Initial Expectations

Initial thoughts on Social Media and Digital Business? I am pumped.

  1. It’s going to be awesome.

While Professor Kane intended for his students to leave his first class “shook,” I left incredibly excited for the knowledge, skills, and challenges I expect this class to bring. Since Computers in Management freshman year, I have been fascinated by the power and influence of digital business—from powerhouses like Amazon and Facebook to individuals who have built a name for themselves through their presence on social media. My internships the past two summers have also heavily involved social media, proving to me the importance of a distinctive social media presence regardless of the size of the business.

Social media and digital business platforms run our lives and it is a super exciting time to dive into studying existing and emerging technologies. I cannot think of anything I do except maybe sleeping that social media is not present, if not a focus. It is inescapable. I am excited for us to explore together the history of social media and social networks, current trends, and predict future trends. I also feel it is an important time for me personally to develop and practice my blogging and posting skills as I enter the workforce—whether my job will require me to participate on social media or not.

  1. I’m going to be really bad at it for a while.

One expectation that I pretty much know for sure is that I will be really, really bad at first. Participating often, blogging creatively, tweeting intelligently—I know none of it is going to come easily to me. But for some reason, it does not scare me for this class. I have always wanted the opportunity to intensively practice my social media presence, which I find to be slacking for the kinds of firms I dream to work for. I am willing to be patient with myself to slowly develop my own voice, strengthen my writing skills and my ability to tweet in an informative, but attention-grabbing way.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not exactly the best at staying on top of stuff. However, this “stuff” that I have to keep track of for this class seems so relevant and useful to me and to my development as a marketing major that I am completely up for the challenge. All I can hope for the first few weeks of class is that I do a better job of diversifying my tweets than freshman Sarah did.

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  1. I will become a decent blogger and generate a portfolio of good blog posts.

Although I have been writing silly short stories and small journal entries for as long as I can remember, I had my first experience with actual blogging and actual content generation at my internship at a tiny startup last summer. And by “experience with generating content,” I mean that most content (interviews, product descriptions, anecdotes) was given to me and I added a few sentences in the brand’s voice then scheduled it to post on a certain day. However, the few times that I had greater freedom in creating content, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the experience. I realized my strong interest in playing with words and voice to best suit the brand and best reach its audience. I expect, with my bi-weekly blog posts in this class, that I will find my own voice and way to “brand myself” in the context of the class.

  1. A new platform or technology will emerge during the semester.

A new way to communicate, network, travel, shop, do anything is popping up each day and I strongly believe that “the next best thing” will at least start developing during the semester. I have little doubt that there will be a digital business breakthrough either with an existing technology, or a new one, that will appear on the scene between now and December. I think one of the most fascinating aspects of this class will be its relevance and ever-changing nature of digital business and emerging technology. By participating in this class, I will be forced to pay attention to what is on the forefront for the latest trends. It will be exciting to make these discoveries as a class and be able to discuss them each week.


  1. clairemmarvin · ·

    I definitely agree about the being bad at this at first thing but you seem to have a pretty good handle on it already! And yes I can’t wait to see what new social platform emerges next.

  2. sherricheng5 · ·

    Great post! I’m in the same boat- I know that it’s probably going to take me awhile to get used to tweeting intelligently and keeping up with the blogs. However, social media is such a part of our world that it will only be beneficial for us in the future to improve our social media presence.

  3. Nice post. Staying on top of things is definitely the key challenge of this class (and, I’d argue, with social media too). I’m not sure a new platform will necessarily emerge (although it probably will, but we won’t be aware of it yet), but one may begin to break out and get credibility as the “next big thing.” Houseparty seems like the best bet on this front right now (but I had a student do a presentation on it months ago, if not a year).

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