#IS6621 Won’t Disappear #D Won’t Stop

At the beginning, I took the course because I was attracted by the name “social media and digital”. There is no doubt that the words like social media, digital, information technology are very hot nowadays and I haven’t thought so much about what the course would teach me. Maybe it was because I did not know a lot about information technology and I am still not an expert or I just wanted to follow the trend. Fortunately, the course has not only brought me much knowledge but also a lot to think.

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I love the way that the course was set up: Content-oriented, Share and Discuss, Innovation. This is also the spirits of social media and digital business. I think a successful digital business should include all these elements just as the course showed to us.


I have posted a blog about how social media depends on the content to grab consumers before. In fact, I got the idea from the class that we touched different topics and contents each class. There was no duplication or similarity! That made me think about why the course was so popular and we still enjoyed it even Professor Kane gave us so many readings each week (Please don’t judge me LOL). The answer here is the content!


Content is not a black white thing. A good content is the one can bring up thinking and discussion. What we did in the class is exactly what people do on social media: attracted by the content, think about it, discuss it and show your attitude about it. Everyone loves to stay on the platforms that deliver interesting content. No matter it is only a social media or video platform or game community.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Netflix…. too many examples show us the importance of content to digital business. Suppose there is no good content on Twitter, will you still open the App every day? To this point, Weibo – a Chinese Twitter is dropping because of the lack of good content. The fierce competition has driven the content away from Weibo to other platforms such as WeChat and Zhihu. What is left on Weibo is mostly about movie stars and the audience need more deep and wide content as they are growing to a higher level of thinking.


Professor Kane was always sharing in the class by giving us readings, making us tweeting and setting up group discussions. The magic of digital business is Share. After we read a good content online, the next thing we want to do is share. This behavior can be explained by psychology and social media and digital business have given us the right and method. A good content would never stand still if it did not get shared. It is like a book which is buried and never found. The beauty of digital business is that we can share and discuss the good content we see and by commenting it we can show our attitudes. This is a self-express need.


In addition, Share is not only about information but everything. Resources, technology, facilities all can be shared and this is what sharing economy wants to reach. Zipcar, Citi bike, eBay all build their business based on sharing economy, to save the waste and make the world efficiency.


The class used an innovate teaching method: give up standard way. Instead, it is more free. Flexibility is also what Information Technology has brought us. By using IT, business can be very flexible. Amazon, Alibaba, eBay etc. have created a new business model of retailing and almost changed the shopping method today. Plus, e-Commerce has given huge opportunities to small business and boost the economy to some level.


Moreover, digital business has expanded to finance, medical, automotive….many traditional industries and helped them to save cost, promote efficiency and optimize profits by creating new business models. After all, information technology is an innovation.

Finally, I want to thank everyone in the class for letting me know a lot about digital business and letting me think about information technology by sharing your opinions.  #IS6621 won’t disappear because we won’t stop following up new things after the class. #D won’t stop because we will keep thinking and discussing the interesting content about social media and digital business. The class has ended but the learning has not!




  1. Nice wrap-up post. I agree that this class has challenged my opinions and really forced me to think. The point you made about the overall content-oriented / sharing & discussing structure of the class being in the spirit of social media really struck me. I had never realized this, but the structure of the class actually mimicked many social platforms. Mind blown.

  2. Nice post. I’ve enjoyed having you in class this semester!

  3. juliasmacdonald · ·

    Nice wrap-up post. I love @hollywarendorf ‘s point that the structure of this class mimicked what we were learning. I would add that it not only mimicked social platforms but effective digital businesses as well. Exposure to such a well-functioning model will help us in the future. I also echo your sentiment that #IS6621 and #D will live on. I know how I think and operate has changed over this semester and that staying informed and participating in critical questioning about these issues has become very important to me.

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