So what are my final thoughts on this class?

I really enjoyed it!

Meagan Roecker, a friend of mine on BC’s Track & Field team, who is also in charge of BC’s Instagram account (yep, she was one of those guest speakers) assured me that I would love this class – and I have to admit, my expectations were certainly met!

Beyond the fact that we didn’t have any exams, which I’m sure everyone appreciated, I felt that we learned so much and that there was still so much potential to learn more if there were simply more time – perhaps I could have finally heard that Wikipedia lecture that Professor Kane usually gives all year round :(

So I started off my first blog post saying that I’m not a social media addict like everyone else who walks like this to classes every morning:


And sorry to disappoint, but nothing has changed…


While in this class, staying up-to-date with the tech news and Twitter constantly, I began realizing that I am getting closer to one of those:


Some key take aways from this class, which I am grateful to have had the chance to learn and practice:

I Learned to Use Twitter

While I still prefer other forms of social media, I found myself enjoying this aspect of tweeting for #IS6621, and a useful tool going forward.

Hey, who can resist telling others that part of your homework is Tweeting? I found Twitter very useful in communicating with my classmates, and definitely a great platform to share sources of information and content. I am hoping that after this class I will continue using Twitter in the future.

I Learned to Blog

I enjoyed this aspect of the class – I can now tell others, hey check out my blog, and I am certainly going to write more of these in the future.

I learned from my classmates what makes up a great blog, and how to get more people to click on it and read it.

Not to mention that I felt as though I learned many new things from reading my classmates’ blogs. Their blogs were very much engaging and informative. While I got worried at some point that I would run out of ideas to blog about, I kept getting more and more inspired by my classmates’ creativity and unique ideas.

I have already listed “writing blogs” as an “interest” on my resume. I would recommend doing this also. I believe employers would appreciate this skill, and it can make you sound more interesting to others.

I Began Freaking Out About Machines Replacing Humans and Jobs

Prior to taking this class, I have to admit that I never really took the time to think about this topic much if not at all. We learned a lot about Artificial Intelligence, and I have to admit that I freaked out a little and checked almost all the options for jobs that are at risk for automation in Anders’ blog on this topic – @acbill22

I Came Out Confused from the Blockchain Discussion – Did Anybody Say Bitcoins?

I felt that this was one of the most confusing classes we had thus far, and yet after having it sink in for one week and doing a bit more research on the topic, I felt that our conversations in class were very helpful, and that I definitely understood more about Blockchain and sort of have a sense of how it works.

Professor Chang’s Lecture

I really enjoyed it, and would recommend bringing her every semester to future classes (if possible of course). It was a great discussion, people brought up many great questions, and beyond the fact that it was interesting, I felt that I learned a lot from her.

And Lastly, I Still Feel Bad for United…

Thanks for a great semester @geraldckane!










  1. aecharl · ·

    Great takeaways! I agree with you on all of them. While I thought I wasn’t that into social media at the beginning of class, I definitely realized I am much more like the students in your photo who are all looking at their phones than I had thought I was! I am still confused by Bitcoin, however in lieu of being worried about machines taking our jobs, I’ve become much more aware of the possibility that we could all be being tracked via our mobile devices. Pretty freaky how much data someone can really get about you without too much effort. Great class and thanks for adding great comments throughout in discussion.

  2. joeking5445 · ·

    I also learned how to tweet through this class. I did not think I would like it, but I did. I agree that writing the blogpost was enjoyable. The writing style is so much different than writing traditional papers.

    Blockchain was very confusing. I wish they would simplify the language. I feel like that would help.

  3. This was a nice summary of the class! I relate to a lot of what you said. Also, great suggestion about adding blogging to resume, I will definitely do that. These blogs have shown me that it’s really rewarding to write about something that I’m interested in, not just something I have to do for class (which is kind of ironic since we needed to blog for class…)

  4. Thanks for the shoutout! I definitely felt like learning how to manage and make a successful blog post was one of my greatest takeaways too. Going forward, I want to keep a blog to keep myself honest about how I am staying up to date with topics that interest me. I learned a lot more than I could have imagined from everyone else’s blog and I look forward to reading future students’ blogs.

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