has come a long way since it became a popular and socially acceptable way of purchasing one’s household items and clothing. Although it was pioneered in the 1980s as a Business-to-Business prototype by Michael Aldrich, e-commerce did not take off as a popular B2C activity for a few decades. Years later, it is almost more of a nuisance to online “window shop” due to retargeting than it is to be followed around in a department store by commission-based sales people, asking if you would like to have a fitting room started for every item you spend more than a few seconds eyeballing. Digital business has perfected the craft of e-commerce so that it now knows what you are clicking on and checking out on your computer, even if you do not add it to your online shopping cart.

What is retargeting?

The best way to explain retargeting is…

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