The Origin of My Obsession

I know that this may sound crazy, but it is true. My parents were expecting me to be a boy.


Now hear me out… My parents were told that their first child was going to be a boy based on the way I was “sitting” in my mom’s womb. They were very excited for a boy. My dad was one of five boys, and my mom had three older brothers. They had the knowledge and experience they thought they needed to raise a boy and began brainstorming all about what a boy needed. They picked out a name, bought a lot of boy clothes, decorations, etc. And on February 17 of 1996, I surprised the hell out of my parents.
I hear this story every year on my birthday, but my favorite part of this whole fiasco, was what my dad blurted out when he heard the shocking news and saw me wrapped in a pink blanket instead of a blue one: “Holy sh*t. I have to pay for a wedding!”

What a welcome, right? I mean who doesn’t want to be seen as a financial burden from the moment they meet their parents?! My dad and I still laugh all the time about it, especially when I remind him how expensive it is to raise a girl.


I know it is cliché and expected for every little girl growing up, but I’ve dreamed of my wedding since a very young age. And I partially blame this story, as I am reminded every year that my parents will be paying for a wedding, whether they were ready for it or not.

Growing up in a digital age, the ways of dreaming of our wedding day has changed dramatically. This fascination has become a commodity in many different forms. Think Bride Wars, 27 Dresses, Say Yes to the Dress, etc. etc. etc. Not to mention Pinterest. I feel like every Pinterest user has their own Wedding Board as relevant content is ENDLESS on Pinterest.


Even though I have not been an active user since high school, I still look back every once in a while. Now, going through my old Pinterest boards is just as cringe-worthy as going through my old Facebook statuses, but alas it is fun! Hilarious to see what trends my 13-16-year-old self thought I wanted for my ~big~ day. What color palettes, what kind of ring, what kind of dress, what kind of venue, etc. etc.

Because I outgrew Pinterest, I found a new way to satisfy my day-dreaming needs on Instagram. With hundreds and hundreds of different accounts to follow, my inspiration options are endless. I follow an un-godly amount of these: HowHeAsked, The Knot, JuneBugWeddings, BHLDN Weddings, etc. to just name a few. I know some of these are cheesy but they post beautiful photos and stories of how couples have met, their story, etc. and I’m a huge fan of giving myself a dose of love in today’s world.

Anyways, 21 years of planning and dreaming hasn’t gotten me anywhere close to knowing what I want. I really have no idea. Randy hasn’t helped. Kate and Anne taught me the importance of keeping my MOH, or maid of honor, on my good side and why I should never EVER have a video montage. And a lot of the time, the accounts I follow on Instagram have really only shown me what I don’t want, which is a good thing! Knowing what you don’t want gets you to the answers- at least that’s what I keep telling myself.

Despite being so unsure on a lot of what will make that big day so special, there is at least two things that I know are absolutely necessary for my wedding day.  An incredible photographer and videographer. As I have a lot of cousins and older high school friends are getting married, every single one of them has said that it was one of the best days of their lives, but they don’t remember a lot of it. Maybe that’s partly because of the drinking, but mostly because of the craziness, the blur, and the whirlwind of the day.

As one of the biggest days and (most expensive days) of your lives, you should have it documented. Not just so that you can share it on your profiles, but so you can save the memories of it. You should have it to show your kids and grandkids, but mostly for yourselves so that you and your spouse can remember your perfect day as much as you can. Even though you probably think I’m crazy, I’m not the only one recommending. Apparently in 2012, 98% of all newlyweds recommended future couples to have a professional videographer. These photos and videos help viewers remember the laughs, tears, vows, and incredible bond people form when two families become one. And come on: a picture is worth a thousand words- just think about the story a video can tell!


So, how does Whitney’s wish list for her wedding day relate to this class?

Social media and the internet has changed how people plan, shop for, and experience weddings. Wedding or bridal magazines aren’t good enough anymore, and planning your wedding can be done from the convenience of your home and laptop. A ton of companies keep creating apps or planning services for on the go as 90% of couples use mobile devices to plan.

There have been rising trends catered to the Wedding experience, like a hashtag for the day so that people can share their memories and they can all be found in one spot. Another example, First Look videos…. To go against all the superstitious omens, we grew up with.

But the change in this industry doesn’t just benefit the customers or ones celebrating the newlyweds. It also benefits the catering companies, the venues, the florists, the bridal shops, photographers, etc.
This digital era has given endless opportunities for small companies to expand their businesses. Photographers and videographers are just a few examples. Instagram is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their talent and work and to market themselves to new clients. Expanding their brand to thousands is much easier in this day and age with hashtags, tagging, locations, and the Explore Page and it’s given people the ability to find clients all over the world.
A lot of these photographers and videographers fill my Instagram feed and I often find myself tearing up to strangers’ vows in Hillside. Here are a couple of examples to help explain my obsession.





The knot



Check out: Hello Tomorrow and Tews Visual for video examples! (Grab your tissues!!)

I hope you liked my blog, can dabble in my obsession, and appreciate how the digital age has benefited the ~love~ industry.






  1. It’s crazy to see how digital platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.) have altered the wedding industry. Expectations, themes, concepts have all improved and enhanced the experience. With hashtags and social media, it seems that weddings last much longer than one day, more of a full week of friends and families posting photos with the selected hashtag for the wedding. At 21, I am seeing all of my older family friends start to get married, and they all have a hashtag, most of them are pretty creative! It’s crazy to see how the internet has changed the gift giving experience, as well. Now registries are done online, with a “buy now” button below the item. Hopefully these digital innovations regarding your big day help make it perfect!

  2. Hilary_Gould · ·

    My mom always comments on the changes in the wedding industry because of technology! A lot of my cousins are getting married and they all have their hashtag picked out, a link to their wedding website on the invite, and professional engagement pictures (not to mention wedding pictures). It’s crazy to think about all these expectations now a days that for the most part are due to social media. There’s also that commercial about live streaming a wedding– which wouldn’t surprise me if this became more popular to allow far away friends and family to attend. It’s just amazing to think about how much it has changed and will continue to change!

  3. It is so interesting to see social medias change of the wedding industry: I have been going to an increasing amount of weddings as my friends have started getting married. It has been interesting to see how it has even changed the bachelor/bachelorette experience too! I liked how you tied in the positives of social media platforms in relation to small business. They are incredibly important for couples booking things from photographers to photo booths for the actual weddings. My friend who recently got married pretty much booked everything online, and used the ratings others had left obsessively to make final choices for vendors. It kind of relates back to when we were talking about the role trust plays in booking Airbnb- same kind of concept for wedding-related bookings!

  4. sherricheng5 · ·

    What an interesting post! I also love weddings (Bride Wars is one of my all time favorite movies), but I’ve never thought about how technology has disrupted the wedding industry. Social media has made it easier than ever to share our special moments, and what bigger moment than your wedding! I know a lot of the social media influencers that I follow have used social media to share their wedding with their followers on platforms like YouTube and Instagram. I think your point about how technology impacts small businesses is so true as well. Social media platforms are going to make it easier for people to find wedding photographers or venues. I think @hilarygould‘s point about live streaming is also really interesting. Facebook Live Stream could definitely become more relevant for people who want to share their special day with friends and family who couldn’t make it. I think new digital technologies could also impact the wedding industry one day too. Maybe drones will one day take over catering delivery and virtual reality can also be involved. I’m not sure if I can imagine it yet (or be comfortable with the idea of it), but who knows what the future holds for the digital world!

  5. britt_hopkins4 · ·

    This is so interesting! My roommate and I were on Pinterest the other day after watching Say Yes to the Dress. I couldn’t imagine 40 years ago when people had no option but to physically go into stores to look at dresses, create their registry, buy gifts, etc. I can definitely see this expanding with virtual reality. I feel like soon, they’ll be able to have a feature where brides and bridesmaids can stand in front of a mirror and “try on” a dress without having to physically change clothing. Would I trust something like this for my wedding dress? Absolutely not, but it would save a ton of time. Just a simple Google search for VR & the wedding industry gave me a ton of results. Here’s one of the articles I found most bizarre:

  6. juliabrodigan · ·

    I love this post! I have always dreamed of my wedding and I also have a Pinterest page for all my wedding inspiration. It is so fun to think about. Social media had definitely transformed weddings. They are a lot more glamorous now because people know that there will be pictures on social media, thus they want to make them amazing.

  7. m_thompson19 · ·

    This post was awesome. Also, interesting to point out that every comment so far has been from a female classmate. The platforms available for wedding planning are so exciting for both sides of the event, the newly weds and families and the people behind making the day a success. The wedding market on social media is huge and the way in which companies in the wedding industry are reaching consumers is incredibly heavily focused on social media. A few weeks ago I learned about a new platform specifically designed for wedding planning for grooms. Why this exists, I’m not quiet sure, but the involvement of grooms in weddings has historically aired on the side of nonexistent, and this platform was designed in hopes to get both the bride and the groom involved.

    I thought this could be an interesting spin on your blog – why is it that Instagram and Pinterest have taken off in the wedding planning world, and is there a market for the grooms?

  8. Believe it or not, social media and weddings are a recurring topic in this class (even had a previous employee of the Knot). Certainly interesting to see the effects.

  9. Sheritta Coleburn · ·

    I found your post very interesting and it made me start thinking how different the wedding industry is now. It is true that many people do not look in magazines for wedding ideas. It is right at the tip of our fingers. With the current social media platforms, especially Pinterest has opened up a new world for us to get ideas.

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